Super Hot Mom Banged Hard By Neighbour – Part 2


Hi friends, my name is Arjun, I am back again with the second part of how my mom fucked our neighbour Jagdesh.

Friends, before reading this part, I would highly suggest that you read the first part of the story so that you can understand how it all started.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

As I told you guys in part 1, my dad was expected to come home after 2 days and soon he arrived.

My mom and Jagdesh did not talk to each other face to face but they talked via the secret phone which Jagdesh gave to my mom. Mom also told Jagdesh not to come near our home since my dad was around.

My dad was expected to be here in Jaipur with us for about 1 week before he went back to Coimbatore. My dad was a very hardworking person but he did not know that when he was away, my mom’s body was being used sexually by Jagdesh.

One morning, dad and mom were preparing to go for a walk. They asked me to come with them but I told them that I am tired and I needed some rest.

Then when mom and dad left. I quickly sneaked into my mom’s bedroom to search for her secret phone which she uses to chat with Jagdesh.

Since I knew where she usually keeps it, I climbed the upper drawer and found it was locked. I used my secret master key and I opened it. I found her phone. I knew her password so I managed to unlock it.

I quickly found about 1120 messages exchanged between my mom and Jagdesh. I really wanted to know what they were chatting about. I sat down and started reading all of them.

There were many messages so I will paste only hot ones. The hot one I read was like this:

Jagdesh: Darling Vidya, I miss your big ass..
Mom: Jagdesh, can’t you wait for one week? My husband will leave in a week.

Jagdesh: No Vidya my love, let’s go to a hotel as we agreed earlier.
Mom: No darling, we can’t go to a hotel. My husband will suspect something.

Jagdesh: Stop worrying, Vidya. I booked a five-star hotel for us only. It is far from the city, it would be impossible for your husband to know.
Mom: Jagdesh darling, I said no please, wait for one week only, he will be gone. Don’t spoil the fun.

Jagdesh: Ok darling, but let me come and sniff your anus at least. Only sniffing and nothing else. I will do it quickly before Arjun comes.
Mom: What? Jagdesh, you are really horny. My body is for you only. Relax, I will not go anywhere, I am here for you.

Jagdesh: Ok my love, but at least send me videos of your sexy ass and show me your asshole.
Mom: Sure, my darling. You will get them before night.

After that message, my mom sent about 114 videos of her self-recording in the bathroom, showing her big ass! Each video was about 10 minutes long.

One particular video she sent included of her undressing in the bathroom and turning around and wiggling her huge ass cheeks and then bending down spreading her ass cheeks to show her anus. She recorded all this using her secret phone. All 114 videos were about her buttocks because Jagdesh wanted videos of her ass more.

The day came when my father was about to leave for Coimbatore. I and mom accompanied dad to the airport in the morning and we wished him goodbye since he was going to come back after only a year.

As I and mom were returning home, my mom’s phone rang. It was Jagdesh calling her but she did not pick since she suspected that I will know something. Instead, she kept it in her purse.

After we reached home, while my mom was opening the door, I saw Jagdesh at his house and he saw us through his window. He greeted both me and my mom. I caught a quick glimpse of him winking at my mom. My mom did not respond to anything and instead, she smiled and entered the house.

She knew that for the next 1 year, she was going to fully enjoy sex with our neighbour and she will not be sex-thirsty since Jagdesh will satisfy her needs.

I told mom I was going to his house to play video games. Mom said ok and she told me to come home early. I said ok and headed towards Jagdesh’s house.

As soon as I knocked at Jagdesh’s door, he came out and he told me that mom called him to help her fix her bedroom door-lock.

I said ok but I knew Jagdesh was only giving empty excuses so that he can fuck my mom.

I entered his house but I did not play anything. I waited for 10 minutes and then I sneaked out of his house after I locked it. As usual, the main door was locked, so I used the door behind our house.

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I walked in slowly searching for them. I slowly passed the kitchen and gradually headed to mom’s bedroom. It was locked inside, but this time, I could hear she was moaning loudly.

My heart pumped faster and faster, I wanted to know what Jagdesh was doing which was making mom moan louder. I peeped through the window and immediately my dick became erect.

Mom was standing facing the wall, her blue petticoat and her white underwear were on the floor. She was only wearing her yellowish blouse and was naked downwards.

Jagdesh was kneeling behind her, both of his hands on mom’s big huge ass, spreading her asscheeks. His face was buried in between mom’s big asscheeks.

Jagdesh was not wearing any shirt, he was in his black trousers. My mom had her eyes closed while her hands were holding Jagdesh’s head from behind as he licked her anus.

Mom: Oooh Jagdesh, you are a really horny person..Aaahhh oohh..aaahh oooh..

Jagdesh: Correct, I am horny for your ass. I miss your asshole fragrance, darling. Tumhaara gadha bada ho gaya hai.

Mom: It grew bigger because you fucked it..aahhh..

Jagdesh: Yes and I want to fuck it again; your hairy anus smells naughty!

He kept smelling mom’s anus and was also sucking it with his tongue. He was moving his tongue from side to side, up and down so that he could get the whole taste of my mom’s asshole.

Mom: Aaahhhh Jagdesh..Please, we can’t do this now. Arjun might come anytime.

Jagdesh: Why not darling, you know how many times I was thinking about your asshole? Don’t worry about Arjun, you surely know how he loves to play video games at my house.

Mom: Aaahhh oooh stop this Jagdesh aahhh..

Jagdesh then stood up and kissed my mom’s neck from behind. My mom was holding the back of his head.

He pressed her stomach and then reached over her blouse and squeezed her boobs. He wanted to remove her blouse but mom stopped him.

He carried mom to the bed and made her in doggy style at the edge of the bed. He took position behind her. I knew mom wanted his cock again. Jagdesh then spread mom’s huge asscheeks and spat on her asshole.

Mom: You love my asshole, don’t you?

Jagdesh: Yes dear, I want to fuck the hole which your husband never fucked.

Mom: Jagdesh, ahaahh but now, this is not the right time, aahh..

Our neighbour then placed his enormous dick at mom’s asshole entrance. As mom knew Jagdesh was going to penetrate her asshole, she reached back and covered her asshole with both her hands to prevent Jagdesh from entering her anus! But Jagdesh forcefully removed her hands.

He tried to enter her asshole but it did not go inside. This made my mom scream and she covered her asshole with her right hand again.

With the horniness of Jagdesh overwhelming him, he removed mom’s hands and forced his dick inside her asshole.

It entered fully this time and mom screamed, “Aaaaahhhh oooohhh…NOOOOO ahahhhhh…uuufuuuffff Jaaagddeessshh…oohh..”

Jagdesh: Stop screaming, my love.

Mom: Jagdesh…aahhh aahh ssshhhh..aaaahhh oohh it burns darling…uuuhhh..

Jagdesh: It will burn but you will love it later. Your asshole became tighter because I did not fuck it for that one week when your husband was around.

As his dick stretched her asshole, he started going in and out, slowly giving her anus time to loosen up.

Mom tried to escape but Jagdesh held her shoulder with his left hand while his right hand held her asscheeks.

“Ahhh Jagdesh..don’t go deeper..aahhh”, mom moaned.

Slowly, her screams subsided and it now turned into soft moans as Jagdesh slowly got into slow pumping of her hairy anus.

Mom: Aaahh sshh yess oooh slowly baby, aahhh ooouuhhh aahhhuuuhh..

Jagdesh: Darling, see? I told you that your asshole was meant for me and that is why you are loving my dick all the way up to your anus.

Then without warning, he held both her asscheeks and started pumping her vigorously.

I realized that his dick was really long and wide, it really stretched her hairy anus.


She was screaming so loud, I thought people might hear. It took only 10 minutes for her asshole to loosen up and that gave chance for Jagdesh to pump in and out of her asshole more easily.

Jagdesh never liked slow pumping, he loved faster and hard pumping because he liked to watch my mom’s soft big buttocks shake with every hard pump that he gives her. All this time while fucking her asshole, he was staring at her anus.

He reached over her neck and kissed it. While doing so, he was giving hard strokes which made his dick move in deeper inside her anus. Mom was feeling joyful because she never got this kind of anal sex feeling from dad. Jagdesh was making her want anal sex even more.

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Then after 30 minutes non-stop fucking of mom’s asshole, he told her, “Vidya darling, I want you to rub your pussy while I fuck your anus.”

Then mom reached under her legs, between her thighs and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned, “Aaahh uuhh aahah fuck my big ass darling, aaahh ooooh uuuuhgggg sshh yess ooh”.

Jagdesh went on without stopping. He replied to her, “There you go darling, take my huge dick inside your asshole. That is where my dick is supposed to be.”

Jagdesh fucked mom’s sweet anus for about 45-48 minutes. I was not sure but I knew it was well past 30 minutes. I knew he was about to release his sperms inside her anus.

After a few more hard strokes, he started groaning, “Aaahhh Vidya, it’s coming, aaah its coming, aahhh aaarggh get ready for it..Aahhh uuhh I want to cum aahhh..”

Then mom replied, “Aaahh sshh uuhhh yes yes yes yes yes!! I need your sperms inside my anus aahh yesss release it darling oooh I am tired, release it now now aahhh!”

Then, with one hard final stoke, our neighbor cummed inside mom’s anus.

Jagdesh groaned, “Arrrghhh uuuuhh Vidyaaa aahhh darling, aaahhhh your anus is so good”

His pumping was really hard which made mom’s entire body to shake. I was really shocked by how strong he was. I also felt sorry for my mom’s anus.

My mom pushed her back so that his dick could move in deeper and to deposit his sperms deeper in her asshole.

Both were sweating. He felt weak and placed his head just behind her shoulders. After staying like that for 3 minutes, he removed his dick from her anus. Mom was so tired that she wanted to sleep on the bed but Jagdesh held her still in doggy position.

Mom: AAhh Jagdesh, what else do you want? I am tired, come on the bed, let’s rest together.”

Jagdesh: Darling, I want to see my cum oozing out of your asshole.

Then he knelt behind her with both of his hands spreading her asscheeks. He watched as his cum started oozing slowly out of her hairy asshole. The sight was amazing.

After he watched it, he climbed on the bed and started kissing my mom in missionary position. Mom held his head and it seemed she was liking the kiss. Their tongues were all over each other.

Then after 10 minutes of non-stop kissing. Jagdesh told her, “Vidya, you are very hot, I love you, your sexy big ass is really tempting, we have another full year for pure sex”

Then mom replied, “Don’t put your hopes high, Arjun might know this.”

Jagdesh then said, “No he won’t, just leave it to me.”

Then mom smiled, they kissed each other again and they both went to sleep.

My dick was still hard, I went back to his house. It was now evening 6 pm, I was playing video games in his house for the last 2 hours. I decided to head back home, mom was cooking something for the night, Jagdesh was in the sitting room reading a magazine as he usually does.

Jagdesh: Arjun, you are back.

Me: Yes Mr. Jagdesh.

Jagdesh: That is great, I have decided to stay here for the night because I need to fix the lock of your mom’s bedroom door. I could not fix it earlier because it was difficult.

I knew it was another spectacular excuse but I was also wondering whether he was going to fuck my mom even tonight. If he does, then it would be twice in a day. I was really eager to know.

Me: Ok, Jagdesh.

Jagdesh: Good boy, did you finish your homework?

Me: No, but will you show me how to add and subtract?

Jagdesh: Yes, go and come with your books.

I went to the kitchen to see mom and I saw she was wearing a night time satin dress. I was wondering why since she never wears a satin dress when visitors arrive. Then I thought maybe it would be easier for Jagdesh to remove her satin dress instead of sarees.

Mom: Arjun, how are you, you took nearly 2 hours at Jagdesh’s house. Here, have some water.

Me: Yes mom, I was enjoying playing the cricket game. Mom, what are you cooking?

Mom: Tandoori chicken.

Me: Yummy!!

Mom: Ok go and freshen up before supper.

Me: Alright, mom.

Then during supper, I ate fast and headed off to sleep. I was honestly feeling sleepy so I decided to head off to sleep. I wished them goodnight and headed off to sleep.

At the back of my head, I told myself that I will rest for 30 minutes, then after rest, I will head off to see the sex-show between my mom and neighbor.

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I drifted off to sleep at 11 but when I woke up, I found it was already 12.45 am. I was angry at myself since I knew that I missed the show but the show was not over because I heard screams from my mom’s bedroom.

I rushed faster not minding my steps because I knew they could not hear me because mom was screaming. I was glad I did not miss the whole show.

I quickly peeked through my mom’s window and this time, my mom was riding Jagdesh, his dick was in her asshole. Both of them were naked, mom’s petticoat and Jagdesh’s lungi were on the floor. It seemed mom was not comfortable in that position with his dick in her asshole and she was begging him to do it another position.

Mom: Aaahhh Jagdesh..aaahh this position is difficult for my asshole. Your dick is stretching my asshole, aahh Jagdesh please, let’s do it in another position.

Jagdesh: Relax, my love. Just move up and down, take your time, you will get used to it, let me help you.

Then he grabbed her huge asscheeks and started helping her to move up and down so that his dick could fit inside her anus. Mom’s hands were on his hairy chest. She was closing her eyes in a mixture of discomfort and pleasure. His dick was going in and out of her sweet anus.

In this posture, his dick looked quite big, that is why mom was complaining to him that his dick was stretching her anus.

After a few strokes, Jagdesh wanted to grab mom’s asscheeks and pump her anus faster but again mom was still not used to this position him she begged him not to go fast. This time, Jagdesh listened to her and so he decided to fuck her asshole slowly.

While she was riding him, he was enjoying the sight of her milky big boobs which was dancing up and down on his face. My Punjabi mom was now getting her anus stretched in the riding position. She was liking it since I saw she was biting her lips.

After about 20 minutes of fucking her butthole in that position, he told my mom to get up. I knew he was going to tell her to lie down in his favorite position. That position was where mom lied down on her chest so that her big ass was in the air.

And so, my mom lied down on her stomach and without wasting time, Jagdesh kept a pillow underneath her pussy so that her sexy huge ass was raised.

He slapped her asscheeks which made them jiggle. Then he guided his big dick inside her anus and it went in quite easily, mom let out a moan, “Aaahhh ooohh yesss uuuuhhh Jagdesh aaahhh..”

Jagdesh started pounding her anus very roughly with his big dick. It was a very good sight to see my mom being used anally and her big gaand shaking as Jagdesh went deeper inside her anus.

My mom was really in a joyful mood as she opened her mouth and breathing very fast. She moaned, “Uuh uh uh uh uh uh uh! yes yes yyyes ooh ooh ooh ooh!!”

He was fucking her anus for about an hour and I was wondering when he will stop. The sounds of “thap thap thap thap” filled the room. After some time, he held mom very strongly at her waist and he cummed inside her anus.

As mom loves the sperms inside her asshole, she closed her eyes as she felt the thick warm cum of Jagdesh making its way up her anus.

Mom was completely tired and satisfied. Jagdesh then removed his dick from her anus and as usual, he watched his cum oozing out of my mom’s anus. He then carried mom and took her to the bathroom, I heard them showering then they came back and slept together.

They slept in such a way that mom kept her one leg across Jagdesh’s waist and her head on his hairy chest.

I then went back to my bedroom and masturbated. I felt that I was even not late for that show since I wanted to see all that I wanted.

I was glad that Jagdesh used mom’s tiny asshole because why should he fuck mom’s pussy when her asshole is the most glorious hole which is more tight and warmer. There is no need for him to fuck mom’s pussy.

Dear friends, the story is not over. Be ready for part 3 which will come soon. Send me your opinions ([email protected])

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