Swetha Loves Her Life Part- 10 (Neha Invited A Stranger Home)


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He gave a very long message to his wife saying that he was fully comfortable with her past. He would not mind being in an open relationship. I advised her that taking money for sex will keep it as a transaction. It would not jeopardize falling in love or someone forcing for again and again.

After our lunch, we moved to the bed again and we started kissing each other and discussing what to do today. Just then an idea came up. How about getting a hooker and a gigolo for tonight? We started browsing the net to see whom we can call.

After browsing sometimes, we gave up the idea and agreed we will go to a swingers party as a couple. We slept for some time and when we woke up it was around 4:30. Later that evening we went to the swingers party. It had a good ratio of 3:1.

There were around 20 men and 6 women in the party all around in there 20’s and 30’s. I will come to that swinger party fun bit later. The party went late at night. When we got our phones back from the locker, Sundar had 36 missed calls from his wife.

He was worried and called her back. but her phone was not reachable. Maybe battery dead. We came back to his hotel room around 2 in the morning and slept. The next day as soon as he woke up he called his wife. She picked up after a few rings and she was crying.

I also sat next to Sundar to know what happened. Looking at her eyes, it looks like she was crying for a few hours. Sundar tried to console her and asked what happened. Sundar put his hand across my shoulder and pressed my boobs.

She got a bit furious and shouted, “If you want to keep fucking that bitch next to you, you can do it as much as you want. I don’t care. But why the hell you made me do it?” Inside my head, I got the context why she is crying. It looks like she called the number I gave and looks like things got ugly.

But I was confident that the person I referred to is a very good businessman in Chennai whom I met once in London. I know for sure he would not have harmed her. Sundar asked her, “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. What did I make you do?”

She was still furious and shouting, “Oh. You don’t know now, you are going to say that you never asked me to sleep with someone for money? Ah? Where the hell were you last night? I called you so many times and you did not answer. You are fucking this bitch in her nose and ears this time?”

Sundar tried to say something. I just jumped in and said, “We went to a swinger party and oh yes, I was fucked in my nose and ears too. Not just by your husband, but by 20 different men and your husband had sex with 6 girls last night.”

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There was some silence. I guess she was confused about what to respond. She is not sure if she needs to be angry with herself or on her husband or me. Sundar also got the context that she might have had sex with someone yesterday. And that’s why she is broken into tears.

“Neha, cool down, please. Tell me what happened.” She turned her phone camera to the table and there was money lying on it. She said, “This is what happened Sundar. You wanted me to have sex with a stranger. Someone came, fucked me, gave 20k and left.”

From Sundar’s expression I could sense he was bit upset. But he was also bit horny pressing my boobs and tried to console his wife. “That’s totally fine darling, you don’t have to cry. What happened is completely fine. I am so glad that you did it.”

With a wink of an eye, he said, “I am sorry that I could not be with you to hold your hands and take you by myself to the bed to get fucked.” She on the other side got relaxed and smiled at his joke and commented. “Oh yes. I badly missed my pimp who could have pushed my mouth to a stranger’s cock.”

We all laughed for a minute. I asked, “So Neha, tell us how was your experience? How did you feel about it?” She said, “It was good and I also enjoyed it. Initially, I was very nervous. After he left I feel terrible and ashamed of myself.”

Sundar interrupted saying, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, dear. It just matters what we do and what we don’t do. This is our life and we will live it the way we want. Tell me in detail. Every bit of it. Like how you said about your college story.”

She took a deep breath and started to narrate.

After I spoke to Swetha yesterday, I called the number she gave. Sundar gave a surprised look at me. I kissed him and said, “Let’s just listen to her now.” Neha continued to say.

I spoke to him and he said Swetha gave his contact. We agreed for the time around 1:00 pm yesterday to meet. I thought I could talk to you before that and if we don’t like, I can call him again and cancel the meeting. I took the kids to your mother’s place and dropped them there.

By the time I reached back home, it was already 12:00 o’clock. I thought I will take a quick shower and call you. I planned to wear that netted saree you gifted for my last birthday. In my mind, it was like some family friend coming to visit. I started doing my makeup.

As you always liked, I tied my petticoat so low just an inch above my private area and that matching the sleeveless blouse with deep low back. I looked into the mirror. I was looking irresistibly sexy. I just felt proud of my belly button, curved waist.

To make it more appealing, I wore a push up silicon cups bra and applied some cream to my hip area also. I was so much involved into my makeup and did not know it was already crossed 1:00 pm. I heard the doorbell around 1:10. My heart started to beat faster.

Just then I remembered that did not call you yet. The doorbell kept ringing and I don’t want the neighbor to notice. So I opened the door, requested him to sit on the couch and said I will be back in a minute. I rushed back to the bedroom and my heart again started beat much faster now.

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He should be around 35 to 40 age. Nice athletic body and decent looks. I checked myself on the mirror if there is anything pending. I applied some more gelly lipstick, corrected the saree pallu and hair. I took a long breath and went back to the hall.

I asked him if he would like to have any drinks, coffee or tea. He said he would like to have some water. The expression in his eyes said everything. He could not stop looking at my waist and my back. I returned back with a glass of water. He sipped the water.

He said, “You are very beautiful, miss.” I felt a little shy and said, “Oh come on, you may have met many girls much beautiful than me before.” He said, “No no no, you are really really beautiful. Your husband is really blessed to have an angel like you every night.”

His words raised my heartbeat again. He targeted on sex directly. obviously that’s the reason he is here now. I said, “If you could excuse me for a few moments. I just need to call my husband once. I have not done this before and need to see if I am making the right choice. Please don’t mind if I change my mind.”

“Oh no! That’s absolutely fine and Swetha already told me. I am here just to help you as a good friend.”

I said, “So sweet of you. Thank you very much. I won’t take long. You can watch TV if you wish.”

He said, “I would like to watch you instead,” and smiled. I smiled back and started to walk to the kitchen dialing your number. Out of tension, I must have walked between hall to kitchen 20 times. There was no response from your side. He sensed my tension and said, “You can sit for a while and try after some time.”

I also thought to sit for a while and have some chat so that it would ease my tension. He was sitting on the single-seat sofa and I sat opposite him on the other single seat sofa. After sitting down, what I saw blew me to shock. He had his cock out from his pant zip and stroking it.

I smiled at him as asked, “What are you doing?” He said, “He is just preparing, I don’t mind a beautiful lady like you to see it. Hope you don’t mind. I can put it back inside if you wish.”

I said, “Oh that’s fine. I am not a virgin. I have seen manhood before. If my husband wishes not to pursue you may anyway need to put it back inside. He said that he understands. He removed his purse, took some money and kept it on the table and said, “That’s for your precious time.”

He got a little relaxed and continued shaking his cock more freely now. I intermittently saw him and smiled every time I saw him. I continued calling you to get an answer from you. But still no response. He sat patiently for 30 minutes staring at me and finally asked if I can drop the pallu down if I am ok.

He had been patient for a while now. I thought it would be ok to do so. I just stood up went closer to him, bent a little and asked just the pallu or anything else too? He understood I am teasing him and he smiled. I turned around swung my ass, took the money he kept on the table and started to count it.

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It counted 10 two thousand notes. I said ok. And instead of just the pallu, I removed the saree completely. First I dropped the pallu down and then untucked the saree from the petticoat and kept the saree aside. I sat on the sofa opposite him and said, “I hope this gives the motivation you need.”

His expression was like, “Wow. You are one really beautiful girl I ever met.” He was flirting with me. He said, “Even if you change your mind not to take it further. You can have that 20k. Just allow me to touch your waist once. Allow me to kiss your belly button. That will make my day and I guess, I might even cum for that.

I smiled back at him and said, “Just give me 5 more minutes and we will get this sorted.” My tension got reduced a bit and heart started beating normal. He was so sweet in flirting and I wanted to tease him further. Me sitting on the sofa opposite is not giving him a good view of my exposed body.

So I started walking in the hall from his sofa and back. His cock had grown to a good size and it was very inviting to explore my holes. After walking between the sofas for 3 times. He asked me to stand in front of him. I said ok and stood near him. He adjusted a bit spreading his legs.

I understood he wanted me to stand in front of him. He came closer to my hip and I could feel his breath on my skin. It was sending waves inside me. He said, “You smell so good and so hard to control. You are trying to you’re your husband for the last 45 minutes and no response.”

I said, “Hold on to your horses.” He obeyed like a good schoolboy. I felt bad for myself for teasing him. I asked for his hands, took them both and kept it on my hip. Intermediately he pressed his face against belly and started to kiss, lick and bite it.

I was nowhere in control. So, just not lose control I continued to call you. He tilted his head to see me. I saw him and gave an expression of a kiss. He removed his hands from the hip and brought them near my boobs and asked, “May I?”

I finally gave up the phone and put that aside and told him, “Let’s do it. I am all yours.” I thought he is going to crush my boobs, instead, he buried his face again to the belly and said, “Thank you.” I was losing control to stand. Before I could come back to reality. He found the string of my petticoat and pulled it.

It fell on the ground and he buried his face straight to my panty. To be continued.

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