Super Hot Mom Banged Hard By Neighbour


Hello guys, my name is Arjun and I am here to tell you a very hot story. This story is about how I secretly watched my mom being banged hard. We currently live in Jaipur. My family consists of me, my mom and dad. My dad’s name is Manoj, 45-year-old, he is an employee who works for a paper manufacturing company situated in Coimbatore.

Dad is always busy which made him stay far from us and comes to see us only once in a while. On the other hand, my mom Vidya, 41 years old, is a modest Indian housewife.

Her figure is 34-32-46 with an hourglass shape having curves all around her magnificent breasts and her big ass. My mom normally does not talk to men since she is totally shy and maintains her domestic behavior strictly.

Her daily chores involve taking me to school in the morning, then she returns home to continue her household chores and then in the evening she comes to pick me up from school. On weekends, she usually sits by watching tv and ironing the clothes.

The area that we live in is very quiet, not many people stay here. But there are a few neighborhood houses around.

There was a house very close next to ours which was vacant for 4 months but 2 days ago, it was rented by a man known as Jagdesh and he started living in it.

I came to know his name because we already became friends just after a week. I used to go to his house to play video games and to hang out with him.

He told me everything about him. He was 52 years old, his wife and two children were staying in Chennai. He came there for work purposes.

A week later, I introduced him to mom and that day, I saw his hungry eyes looking at my mom when he first saw her.

Since my mom was shy, she kept looking down sometimes as she talked to him. Mom welcomed him to our house to have a cup of tea. As mom headed towards the kitchen, he stared at her massive jiggly buttocks over her pink saree.

As days went by, Jagdesh frequently came to our house almost every single day. It slowly became his habit. Mom also allowed him to take me to school in the morning by his car and pick me in the evening.

I gradually noticed Jagdesh getting close to my mom. He used to compliment mom on how her tea tasted, how beautiful her hair was, how good she looks, etc.

Also, I noticed he bought expensive clothes for mom including sarees and petticoats. Mom as usual refused those offers but Jagdesh used to tell me to take it to her. I knew that he wanted to have an affair with mom.

It was in November and the schools were closed. So I was spending most of the time at Jagdesh’s house playing video games while mom was alone at the house washing clothes.

One fine afternoon, I was at Jagdesh’s house and he told me that he forgot something in our house and that he was going to go and get it. I said ok. Then he walked outside the door and headed towards our house while I continued playing video games at his house.

After playing for some time, I decided to leave his house and go to my house to eat something as I was hungry. I locked and left his house. As I approached our main door, it was locked and I wondered why. So I decided to take the door behind our house which was open.

I entered the house calling my mom’s name, but there was no response. As I passed toward the front door, I noticed the laundry half-washed. I thought that maybe mom took a break from washing.

I went toward the kitchen to see what mom was cooking and what I found was amazing. There I saw my neighbour Jagdesh facing my mom by holding her waist against the kitchen counter and trying to kiss her!

Mom was using both her hands to push him away by his shoulders. I was in a mixture of delight and anger but the anger quickly went away. I hide as I watched them.

Mom: Jagdesh, what are you doing?

Jagdesh: Vidya, I cannot control myself; you are really sexy; you are making me horny every time I stare at your hot curves.

Mom: What are you talking about?!

Jagdesh: Darling, you are alone and I am also alone, there is nothing wrong if we quench our thirst for sex.

Mom: But I am not your wife.

Jagdesh held mom tightly and tried to kiss and bite on her soft neck. While doing so, he was grabbing my mom’s huge buttocks with both of his hands and squeezing. Then he let go of her and turned her around so that he was behind her.

He quickly started pressing mom’s boobs from behind while he rubbed his groin against her big buttocks. My shy mom started enjoying it slowly. After squeezing her boobs, my neighbour uncle lifted mom’s saree and removed her salwar kameez very quickly. I was surprised by how he was doing it so quickly.

He reached behind her again and fully removed her salwar. Mom was nude down. Mom was not wearing any panty underneath; I saw her pussy was hairy.

Jagdesh: Vidya, I knew you were not wearing panties; you were waiting for me to fuck you, isn’t it?
Mom: Arjun might see us.
Jagdesh: Stop worrying darling, Arjun is at my house playing video games.

Then Jagdesh inserted his finger in my mom’s pussy from behind and started fingering and rubbing her clit. Then a sound of “aaahhh uuuuffff” escaped mom’s mouth. I was shocked as my conservative Indian mom started moaning sexily with her eyes closed.

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Jagdesh saw this and he knew my mom was liking it. He rubbed her clit very fast which made my mom moan even louder, “Aaahhhh uuufff aahahhhheerrrhh aahhhh ssshh aahh..” She was holding his hand which was rubbing her pussy. Jagdesh was doing all this while he was behind her.

He was rubbing her clit using his right and he slowly took his left hand and gently placed it between her asscheeks. I saw his hands disappearing inside mom’s asscheeks, her ass was big enough to cover his hand.

His left hand was going up and down between her big asscheeks for a while. Then he removed his left hand which was between mom’s asscheeks and he sniffed it. He kept it between her asscheeks again, removed it and sniffed it again. I think he was loving the aroma and fragrance of mom’s soft big ass.

My conservative mom totally forgot herself as she now was supporting Jagdesh’s right hand which was fingering her clit. He did this for quite a while and then he suddenly stopped rubbing her clit and asscheek.

He turned my mom around facing her. Mom was still closing her eyes meaning she did not want the action to stop. Jagdesh looked at mom and he kissed her for 5 minutes, my mom did not resist at all.

After he kissed her, mom slowly opened her eyes looking down shyly. He held her chin and raised it so that she could look at him.

Jagdesh: Vidya darling, I have to attend a meeting now. But I will come tonight, don’t worry at all. We have known each other for a long time now, a sexy woman like you needs to be fulfilled sexually every night, you should not be thirsty of sex. I know you miss sex very much. I love you, Vidya.

Mom did not answer anything and instead, she looked down and picked her salwar kameez which was lying down. He kissed her on the cheek and started walking out while smiling at her. I had to run out of our house and head towards Jagdesh’s house. I did not want him to suspect anything.

I was eagerly waiting for that night. At night, mom cooked supper while I was watching tv.

Then I heard a knock at the door and I already knew who it was. I went to open it and it was Jagdesh. He was carrying a lot of items inside two bags. It seemed that he came from the mall. I helped him with those two bags. I took a quick look at the bag. I saw it had a red satin dress and some underwear for women.

I knew it was for mom. Then he handed me some racing car toys. After supper, I told mom that I was going to sleep. I pretended to go to sleep so that I can give them time to pleasure themselves.

I left them sitting opposite each other on the sofa. Mom was not talking to him, she was looking down. I decided to wait for some time. After 10 minutes, Jagdesh came to check if I was asleep. I did my best to pretend that I was asleep.

He then went, closing my bedroom door slowly. I think he headed towards mom’s bedroom. After 2 minutes, I heard my mom’s bedroom door close. I knew he was inside my mom’s bedroom.

I stood up slowly. My heart racing fast. I opened my bedroom door and slowly tiptoed towards mom’s bedroom. I peeped at the window of my mom’s bedroom and my dick became instantly hard by what I saw.

Jagdesh was standing facing my mom and he was kissing her. Jagdesh was only in his lungi and mom was wearing the red satin dress and white panty which Jagdesh brought for her that evening. All this time, my mom did not oppose him. She gently held his head while he was grabbing her big ass.

Mom’s boobs which were about to explode were crushing against Jagdesh’s chest and the sight was really hot. Mom was closing her eyes passionately as she kissed Jagdesh. It seemed that she became entirely devoted to him.

After 10 minutes of kissing, he looked at her face and this time, my mom was not shy at all. She looked seductively at Jagdesh, deep into his eyes. They gazed at each other for 5 minutes without talking. Then, instead of Jagdesh kissing her, my mom this time kissed him and he was mesmerized.

He then carried her to the bed and started removing her red satin dress. After removing her satin dress, she was only wearing the white underwear which was barely covering her big ass.

Jagdesh also removed the white panty from her. Mom was now fully naked ready to be fucked like a real woman. Jagdesh removed his lungi and mom was amazed at the sight of his enormous 12-inch dick which was erect standing like a pole.

Mom was on the bed and he was standing at the edge of the bed. And he told my mom to suck his dick. Mom shied and used her hands to cover her face because she was afraid to look at his massive dick. He held her head and removed her hands from her face.

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Jagdesh: Vidya darling, please suck my cock. Put it inside your sexy mouth, darling. Come here.

Mom: Jagdesh, I have never done this before. Please, I cannot fit it inside my mouth, it’s really big.

Jagdesh: You can manage it, Vidya,

Then he shoved his dick forcefully inside mom’s mouth. He held the back of mom’s head. He went back and forth several times as mom tried hard not to fit it fully inside her mouth. I did not believe his dick could fit inside her mouth but it did.

Jagdesh threw his head facing the roof while closing his eyes. He was groaning feeling the pleasure inside my mom’s mouth.

I could not see my mom’s face because her long hair was all over her face. After 10 minutes of sucking his dick, he removed it she started spitting out saliva. Jagdesh joined her on the bed and he started kissing her again in missionary position.

Mom: Please don’t tell anyone about this, not even my husband

Jagdesh: Stop worrying darling, I will not utter even a single letter to anyone.

Then he kissed her and he turned my mom around. My mom was now lying on her stomach with her big ass pointing upward. Quickly, Jagdesh buried his face inside between mom’s asscheeks while he used both hands to spread them. He started licking and sucking mom’s ass hole very fast.

Mom was moaning, “Aaahh sshshh uuuuhhhh Jagdesh aaahhhheerrrrhh aahhh uuuuuuufffff Jagdesh aaaahhhh ssshhh oooooohh uuuuhh ahhh..”

Mom was loving the tickling sensation of our neighbour’s tongue roaming around her asshole. The sound of Jagdesh sucking her asshole was very loud and I could hear it even from where I was standing.

Jagdesh spat on her asshole several times, then he again licked his own spit back. He slowly tried inserted his middle finger inside mom’s asshole but it did not go in. Mom was not letting him to do that either. Then, with much effort, his finger went inside her asshole despite my mom’s resistance.

He fingered her asshole slowly with passion and mom shut her eyes and kept moaning. After fingering her asshole for almost 10 minutes, he removed his finger and licked it. Mom was looking at him while he was licking the finger which was inside her asshole and she smiled.

“Vidya, the inside of your asshole tastes delicious”, Jagdesh said. He then stood up. I was afraid. I thought he was coming outside of the bedroom but he went to the drawer to get the butter. He opened the butter and started applying it on her asshole.

Mom was afraid too. She asked, “What are you trying to do? Are you trying to enter my ass? Please don’t do that!”

Then, in order to calm her down, he replied, “No darling, I love your asshole very much. I only want to apply the butter on your sexy asshole and lick it”

Then my mom was relaxed. He started applying the butter on mom’s asshole and licking and finger fucking it for about 20 minutes while mom continued to moan loudly. After that, he positioned her in doggy position and told her to spread her asscheeks. Thinking that Jagdesh was going to fuck her pussy, mom obeyed and did as he asked.

But as soon as she spread her asscheeks, he guided his dick inside her asshole in a quick push! My mom did not even expect that. I knew Jagdesh lied to her when he told her that he was not going to fuck her asshole. With that kind of a big ass, no one can resist fucking her ass.


Mom tried to escape but he held her big buttocks and pushed his 12-inch dick inside her asshole. He had to apply some force. Soon, his dick was fully inside mom’s big gaand and he started going back and forth in very slow strokes in order to make her asshole open more and elastic.

Mom was hitting the bed with her legs as she was feeling his dick expanding her asshole ring. Jagdesh applied more butter to her sexy big ass cheeks which made it glow and shine. Seeing my mom’s big gaand glow with the butter made my dick erect. It was an absolutely perfect sight to see.

Jagdesh started increasing the pace slowly until he literally started pounding her asshole hard with his big dick. My shy and conservative desi mom was now screaming and moaning shamelessly, “Aaahhh ooooh uuuuff aaahherr aaahhhh dhire dhire dhire aaahhhhh oooohhh…”

I never thought she could scream like that. At every stroke, her ass was jiggling and bouncing as it collided with his groin.

They were both sweating. It seemed that her asshole became wider and slippery which made Jagdesh to fuck her asshole even harder and faster. The sounds of thap thap thap thap thap filled the room. Jagdesh leaned forward to grab mom’s boobs with one hand while his other hand was holding her ass.

I even noticed my mom asshole was a little hairy which made Jagdesh even more hornier during the fucking. He was a lucky man for having that big ass at his sight and fucking it.

After 40-45 minutes, I realized he was about to cum inside mom’s asshole because he was fucking her very very fast.

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Then he gave a final stroke and he cummed inside her asshole. Jagdesh groaned hard while closing his eyes, “Aaaarrrgghhh aaggghhhh”.

Mom also moaned, “Aaahhhhh Jagdesh sshsh oooh..” He cummed for almost 5 minutes while his dick was still buried inside her asshole. Then slowly removed his dick and he collapsed on the bed.

He was really breathing fast, sweat was all over his body. Mom on the other side, went closer to him, put her hands across his chest and kissed his lips. They both fell asleep naked like a husband and wife.

I went back to my room and masturbated and then I slept.

In the morning, I woke up and found Jagdesh having a cup of tea on the sofa while reading the newspaper. I greeted him and he greeted me back while having a smile on his face.

I headed towards the kitchen and I saw my mom washing the dishes. I also greeted her but her face looked like she was tired.

I asked her why she looks tired and she replied that she was doing the laundry for a long time the previous night. I said ok and I went towards the bathroom smiling knowing what really happened.

Later I, mom and Jagdesh were sitting on the sofa having breakfast. After we had breakfast, Jagdesh told me that if I wanted to play video game in his house, I can go anytime.

I understood what he meant. I told him that I want to go now. I knew that he wanted another fucking session with mom.

I looked at mom and I saw she was looking at Jagdesh shyly and smiling. I quickly stood up and he gave me the keys and I left.

He closed the door after I left. But I did not go to his house. I quickly ran to the other door which was behind our house and I slowly sneaked in. I saw Jagdesh carrying my mom towards her bedroom while she smiled at him kissing his lips.

Jagdesh: Darling, let’s have our morning honeymoon.

Mom: I love you, Jagdesh.

Jagdesh: I love you too, darling.

My dick became erect again, I followed them silently. They had no idea I was inside the house. After they entered the bedroom, he locked the door from inside. As usual, I used the window to peek.

Jagdesh was kissing my mom and the surprising thing was that mom was behaving very sex-hungry while kissing him. It seemed that she wanted it from than Jagdesh.

She was also undressing him; he was in his vest and lungi. I was shocked by how my modest and shy mom could change like that and become horny for sex.

After she undressed him, she went to the bed and removed her petticoat and salwar kameez. They were both naked on the bed. He quickly turned my mom in doggy style.

He took the butter which was on the bed. Then he told her to spread her ass cheek. Mom spread her big asscheeks as wide as she can. He applied the butter on her asshole and then he took some and applied it on his dick as well.

He held her asscheeks and pushed his big dick inside her asshole. Mom moaned, “Aaaahhh uuuuuh dhire dhire aahhh uuuh slowly darling aaahh..”

He continued pushing and it quickly entered inside fully and he started fucking her ass.


Jagdesh: Arrgh! It looks like your asshole is wider since I fucked it the previous night.

Mom: Aaaahhh fuck me Jagdesh…aaahhh oooohhh yesss aahahhhhh..

Again, my mom’s big massive ass jiggled and bounced as our neighbor pounded her ass very hard.

After 20 minutes, he told my mom that he was about to cum. He then held her shoulders and cummed inside her asshole. He removed his dick and both of them fell on the bed sweating.

Jagdesh: From now on, we are going to be a secret couple.

Mom: Ok, but remember that I am a married woman. We have to be careful so that my husband doesn’t know. My husband will be back next week.

Jagdesh: Sure darling, when is he going back to Coimbatore?

Mom: After 4 days.

Jagdesh: Vidya, I cannot wait even for 1 day; I need to enjoy your body every now and then.

Mom: Did you forget that I am not your wife? My husband will be around from next week, we can’t sleep together in this house.

Jagdesh: Darling, there is a hotel nearby. I will call you to meet me there whenever your husband goes to work, ok?

Mom: Oooh dear Jagdesh, you are really a horny person.

Jagdesh: Yes darling and your body is really voluptuous.

Mom: Ok, but don’t let my husband suspect anything.

Jagdesh: Alright, as long as you send me videos of your sexy body through the phone.

Mom: What? How will I do that? I can’t do that on my phone, my husband might see it.

Jagdesh: Don’t worry, I will give you a new phone; we will chat there secretly.

Mom: Ok.

Then they kissed and soon they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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