Swetha Loves Her Life – Part 14 (Movie Making – Part 1)


Monica had a good time with Shankar the previous night. Shankar was also very happy to oblige whenever summoned. He got his first payment of 50k and started focusing his gym routine.

Monica continued with her parlor for the next couple of days. But she could not forget how she enjoyed being naked and get fucked for the first time.

I had a booking with a customer for 25k for a night. But I got an unexpected call from a director. A producer and financier of movies would like to meet me in a hotel. They would like to discuss something. Of course, I know what they want to discuss.

As I could not make for the other booking, I called Monica if she would like to have sex tonight and also get paid. Initially, she was scared and said no. After 10 minutes, she called me and asked how much she would get paid. I said I know the customer personally.

He had met a few times before whenever his wife goes to native. Also told that I can vouch for you that you will provide the best service and tell him to pay the same 25k.

Her immediate response was, “Yes, I will do it. After working 1 month I get 18k. If just one night gives me 25k, I will do it happily.” I told, “Ok, Monica. Fine then. I will text you the address and his number. Call him around 9 pm and he will pick you up.”

I did some makeup to impress the producers to get the role in the movie. I dressed in a one-piece sleeveless dress with a strapless pushup bra. It’s a long dress till my toes and cut on one side from thighs to the left.

I reached the hotel lobby and called the director. I have met him a few times. His name is Mani and he is a nice guy around 35. He worked as an assistant director. After a struggle, he managed to find a producer. He is planning to direct for the first time. He was passionate about his work and very confident.

After a couple of rings, he picked up the call. I told him I am in the lobby. He was waiting for me at the other entrance to the hotel. He walked into the lobby. On the first look at me, his eyes got wide and surprised with my dress. The glowing skin of my shoulders, good front cleavage and my shining leg that was exposed with one side cut to the dress.

“Hello Swetha, how are you?”

“I am fine, Mani sir. How are you? So, sir. You said the producer and financier want to discuss something about the contract. Can you please explain and share some light?”

“Yes sure, that’s the reason I wanted to talk to you first. Come let’s sit there and let me explain. Look Swetha, you know this is going to be the first movie. I am trying my best to get this through. I have learned from a lot of rubbish movies and I will make the best movie.”

He said, “The producer who agreed to make this movie has also produced a few movies before. He is a rich guy also a best loyal friend to a central minister. So, money is not an issue for him to produce the movie.”

I stopped him and asked, “What do you mean produce?”

“Swetha, that’s want to I want to tell you upfront and I need your help. From the auditions that we conducted, we had shortlisted few girls who agreed to compromise if they can get the lead role. They asked me to contact the girls individually and asked them to come and meet for discussion.”

“As requested I also called the girls. I took them to a hotel suite room or guest house where they spent the whole night in the pretext of the discussion. I think it was clear to me now that the shortlisting of auditions they did is to select the girls for there entertainment.”

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“I don’t know what they are doing to these girls. But next day morning they come back and say they are not selected for the role. I don’t want to be like a pimp for these bastards to arrange all these innocent girls for them to enjoy. Can you please help me find out their intentions”

“If it is only for using these girls then I better find someone else who is interested in my script,” he concluded.

To me, Mani sir sounded very honest. He understands how the industry works too. I said, “Sure thing. I don’t mind having sex with them as far as I get what I came looking for.” We both nodded our heads and walked to the elevator. Their suite room was on the 6th floor and we reached the door.

The director knocked on the door and some guy around 50+ opened it. As we walked in, the room was filled with cigarette smoke. We saw 2 other guys having some drinks.

“Ah, Mani, there you are. (I think he may be a cunning producer). I asked for a heroine and you brought me an angel. Come here darling, sit with me and we shall talk.”

Director said, “Sir, the previous 3 girls you interviewed said they do not agree with the terms and they are not interested. If you can share with me what you are looking for, then I can filter down our candidates. So you don’t have to waste your time.”

I was made to sit in the middle between the producer and his friend. The director was standing in front before the coffee table. When I sat, one side of the dress moved and it exposed my shining legs. He kept his cold palm on my thighs and said looking at the director.

“See Mani, I think we got our heroine this time. Hopefully, the contract there next to the bed lamp will be signed. We can start our shooting schedule from next month after finalizing another cast for the movie.”

Another guy sitting next to me was very interested in checking me out. He kept his arm over my shoulder and trying to hug me closer. He was rubbing his palm on my skin and asked, “What’s your name, darling?” I said, “Swetha, sir.” He turned my head towards him and came closer to my lips.

Director interrupted and said, “Sir, I think you said you want to discuss the script and the contract with the girl.”

The producer said, “Mani, I think this girl here is the best so far you got. All those girls came before took almost 2 hours to convinced before we could check them if they are suitable for the role. I think you can leave now and we will let you know tomorrow.”

In the meantime, the guy next to me already started smooching me. Director’s head was down and started to walk out and the door closed behind him. 3rd guy in the room closed the door and came inside and asked, “How is she cooperating?”

We broke the kiss and I returned a fake smile that I am into it. They asked if I would like to have a drink and I nodded my head. They poured me a whiskey round. And me sipping the glass tried to get friendly with them. I was asking them about the previous nights and the other girls who were not so cooperative.

I was pulled by the producer to his lap and his hands right on my boobs. He looked into my eyes if I have any concerns about his hand. As I did not say anything, “Darling are we hear to talk about others or you?” I returned a smile in acknowledgment.

3rd guy who was standing there got himself fully stripped and came straight to me. “Sweetheart, I am dying to see this thing get wet by your lips. Can you please help me with that? Maybe those 2 boys are busy discussing something else.”

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I got down from the producer’s lap and kneeled in front of the 3rd guy. He sat on the bed with his legs hanging down. I know what I have to do and that’s not anything new. I took him in my mouth and covered his cock with my saliva and started to lick him.

In the meanwhile, I overheard the conversation between the producer and his friend.

Producer: I think we are going to have a good time today. Let’s finalize whom we need to call tomorrow.

Friend: Dude, I know you got some pimp who could supply fresh girls daily. But what about the film? I know you don’t have the money and I know you cannot produce until your boss gives you a green light.

Producer: Ya, that’s true. The central minister with whom I am working doesn’t want to do any movie now. Most probably I think that would be next year when he wants to wash some of the black money.

Friend: Hmmm, I understand. But just look at this girl man. How she takes his cock. I think I am going to keep her for a few months. You know I was thinking of making a couple of ad films and I think I am going to do them with this girl.

Producer: Ya, sure why not. She got a very good body. I can’t wait to see her fully naked. Let’s see how best she can offer us tonight. Then we can probably recommend to that guy who was looking for lead role cast.

Friend: ya. I agree. He won’t say no to you and please don’t forget me when you plan to have the next party.

One thing that was very clear from what I heard is these bastards have no intention of making a movie. And even if they do that would be only for washing money. What I was not sure, if I overheard them or they wanted to me hear it and me satisfying them with a hope that some good will happen.

I made up my mind that I am not going to entertain these guys. Just then the guy with his cock in the mouth was on the edge to come and I moved away. He was begging to get back and he was about to come and he wanted to finish it.

I said, “Sir what I heard from your conversation is that you are using the girls only for your sexual pleasure. You have no idea of really producing any movie. Poor Mani sir is ending up supplying you with innocent new girls daily.”

“Listen, Swetha. You have no idea about my connections in the industry. If you ever want to be a heroine, then you better remove your dress now and get back attending to his cock. We were just thinking about the roles that are suitable for you. I am sure you don’t want to get on the wrong foot.”

I casually walked across the room and called the director’s number. It was about 40 minutes since he left me. He said he is still in the hotel lobby not knowing what to do. I told him to come upstairs to the suite room. All 3 are confused and had no idea.

Director came to the room in about 10 minutes. I explained everything that I heard and told him that they have no intention of making a movie. They are just using him. He doesn’t want to believe as he had a lot of hopes on them.

The producer said, “Mani, we thought this could be the break and we thought she is our heroine. You know a few bits of compromise have to happen to get lead roles. We don’t like her attitude. Ask her to leave.”

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“If you still want to direct the film, then get out of the remaining girls we shortlisted. Get someone else in the next 1 hour. And you better say that this is her final chance and she is being called to return sexual flavors. We don’t want a similar drama again.”

It was me and the director who was supposed to be angry at these bastards. Instead, they say they don’t like me and the director guy is just nodding his head trying to call the next girl.

I grabbed the phone from the director’s hand and said, “Mani sir, before you call the other girl I would like to show our producer and his friends what they won’t be getting here tonight.”

The director was a bit confused about what I was saying. I went closer to him, took his hands and placed them on my boobs and gave it a nice press. From the director’s eyes, I could see how pleased he is on pressing my soft breast. He didn’t need any further invitation and he continued to squeeze them further.

In the meantime, I went ahead smooching and kissing him passionately and removed his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. I made him sit on the bed while the other 3 guys were watching me with clearly confused faces. I took the director’s cock to my mouth and started to give him the best blowjob.

He tried to push the strap of the dress. I stopped him and said, “They don’t deserve to see my body. Make sure you cum quickly.” He kept his hands on my head and pushing me further and moaning. It took about 3 minutes for the director to cum and his sperm on my cheek and lips.

I went to the washroom to get my face washed. When I came back, the producer guy was shouting and warning the director. He will ruin his career and my career too if I don’t agree to get naked and kneel in front of them serving their cocks in the same fashion.

Director came to me and asked, “Please Swetha. Can I remove your dress?” I said, “Yes Mani sir. Of course, you can remove my dress tonight. But not hear in front of these bastards. We will go to my house and we will fuck all night. I am in a good mood tonight.”

“Don’t worry about the movie. I will help with that and these guys have no intention of producing the movie. They are just using girls and you end up arranging them.”

I spat on their faces and we left the room to my apartment. As soon as we reached my apartment, I stripped myself in the hall and took Mani sir, to the bedroom. We fucked and fucked and slept for the night.

The next day morning for the first time he started explaining his script. It’s a nice story and I decided I shall fund the movie myself.

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