Superhot Girl And Tinder Fairytale In Bangalore


ey guys, I am Rahul and it’s been a while since I have posted a story here. I am 23 years of age; fair, and carry an athletic physique. A northerner residing in Bangalore, I am 5’9” tall and endowed with a dick 6.5” in length and 3” in girth.

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Since my last encounter with Ameesha during my graduation, we got back together and we were in a relationship happily for 18 months. Although we parted ways on an extremely good note, life without Ameesha was difficult. More so, because I was missing all the insane and freaky sex Ameesha had got me hooked on to.

I was in no mood to pursue any girl for a relationship and thereby decided to give Tinder a try. I installed the app; updated my profile and started swiping. For privacy concerns, I couldn’t expressly mention as to why I was on Tinder, but my bio did give an apt description of me.

A week had passed, I had thousands of hot girls swiped and tons of girls matched with and yet I wasn’t really satisfied. I hadn’t met a single girl with whom I could vibe on a personal level.

It so happened exactly after a week that after I was done playing football in the evening, while checking my phone there lay a notification; that I had a new match. Curiosity was at its peak as I tapped on that notification.

It was a profile named Ritvika; aged 30; no profile picture and no bio. As I walked back home wondering why I had swiped right on an anonymous profile, I received a message from Ritvika.

Not wanting to take any hurried decision, I refrained myself from unmatching her and politely responded.

Over the course of the conversation, she happened to ask me as to why I had swiped right on a profile without a picture and a bio. I thought to myself for a while and responded that seeing 29 years as age on your profile had me going gutsy and thereby, I had taken a chance.

She sent me a ton of laughing emoticons and asked me to be more specific. I told her that I am attracted to women elder to me. She asked me if I’ve had any previous encounters with older women and I told her a couple of ones (not in detail though). I really didn’t think I stood a chance to get laid and was sure I’d get ghosted.

Our conversations kept going and I told her what my status with Ameesha and how I landed on Tinder. She told me her story too. She was married for 2 years before getting separated and now was working in Bangalore. She was from Mumbai. She was on Tinder just casually. She didn’t have any intentions to hook up.

We spoke for the entire night and right before bidding adieu in the morning, she gave me her phone number and said that I could hit her up on Whatsapp. I asked her if I could call her up as I wanted to hear her and she instantly agreed.

I called her immediately and was awestruck. She had such a smooth pitch to her voice and spoke in a very seductive tone (she speaks like that in general). We spoke over call for some time, post which I slept.

As I had wished, I woke up to her texts and was blown by what I read. She wanted to meet me for coffee on the coming Friday. I happily agreed and our plan was on.

Having spoken continuously for 6 days, we were finally about to meet. I reached the place a couple of minutes early. Super anxious, I was profusely sweating and my heartbeat was racing. I was dressed in a denim shirt, grey chinos with leather slip-ons. It was about time and I received a call from her asking me where I was.

She told me that she’d be there in 2 minutes. Since I had seen her pictures, expectations in real life were too damn high and the moment I recognized her entering the café, I stood up; with trembling legs, walked a little ahead, hugged her and got her a seat.

Super-hot would be an understatement to how she looked that day. A grey one-piece, open hair, no lip color and just gloss (she had asked me about my preference, earlier), paired with moderate heels. She matched my height with those. She was smelling just too good.

She sensed my nervousness and found it hilarious. We had a relaxed evening at the coffee followed by dinner before she left for her home. Our conversations were majorly around areas where we both got to know a lot about each other.

I reached home; called her and we got to talking as usual. I made sure to express how beautiful I found her earlier that evening and I could sense her voice change as she was blushing. We were flirting, it was around 2 am and she asked me if I had any plans for Saturday night and I responded saying I was hoping it’d be with her!

She paused, took the cue and we planned to meet. Until then our conversations had never been intended on a sexual note. I might have started our conversation from a hook-up’s intention, but our talks were more suited for a couple looking to date.

I knew that my impression on the upcoming date would really determine if anything were to happen between us. I made sure I was looking perfect; selected the most romantic restaurant in the city followed by a plan to go for a long drive towards the airport.

The clock struck 19:00 hours and I left to pick her up. She looked even more beautiful than when I first saw her and this time there was a lot more cleavage showing than our first date. She complimented me on my outfit and was very curious about the perfume I was wearing.

We were driving to the restaurant as I told her about the late-night drive plan. She asked me if I would be heading back home in the night to which I said in a sly manner that my going home would be dependent on her. She winked and hit me with her elbow jokingly.

We were at the restaurant and it was the perfect setting I could’ve asked for. The dimly lit ambiance, very soft music and not a lot of heckling by the waiters as they usually do. Being a Saturday night, the place was packed but that seemed fine given I and Ritvika were getting along too well.

The 7 year age gap seemed non-existent. We were at the restaurant for roughly 2.5 hours. I could sense she was very attracted to me.

She consistently leaned forward towards me as we spoke; made efforts to get a little touchy as she was hitting my legs under the table at times and even held my hands many times during the night. I was already in another dimension of excitement.

We cleared the cheque and as we were heading to the valet, she wrapped her arms around mine. I looked at her to find that she was already looking at me. I smiled and we got out.

In the car, I asked her as to how her evening was and she told me that dinner was good but the person I had it with was the highlight of the evening. By this, I was clear we have struck off and she was comfortable around me.

She cut me in my thoughts and asked me if I wanted to go on a long drive or wanted to get ridden long. I looked at her in shock and we both started laughing owing to her choice of words. We drove off to her home.

Throughout the way, I was hard and she was teasing me looking at the bulge. She touched it a couple of times and I let out moans. She kissed me at traffic signals. We reached her place, went up and got settled.

The tinder girl Ritvika sat beside me and told me that since her separation, she hasn’t slept with any other man and seeing how beautiful she is, I found it really hard to believe.

She told me she never expected to or intended to be there with me but over the past week, she had developed feelings for me and just as she said this, she hugged me. I was clueless and after some seconds, I wrapped my hands around her.

She said that although she was single, the age gap between us was why she is hesitant to get into bed with me. I responded saying, if we both have mutual feelings towards each other, we had nothing to worry about.

We were sitting there for almost 5 minutes immobile. I caressed her hair and continued to do so, post which she looked at me, grabbed my chin and pulled me closer as we lay there kissing. What started off as gentle pecks initially; within minutes we were playing with each other’s body.

Our tongues were in complete freedom as we indulged, and the entire room was echoing with the sound of our tongues slurping and kisses. My right hand ran around her hair and back and my left one continuously fondled her. With ever fondle getting harder, she let out moans that made our kiss even more raunchy.

Her hands were running around my crotch and she was pulling my hair too damn hard. She seemed dominant and the thought of it made me even more hard.

We helped each other strip and I had just witnessed the most beautiful sight ever. There she lay; a goddess in purple lingerie. With boobs at 34DD, her cleavage was exceptionally deep and a body put through yoga, her thigh gap was a huge turn on and ass, juicy AF.

I squeezed her boobs and rubbed her pussy as she stroked my dick and we were kissing against the wall. I could see her panties were all wet. I removed her bra and started to gently lick her erect nipples. She was very horny which was evident from her moans.

I licked her nipples and gently blew warm air over it which drove her mad. As I was licking her boobs, my fingers were running up and down her thigh and navel region. I started rolling my tongue down starting from her chin, all the way up to her panties and witness her eyes close in ecstasy as her soft moans filled the room’s silence.

I went down and did a little bit of tongue play with her toes and moved up to the inner thigh region. With my hands fondling Ritvika, my tongue gently tickled her inner thigh.

She couldn’t take it any longer and voluntarily removed her thong. I spread her legs only to find River Nile flowing down under. She was well shaved; her pussy, pink with huge labia to suckle on.

Her pussy smelt amazing and I rubbed her clit with my thumb gently, she moaned; I licked off the juices on my thumb and slowly ran my finger down the length of her labia. She whispered my name and said please don’t tease so much.

I chuckled and inserted my finger gently inside her pussy. She was tight and probably the wettest I have seen any woman be. After thrusting my finger in for 2-3 times, I made Ritvika lick it and then kissed her.

Looking at her with closed eyes and heavy breathing, I gently touched her clit with my tongue while my finger was deep in her. Her moans were getting loud.

I removed my fingers, spread her labia and started pushing my tongue against her clit and pressed that one region alone with all the strength my tongue could muster, and I was surprised by the results.

Ritvika was going mad; her moans were exceptionally loud, and she was dripping wet. I started eating her and rubbing her clit with my fingers constantly. I pushed my tongue as deep in her pussy as it was possible and was swirling it as I went up and down her pussy.

She kept breathing heavy and after a while, I could feel her hand pushing my head inside with more force than usual; her legs were wrapped around my head and her core muscles had started trembling. She screamed to an orgasm and I didn’t stop. She was in tears. Pulled me up as she laughed, and I lay beside her panting where she just hugged me.

After a couple of minutes of silence, as my eyes were closed, I could sense Ritvika stroking my hard dick. I opened my eyes to see her in front of me, looking at me with all her carnal desires in her beautiful eyes, smiling wickedly with her tongue stretched out to the tip of my dick.

She spat on my dick, rubbed it all over and licked the tip of my dick. She started off slow; using only her tongue initially, she started going to the deeper lengths of my dick and ‘MAN! O MAN!’, she knew how to give a perfect deepthroat. She did it better than how I had seen it in porn.

My dick was glazing with her saliva, my legs flexed, eyes closed, my dick was on the verge of a massive explosion. I told her to get up as I didn’t want to cum then, picked her in my arms and we sat on the couch making out. I was devouring every corner of her mouth and tongue. She was drenched in hickies.

Making her lie on the bed, I spread her legs as I went ahead to fuck her in missionary. She was very tight and keeping my control was hard.

I was moaning with every thrust it and she was scratching my back with her beautiful long nails, the marks of which are visible till date. Her hair lay spread on the bed in perfect symmetry and we were kissing.

She was struggling to moan and yet was unwilling to let go off my tongue. She pulled herself up to my neck and left hickies all over my collarbone and traps.

We got up, shifted to doggy position and with the same flow and intensity I started pushing myself in again. We were both profusely sweating and panting. Both of us moaning in ecstasy. Her ass was my toy. I squeezed in, spanked it until it turned red and even fingered her anally (Which she enjoyed and is considering anal sex now).

She was on the verge of another orgasm and I made her face-sit me. Lying down, I held her legs as she sat her pussy on my face and moved it as though she was riding my tongue.

In just a matter of seconds, she had her second orgasm but this time she didn’t stop, and I went on eating her for another prolonged period. As a result, she orgasmed again and this time there was actual cum dripping.

This was the first time that such a thing had ever happened with her before and I ate all of it. We kissed as she wanted to taste some of her cum too.

She got up and sat on me, rode my dick like a pro and I had never felt so amazing while having sex ever before. It wasn’t even 10 minutes and I told her that I was going to cum and she told me she wanted it inside of her to which I obliged and came a huge load in her.

She was dripping with my semen and just like that, she came on top, kissed me and pulled me inside the washroom.

We had a quickie in the shower where we had sex on top of a washing machine and she took all my cum in her mouth. We showered, cleaned ourselves up and got into bed. We were making out and cuddling until late night while Eric Clapton was playing on the speaker. We slept naked.

The following morning, she woke me up to her delicious tongue and luscious lips. She cooked me a huge breakfast spread. We chilled until noon, had another round of sex (in the Kitchen this time) and then I left.

Since then, we’re seeing each other. We are not officially dating but have made ourselves exclusive to each other.


Thank you for bearing on such a long incident. It’s been really long since I’ve posted anything here and your appreciation as well as criticism is welcomed.

All stories here are posted with the consent of the protagonist of my story. I will not disclose any information or share any pictures of the girls/ ladies, so please excuse me if that’s what you’re going to write to me for.

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