Study Time Turns Into Sex Time With Girlfriend


Hello guys, my name is Aashish Kalyan,19 and I am 6’3 tall, normal body and a 6-inch tool. I am from Mumbai.

This story is about how I fucked my girlfriend at her home. A little about her, her name is Vidhi (name changed), she isn’t that hot, she is around 5’5, with 34C boobs (I love when I suck them) and her skin is black.

Coming to the story, this story took place around 6 months ago. It was about time when our semesters began. My girlfriend was super worried about exams because we bunked most of the lectures to hangout and make out on our college campus or go to a movie and stuff like that.

So I suggested that we should study together, but she directly said no and said that we will spend our time either making out or doing some other stuff rather than studying. Somehow, I managed to get a yes from her. Luckily enough, my girlfriend’s parents were going out of town for 2 days. We planned our study out.

Finally, the day came when we were supposed to study. I already bought some condoms beforehand because I was in no mood to study. We had around 2 weeks to prepare for semester exams. She told me to call as soon as I entered her building and directly enter her door and not to stop anywhere in the building.

I was finally inside her house. I wasted no time and grabbed her by her hand and pulled her closer to me and kissed passionately. She reciprocated. I was feeling every part of her body with my hands starting with her neck, her boobs, her belly, her waist, and her ass.

She finally broke the kiss and asked me to settle down. She brought me a glass of water. While I was drinking water, a kinky idea struck my mind. I called her from the kitchen and as soon as she came, I threw the water on her boobs. Her nipples got hard due to the winter season and the water I threw on her.

She looked at me angrily, but I was laughing really hard. All the laughter made her even more mad and she started yelling at me.

So I pulled her close and kissed her to shut her mouth. She was resisting at first but then she was kissing too.

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I told her to remove her top or else she will catch a cold. She went inside her bedroom to change. I was hoping that the door wouldn’t be locked. I went to see her and to my surprise, the door was unlocked. So I quickly removed my clothes and went inside only in my underwear. My girlfriend was removing her top so she couldn’t see me.

I went behind her and cupped her boobs over her bra. She panicked and was about to yell but I put my finger on her lips and whispered in her ear that it’s me. She calmed down.

I removed her top, turned her around and started kissing her. We were kissing like there was no tomorrow. She was moving her hands all over my body and she held my dick over underwear and started massaging it. I removed her jeans and now we both were in our innerwears.

We both were blushing as we had only kissed and to the most, I had only pressed her boobs that too over her clothes until then. So this was very new for us.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I started kissing her toe and slowly started to move up to her calves, her thighs, inner thighs, her belly, her navel, her neck and finally, her juicy lips.

We were kissing and then she made me lie on my back. She got up, removed my underwear and started giving me a handjob while still maintaining the kiss. My girlfriend then kissed my neck, my nipples, my belly and then started blowing me. She stared me in my eyes while blowing my dick. It was a sight worth watching.

I was rubbing my gf’s clit over her underwear while she was blowing me. I told her that I want to lick her pussy so she moved her body in a way that we were in 69 position.

I removed her underwear with my teeth and sniffed her pussy. My girlfriend’s pussy smelled really nice. She had a small bush down there. So I slowly blew some air from my mouth onto her pussy and she started shivering. I kissed the sides of her pussy but not her pussy with intent to tease her.

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Then I placed my tongue on her pussy and did not move it. My girlfriend was getting mad as I wasn’t licking her so she started moving her hips over my tongue. As it was the first time for both of us, we both came very early. She drank all of my cum.

I asked her to stop sucking my dick and told her to sit on my face. Frankly, I was suffocated at first but at the same time, it felt so good. I started slowly licking her pussy. I would randomly lick her pussy fast and slow just to tease her. She came once, twice and even thrice. But I did not stop licking her. Her cum tasted so good and I drank all of it.

Now I was licking her at full speed with my tongue deep inside her. She was shaking and asking me to stop but I was in no mood to stop. Finally, after she came for 2 more times, I stopped licking her. She was still shivering and was very tired.

I then made my girlfriend lie on her back, spread her legs and started fingering her again just to tease her. She got angry and begged me to fuck her.

I got up and took out the condom packet from my bag. She saw the condom packet and gave me a naughty smile and said that I am a very naughty guy.

I put the condom on my dick and placed it on her pussy lips. I was very scared and so was she as it was the first time for both of us.

I started teasing her by only rubbing my dick over her pussy lips. My lover begged to fuck her. So I tried to insert as much of my dick in her pussy in one go. Around ⅓ part went in. Her pussy was really very tight as she was a virgin. She was screaming as she was feeling unbearable pain and asked me to remove it.

I slowly started fucking her at that depth and she was crying. Then I gave one more push and now, more than half of my dick was inside her. Blood started coming out of my girlfriend’s pussy. Again I slowly fucked her. After she felt a bit better, I completely inserted my dick in her pussy and stopped to let her bear the pain.

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After a few slow strokes, she got comfortable. After that, I started fucking her like crazy and she was now moaning in pleasure.

After fucking in that position for 10 minutes, we shifted to doggy style. Doggy style is the best position to have sex in. I was pressing her boobs while fucking her. After fucking in doggy style, I was about to reach my limit and shoot my load. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her body.

We both were tired as fuck. So we cuddled and slept like that for a few minutes. My dick became soft with the condom still on. She got up, removed the condom and started giving me a handjob.

She then held my dick and guided me to her bathroom. We took a shower and had sex there too (will tell you guys in another part). After that, we watched a romantic movie on Netflix, ordered food from outside and cuddled and slept.

Sadly, I and my girlfriend broke up right after our semester exams. So I am single now.

Any girl/woman/married ladies from thane or Mumbai want to have some fun then feel free to ping me on [email protected]

This is Aashish, signing off, see you guys in the next sex story.

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Why did you break up, though? You had such good sex!


Do you remember which underwear you wore that day when you had this awesome sex?