Sweet Teen Daughter Spices Up My Sex Life – Part 4


Hi all, this is Jay and Mangala. Thanks for all your feedback/comments on the first 3 parts of the series of incidents. This is a continuation of part 3. Please read the first 3 parts to have the continuity

Note: These are all real incidents happened just a year ago, except age mentioned.

I dressed properly before I went to the hall, and prepared tea before my wife woke-up. Once Mangala came out of the bathroom, my wife stepped into the bathroom for her bath. I was totally disappointed with seeing her in ¾ and t-shirt. I felt that it would be difficult to fuck that day night.

The moment my wife went into the bathroom, I hugged Mangala from back keeping my penis over her ass. Kissed near the ear, asked her, why was not she wearing a frock. She told me that if you want I will change now. I told her to change into a frock before going to bed, stressing the word, bed.

She must have understood that I was going to fuck her that night Once we finished dinner, I arranged the bed the same as the previous night. To let my wife and son sleep on the bed while myself to lay down on the floor with my princes.

Luck favored me. My wife told me that she had caught a cold due to climate change. So she would take a tablet ‘Chasten Cold’. She would have drowsiness and deep sleep due to tablet effect. I was feeling happy about this. I could implement my action plan without a second thought.

While I was arranging the bed, my princess went into the bathroom to change into one piece sleeveless light transparent frock. But nothing inside. I could see a little black patch above her pussy. I had trimmed it a few hours before that. I had instant hard but controlled the urge.

That was 10 PM. I closed all the windows shutters to make the room dark so we could sleep. My wife and son occupied the bed. I lay on the floor, Mangala laid beside me. The aroma from her was fresh and arousing because she had taken head bath, kept hair loose.

She turned towards me crossing her one leg over my thighs and hugged me. Her small breast was touching my chest. I was not in a hurry to romance her. I was unsure if my wife had slept or not. I switched on the laptop to watch some movies.

I kept the laptop over my stomach in the laid position without disturbing Mangala’s leg. I had opened one pirated link to watch new movies. I gave earphones one piece to Mangala and I stuffed the other one into my ear. Her head was resting on my chest.

She was holding my tummy just near the laptop with her right hand. I crossed my left hand over her back through under her neck, held her shoulder. Her bare skin near thighs was hitting my thighs just below my penis. The laptop screen was not visible to my wife who was sleeping on the cot.

We searched for one new south Indian movie at that time. We started playing that movie. I knew that pirated website would open porn clips when we click on the screen. I tried to maximize the movie player window at that time. A pop-up came with a girl riding guy dick very hard and moaning too loud.

I did not close that window for a couple of minutes. I had observed that Mangala was pressing my waist with her palm which was crossing me. I closed that porn clip and the movie continued for a few minutes. Mangala told me that she could not hear dialogues clearly so I tried to increase volume.

At that time, it opened another porn clip where the guy was fucking chubby girl hard in doggy position. She had her fingers over mouse pad but she did not close that pop-up. Rather she looked at me after a few seconds of a porn clip. I looked at her and pressed her shoulder a little hard to hug her little tighter.

We were finding one or another reason to click on the movie window to get porn clips played. After a few porn clips, while forwarding a song from the movie, it opened a porn clip. A zero-size skinned girl was getting fucked in missionary. In that clip, it was very clear of a penis penetrating into skinny pussy.

I could not control after seeing that clip. We both looked at each other but did not utter a word. I closed the laptop and kept it aside. The room went dark once the laptop screen was closed. I turned towards Mangala and hugged tight so she crossed her leg over my waist.

I was in shorts. I held her hand to direct her hand towards my shorts. She moved her palm into my short to feel my penis hard. Mangala started moving her palm over my penis inside my short. I was pressing her ass which was not covered with her frock. We did that caressing each other for 5 minutes, breathing heavy.

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We both knew we need a lot more than what we were doing. I made Mangala turn the other side facing her back to me, keeping my left hand under her neck. Once she turned, I pulled down my shorts to release my penis. I had kept my penis near Mangala’s cute ass.

I placed the left hand on to her upper breast (right). I have placed my other hand between her thighs. The frock had already moved up till her waist. I groped her small right breast with my palm. I started pressing smoothly while moving my other hand fingers over her pussy.

Slowly up and down but not a hard move over her pussy. My penis got stuck between her small ass leaving no space between her back and my front. Her hair was covering my face. The shampoo smell was tempting me even more. I had placed my lips behind her ear.

I was not stupid to make visible marks over the body. So, I just placed lips near the ear. After a few minutes, I dragged Mangala onto my body. Both of us were facing the ceiling, my back resting on the floor whereas Mangala back was on my body. My penis stuck in her ass crack.

Mangala was 6 inches shorter to me. I placed my one hand over her breast, started pressing. I started pressing both her small breasts one after another. I positioned my right hand four fingers except for thumb over her pussy vertically. I started playing with her pussy lips as like playing guitar.

For each of my finger tick on her pussy lips, she started moaning slightly. I did not leave her neck and shoulder away from my lips. While pressing breast over frock, I hissed in her ear to unzip her frock. I did not leave my hands from her breast and her pussy. She rose her upper body and sat above my pelvic area.

She unzipped her frock from the back. Frock fell moment Mangala freed it from her shoulders. It got stuck at her waist. She laid back on me in the same position as before. So now I could feel her breast directly. She was full nude but the frock got stuck at her waist.

I slowly moved both hands over her small breasts. I held both firmly and started pinching her nipples. She had small nipples of size gems chocolate. I could tickle her nipples holding between thumb and forefinger. That made her go hornier. She started breathing heavy moving her legs here and there.

From down, I just made sure my legs over her legs at the foot. So she had legs widened, her legs were over mine till knee. But her foot got under my foot. I moved my right hand towards her pussy. I placed palm over pussy covering in my grip.

I started moving my fingers over her pussy crack vertically up and down as like playing guitar. I took Mangala’s right hand into my right hand. I moved her hand near her pussy but left her hand over my penis. It was poking between her thighs just below her pussy.

She started caressing my penis, while I was playing with her pussy. I could feel honey flowing from her pussy which was too wet. At this time, she started moaning a little louder, she could not control. I told her to close her mouth but she was not in this world.

I had no option left, but I did not want to leave her pussy lips. I kept my other hand few fingers into Mangala’s mouth so she could not moan. I could feel her soft lips sucking my palm while my other hand playing with her pussy. We caressed our private parts for a good 20 minutes.

Once I realized that she was at her peak, she decided to start the real show. I removed my hand from her pussy. But Mangala held my hand, tried to place it back on her pussy. But I took off my right hand, raised onto the bed where my wife was sleeping.

I held my wife’s breast and started pressing. But there was no response. That gave me clarity that my wife was in deep sleep. I made Mangala lay on the bed. I removed my shorts. I was topless already, I moved onto Mangala, placing my weight softly on her body.

Kissed Mangala’s forehead, eyes, cheeks, ear, neck, shoulder. I kept my lips over her neck, adjusted my penis over her pussy. Only her stomach was covered with the frock. She crossed her both hands onto my back and started pushing onto her body with more intent.

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I sat between her legs, took her legs onto my thighs, held Mangala’s waist. I pulled her down towards me so not much gap between her pussy and my penis. I placed both my palms near her thigh’s joints. With one hand thumb and forefinger, I made a U-shape.

Both fingertips pointing her pussy lips on either side towards her ass. With my thumb and forefinger, I tried to spread her pussy lips slightly. With another hand, I held my penis, placed my penis tip over her pussy crack. Her pussy was not wide open like matured ladies.

I tried to spread her pussy lips with my fingers. I placed my penis tip on crack and pushed my waist a little towards her. The push had not inserted my penis in her teen tight pussy. Once my penis tip was placed on her pussy, I left my fingers which were opening her pussy.

Her pussy lips were covering my penis tip. I moved my hands towards Mangala’s shoulders. I placed both my hands under the shoulder and held her shoulders from downside, pushed my waist. When I pushed my waist, half of my tip had gone into Mangala’s pussy. She released a soft moan.

Her hands held my hands below the elbow. I took a gap for a couple of minutes just leaving half of my penis tip in her tight hole. Once her breathing came down, again I pushed my waist. At the same time, I pulled her down holding her shoulders. So, her body came towards me and my penis full tip had gone inside her pussy.

Moment whole penis tip gone in her pussy, she released a big moan. I was scared, what if my wife wakes up. So immediately I fell down on Mangala keeping tip inside her pussy and closed her mouth with mine. That was the first time we had locked our lips.

I was kissing her lips, guys. Her lips were as soft as her pussy lips. Her moaning sound was going into my mouth. But I did not take out my penis tip. Once I realized her moaning intensity had come down, I started sucking her lips. After a few minutes, she learned what I did and she too started sucking my lips.

We both were competing with each other sucking lips. After a few minutes, I came to a sitting position and tried to push my penis in. But it did not go. I tried to take out my tip, even it was not coming out. My penis tip got stuck nicely inside her pussy. When I tried to push or take out, she was feeling the pain.

I again, fell on her positioning my head near her ear, asked if she was feeling pain. She just replied “Haa”. I knew, due to excitement of fucking my own teen daughter’s pussy, my penis was a little thicker than normal. I sat and made her sit in my lap crossing legs keeping the penis inside.

I stood uplifting her. The moment I stood up having her in my arms, Mangala had crossed both her legs around my waist. The tip was inside her pussy, I carried her to the hall. Once we were in the hall, I made her lay on 2 seated sofas. I sat between her legs, keeping the penis inside her pussy.

The sofa was wider and spacious to fuck a 5feet girl. Hall was not too dark, so we could see each other. Her face was glowing even though she was feeling the pain. We started talking about her friends and school, etc. We forgot totally that we were in the mid of fucking.

After 5 minutes of talk, I realized my penis was not too thick but stiff for penetration. She was telling me about her friends. I slowly placed my hands under her shoulders, held them for grip and pushed my waist. Half of my 6inch penis had gone inside her tight pussy.

She was surprised by my unexpected push. She stopped talking, was staring at me with wide-open eyes. I held her shoulders for support, started pushing my remaining penis into her pussy slowly. She was moaning. Once my total penis was inside, I did not make a move.

I removed my hand from her shoulder grip, moved that palm to her breasts, and started tickling her small brown nipples. Her eyes watering with pain. Her face was glowing with happiness as her virginity broke, she became a woman. After tickling her nipples for a few minutes, I slowly started pushing my penis out.

One half was out, tried to push again inside. Started stroking smoothly. For each of my strokes, Mangala was moving her head either side bearing the pain, feeling the happiness I fucked for 20 minutes or so, with soft strokes. When I was about to release my sperm, I kept half of my penis in her pussy.

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I fell on her crushing her breast, raised her head keeping one of my hands below her neck. The other hand went to press her breast. I hissed in her ear that she had a nice pussy. She started releasing sperm and injected full sperm in her hole. Kissed her lips once I had released totally.

I fell on her hugging tightly until my penis got normal. After 5minutes, I got up. Once my penis was weak, it came out of her pussy. I sat at her legs, she laid on the sofa relaxing. She has placed both her legs on my lap. I could see my sperm and her juice, mixed flowing slowly out of her pussy.

Guys, whoever had experience of incest, this is the kind of different feeling. Once I released, I had the guilty feeling of fucking my own daughter. I waited for some time. Then I put on my shorts and went to make tea. The kitchen in my flat was towards one wall side of the hall. There was no separation between the hall and the kitchen.

Once I prepared tea, I carried teacup to the sofa where my princess was relaxing due to the tiredness of her first ever sex. We both had tea. She carried cups to wash at the sink. When she was walking, her cute ass tempted me again. That 20 minutes gap made me get hard again.

I dropped my shorts. I slowly went behind her and hugged her tight from back keeping both hands on her cute breast. I kissed her neck behind her ear. She turned towards me, gave a naughty smile. I turned her towards me, kissed lips, lifted her and made her sit on beside sink.

She crossed her legs around my waist, we had lip lock. We started smooching vigorously. I moved one of my hands towards her breast, to give her a nice massage. I carried her in my arms towards the dining table. I made her lay on the dining table. Table was a 6 seated long table.

She pushed fruits and other stuff on the table towards another end. Once she laid on the table, I made sure her body above her ass was on the table. I pulled her towards the edge. Now, when I stood up at the edge of the table, my penis height was perfectly matching the table height.

Mangala raised her legs to place them on my shoulders. I placed my penis which was hard on her pussy entry. I pushed this time a little hard, so my tip fully went inside her pussy. Held her waist, gave another hard push so my penis went fully inside.

She moaned. I leaned on her body, taking my face near to her face. Mangala held my face with her both hands. We started rubbing her noses looking into each other eyes.

Me: Mangala, how are you feeling now?
Mangala: Papa, it is very nice.
Me: Is it hurting your pussy, baby?
Mangala: No papa, daddy knows how to take care of his baby.

I felt happy, kissed her on lips. Slowly started stroking, but we kept talking.
Me: You have a very cute pussy Mangala.
Mangala: Thanks papa, I was doubting you may not like my small pussy
Me: Why did you feel so dear?

Mangala: I saw you were always glancing at chubby aunties, that’s why daddy.
Me: Oh, since when you started observing me, baby?
Mangala: For quite some time daddy.

I started stroking her with increased rhythm, she was moaning. Her hair on the table spread like a half-moon. After waiting for some time, as I was only stroking her, she asked me with moaning

Mangala: Daddy, why did you not fuck me in India?
Me: When baby?
Mangala: I was waiting for this day for the past one year, daddy.
Me: Oh, how do you know about sex Mangala?

Mangala: I had seen you and mummy once in our Bangalore flat. She was blushing.

She even told me the day she sucked (read part1). She knows that it was my penis. That made it harder. I kept my hands on the table edges for better grip. She could not speak due to my strokes. We fucked for another 20 minutes, exhausted, released deep inside again.

After some time, we both dressed up, walked to the bedroom. We just hugged and slept thinking of our sex journey so far. Next part would be incidents happened in Paris, while we book Flix bus tickets, pour your comments/feedback to [email protected]

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