Swetha Loves Her Life Part- 13 (Monica’s Choice)


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The next day I woke up first around 8 and I see the little naked figure of Monica still enjoying her innocent sleep. I put up my nightgown. It’s just a simple satin gown. It comes with a noodle strap and up to thighs and v neck just covering nipples and leaving nice cleavage.

I walked to the kitchen and was making coffee. Looks like Monica also woke up and I heard her calling. I responded that I am in the kitchen. She came around. I could see she found a long shirt and also her panty. Shirt button was open and my eyes fell on her beautiful breasts.

“Hey Monica, good morning. Like some coffee?” She said, “Yes sure, thanks.”I asked her how was the night and how did she feel? She smiled shyly and came close and kissed my lips. “This how I felt. Can we do it again tonight please?” I caught her breast and gave a tight little squeeze. She tried to free herself.

I hugged her tight that my breast crushing on her back.

“You want the dildo fun again tonight? I think I got something better. I will get you a real thing for you. How about that?”

We took our coffee cups. We walked back to the hall, settled on the sofa to watch TV. She did not care to button her shirt. She was very happy to be exposed and I can see that in her eyes. I took my mobile and called my gym trainer guy. My gym trainer is a nice guy around 35.

He doesn’t know any other profession other than exercise. I had him a few times in house to please my body and I use to pay him tips for obeying me. He was happy as he didn’t get good enough pay in the gym. He told me that one of his friends is trying to compete for the bodybuilding championship.

He was looking for sponsors. He knows I have enough money and I have a thing for bodybuilders. He was after me. So, I called him and said I am free today. I asked him to send his friend to meet me to discuss the terms of sponsorship.

After a few minutes, Monica prepared some breakfast. Then, “Didi, what’s the plan for today? Shall I leave for my room? If you wish, I can stay and go to work tomorrow from here.” From the way she asked, she was happy to stay and doesn’t want to feel like she is a trouble for me.

I said, “Monica. You can stay here, anyway I am alone. I would say, you can quit your room and move here until you find a house for yourself. Sorry, I mean you can stay temporarily until you find a better place. You said you are staying with 15 other girls and that’s not good. I like to be alone, so temporary is fine.”

“No didi, that’s totally fine. I understand. My salary is just 18k per month. I have to send 15k every month back to my parents so that they live back in my town. I won’t be able to afford it in the city. Sorry to ask, what do you do for a living? I assume your parents must be very rich and have lot of money as I see the luxury in the house.”

I said, “They were. But I don’t have any family now. I live by self and most of the money is my own. I enjoy having sex with men and they pay me.”

“Didi, you mean like a call girl? A few of the girls in my hostel are also working as call girls. They use to cry sometimes that got beaten so badly and had cigarette butt wounds on there asses and breast etc. I am so scared when I hear those things. Also, they don’t seem to make more money than what I get in the parlor.”

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“Monica, see there are many things here. Those girls are mostly being harassed by their pimps. There are people who pay 50 rupees and there people who pays 5 lakhs for a night too. Those who are ready to pay high expect best classy product. That’s the reason I do around 10 to 15 bookings a month.”

“On average, I make around 5 to 8 lakhs a month. I don’t have any pimp. I am an independent girl and deal my clients directly. It’s been around a year since I returned from London. I have a good list of clients who recommend their friends and that’s how it is.”

“Getting back to your question on the plans. We have someone coming around shortly and he needs some help with sponsorship. Around 12 we will go out for lunch, then some shopping. Let’s buy some nice clothes and that’s my gift. And then we will go to some movie.”

Just then the calling bell rang. I told her to go and open the door. She started looking for anything to wear for the bottom. I said that the shirt itself is too long to cover her ass and its fine. In a hurry she buttoned her shirt leaving the first 2 buttons and opened the door.

It was my gym trainer and his friend. He introduced his friend as Shankar Yadav and said he is really preparing very hard for Mr. Bangalore’s competition. He said he could not participate last year because he could not find any sponsor and he can’t afford to self sponsor himself.

I said, “That’s fine. I would like to hear from Shankar. I think you can leave now and I would like to know from Shankar what he needs from us and what’s in it for us.” My gym trainer understood my intentions and told his friend, “Good luck dude, don’t screw it.”

Shankar was standing in the hall before the coffee table. I and Monica sitting were on the sofa opposite him. I think he was happy to see two young girls in there 20’s. Me in my sating nightgown with most of my boobs visible and Monica proudly showing her cleavage with the top two buttons of her shirt open.

Me: How old are you Shankar and what do you do today for living?

Shankar: Mam I am 26, I completed my B.Com and I am working as a bouncer in the disco in MG road.

Me: Ok, why Bodybuilding and what kind of sponsorship you are looking for?

Shankar: Mam. I am from a village near Mandaya. My parents are basically farmers and don’t get good money, but ok for living and to take care of themselves. From childhood, I have a passion for bodybuilding and it’s my dream. I work as a bouncer in the disco from around 7:00 pm to 1:00 am.

They pay me 12k a month. I go to a local free gym which has no modern equipment and practice there from around morning 10 to 2pm every day. If I can get sponsor and some help with the funds then I can enroll myself in good gyms that have powerlifting equipment and also get some good protein powders.

Me: Shankar, I understand everyone has dreams in there lives. One thing that I understand is, what is the benefit for me?

Shankar: Please madam, I came here today skipping my gym with a lot of hope. Please don’t turn me down. I will surely win the Mr Bangalore title. You can have all the endorsements and contract deals that the title winners get. If you don’t think as sponsoring, please think it as a monthly loan. I will replay you.

Me: Fine, don’t worry too much about it. Let’s talk about the numbers later. Now show me what got. Remove the shirt and pant and show us a demo of the poses.

Shankar got excited and he started to strip. I looked to Monica’s eyes and winked. Went to her ear and said. Look I told you in the morning that I will get you some real cock right. She blushed with shy. Shankar stripped himself to his innerwear and started making all those regular body-builder possess.

After 5 minutes, he stopped. I asked, “That’s it. That’s what you got. Your friend, the gym trainer has better body physique than you, I think.”

He said, “Mam, I could not afford those protein powders and my gym doesn’t have many equipment too. If you give me a chance, I will show a much-improved body in 3 months. Help me with 25k every month for 1 year and you won’t regret it.”

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I said, “That’s fine. I am not interested in contracts or anything like that. I will pay you 50k every month for the next 1 year. You can leave your bouncer job and focus your body building routine. Now show me doing some exercise. I will tell what I need from you later if I am convinced of your skills.”

He was confused about what exercises to show and there are no weight bars or etc. I turned towards Monica. “I think Monica here is around 40 to 45kg. Think of her as your weight lifting bar and show me.”

Monica was like, “Didi, this is too much and giggling.” I said, “Come on nothing is going to happen. He won’t drop you until I say, if he does, he knows he won’t get the sponsoring. Let’s see whats he is capable of and how long he can hold and many lifts he can do.”

Monica said, “Ok and stood up from the sofa, walked to him and said, see mister don’t throw me down and I am a little scared.”

He took her in his arms and she gripped his neck. I said, “No not like this. Is this how you do your weight lifting? Do it properly.”

He to move his hand to her back and with palm, firmly on her back and the other palm on her ass. He lifted her above his head like in MRF advert. Monica tried to adjust and she slipped his hand. He caught her back before falling down. He said, “Sorry madam.” Her shirt slipped and it was covering my face.

Monica looked at me asked, “Didi, I will wear something else and come.” I teased her with my eyes. She changed her question. “Didi, should I remove my shirt?” I said, “Yes. Remove it. I am sure he has already seen inside when he took you in arms.

Monica had no concerns, stripped her shirt and stood in her panty. Shanker was happy to see a young girl nearly naked and just ready to be touched. He placed his palm to her back and carried her above his head. With one hand on her back and other on her ass.

He was lifting her up and down, counting the sets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. She was fully flat with her legs hanging on the side and her hair hanging on the other side. After counting 10 he dropped her down to catch a breath. He picked her. I said, “Put her down. Remove your underwear and do it. Count till 30 now and don’t cum until then.”

He obeyed removing his underwear and confused what I meant by don’t cum. He picked her back and started lifting her up and down and counting. I stood up from the sofa and went closer to his. Gave him a small perk on lips, pushed my straps and the dress fell on the ground.

Monica was facing the ceiling and could not see what’s happening. But she knows something is going on. I sat on my knees and took his cock in my mouth with both my hands firmly on his back. He started his count. Every count his cock goes and comes out of my mouth.

I spit on the cock and made it totally wet. He was fully erect and close to 10 inches and touching deep inside my throat. He finished his count of 30 times and asked if he can let her down? I said, “Keep her in your arms and you can cum now.”

Saying that I continued to blow him. He moaned badly. He brought Monica into his arms and she held her grip around his neck. She looked down and she found Shankar’s cock going back and forth into my mouth. I continued to blow him and I am really good at it.

Shanker looked at Monica and asked, “Madam. Can I kiss you, please?” Monica looked down for me for advice. She found me naked and busy. She said, “First remove my panty and then do whatever you want. You both are naked and I am the only one dressed.”

Shankar was struggling to remove her panty without letting her down. Monica also helped and her panty fall flying next to me on the ground. She raised her head and both indulged in kissing. I sensed he is closer to cum. I just wrapped my mouth tightly around his cock.

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I felt a good hot stream of cum deep inside my throat and then I did some action. His cock lost his erection. I moved back to the sofa with a relaxed feel of a good blowjob. I saw Shanker’s face on Monica’s pussy with one hand on her ass pushing it.

She was shouting. He was digging his tongue into her pussy further and further. I said, “You can let her down if you wish.” Monica shouted, “No I am close, do it. Suck it, eat it.” I responded, “Come on Monica. He is carrying you for last 15 minutes. It must be paining. If you want, take him to the bedroom. Do whatever you want.”

By then, I think Monica also came and he let her down. Her pussy juices all over his face. Monica walked back to the sofa with all smiles on her face. I asked her, “What’s your choice? If you want to have a real cock instead of the dildo you can have it.”

Shankar knew whats coming his way. He dared to ask. “Mam can I have both of you on the bed?”

I looked at him and said, “Look Shankar. I will offer 50k per month for you for the next 1 year starting today. You need to quit your job and focus on your bodybuilding schedules. Whenever I call you, you will pick up the phone and come wher ever I tell you to come.”

Shankar was shaking his head and saying yes mam. “When you come to meet me. You will strip naked and stand in the corner for your orders. You will be here for our pleasure and not pleasure yourself. Never open your mouth like you just asked to have both in the bed. You will only open your mouth to lick and eat the pussies. Understood?”

“Also, the last point. I am reserving all rights on your body especially on your cock. If I come to know you are using it elsewhere then you are screwed. I would like to have your balls filled with juice. So don’t fuck anyone else and don’t masturbate.

Monica moved closer to me and rubbing her hand on my thighs. I turned to her and asked, “You want him to fuck you?” She nodded her head in response. “Ok Shankar, take her to the bedroom and satisfy her. It’s her first time, so do it raw and fill your cum inside. That’s how the first sex needs to be remembered.”

From the sofa she gave her hand to Shankar and he carried her to the bedroom. For the next few minutes, all that I was hearing was Monica moaning loudly. I went to take a bath and returned to the hall dressed in a low waist jeans and decent tops as we planned to go for lunch and shopping.

Its been more than 45 minutes and they were still fucking. So I went to the bedroom to see what’s happening. They were in 69 position and Monica was sucking his cock madly.

She looked into my eyes. “Didi, he came once in my pussy and this thing became soft. I am trying to make it hard again for the last 15 minutes. But it’s not helping.” Shankar got his instructions very clear. So he did not try to say anything that he already came twice.

I advised Monica, “That should be enough for today. We are getting late, go and have your bath.” She asked, “Didi, please. Just 10 minutes. Just teach me.” I moved closer and asked her to look.

“See Monica, open your tough fully and started from the bottom to lick it till the top. Then close the cock fully with your mouth tightly. After applying enough pressure try to suck it strongly.” I gave her a quick demo and she tried it. After 5 minutes he was hard again.

She quickly turned to the doggy pose asking him to pump her hard. They did for some time and finished. Shankar came back to the hall to take his dress and Monica went to bath. We went for lunch and the rest of the day followed.

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