Swetha Loves Her Life – Part 15 (Movie Making – Part 2)


The next day director Mani started to explain his script. It was good with all elements of emotions, love, romance, hate, and revenge. It’s more like a lady-oriented script and the lead role is very key for the project.

I asked him what’s the budget he is looking for. He said around 2.5crore. Anything less would compromise the quality. We would have to do some abroad shoot etc. I reassured him not to worry about the funding. I kissed him confirming to consider it’s done.

He was overthrown in joy and said we begin the initial groundwork of assembling the core teams. Director said, “Swetha, I don’t know how to thank you for trusting me. This is my first film and I am going to make it my best. For those watching the movie, it will look more real and no funny dramatic things.”

“As you know the romance, kissing scenes and intimacy are very common these days in our Bollywood. I would like to show that intimacy how it feels for real on the screen. As the lead girl, of course, you need to be very co-operative and comfortable with the sex scenes. They are the core of the movie.”

I asked, “Are you planning to make a B-grade or porn movie?”

He said, “No Swetha, believe me, they won’t be any nudity or private parts shown on the screen. We will make the audience feel the heat and love behind the couple.”

I nodded my head and joked that “I don’t have any problem making porn if you wish too.” He laughed for it and said, “I am sure you don’t. You are such a horny girl you know that. If my divorced wife knows that I was with you last night, she will make such a fuss.”

We spoke for some time, agreed on initial actions for the setup. Within the next week or so, I opened a separate current account. I pumped it with initial 50 lakhs and allowed access to withdraw as necessary. He rented an independent house.

Or I call a mini bungalow that had a big gate, small lawn to the front and big rooms on the ground floor and a first floor. The second floor was just a terrace with a shelter. The house was surrounded by big trees even covering up to the second floor.

It was rented for film shootings. He got the lease agreed for 5 lakhs for 18 months’ rent. All basic things of the project office are set and we scheduled to do some screen tests. Inside the house, it was built in a way it can be readjusted in the way we want it.

We arranged a studio room, dressing room and lobby on the ground floor. The first floor with 2 office rooms and 2 bedrooms and a sit-out balcony. He got his camera crew, basic ground staff hired. We did the screen tests for 3 days with different topics.

We already had the lead male role, negative male roles all shortlisted before and I had no issues with it. More or less I left everything for the director to handle. I was trying to convince myself that I can also be something else other than sleeping with men.

Screen tests were not going as planned. Whatever I tried to act, the director was not getting convinced. He says it has to come out naturally and not like being forced to act. After 3 days, I advised the director that this may be too much for me and acting is not for me.

I convinced him that we should look for some other girl for the lead role. I said, “Maybe I will watch and learn from the shooting.” He agreed and he was also happy that he doesn’t have to compromise quality. We planned for auditions the following week in the house.

From the shortlisted applicants, we called around 15 girls for auditions and screen tests. On the day of auditions, all the girls came on time around 9:00 am. Some came alone, a few came with there boyfriends. Some came with their mothers and a couple of them with both their parents.

Criteria for lead roles we had were that he should be the new face. The girl should be between 20 to 25 years of age, fair skin, good appealing face. Not fat or too lean. Athletic body shape, fluent in Hindi. The director introduced the ground crew, himself as the director and me as the producer of the movie.

He said the movie script or synopsis will be explained to only lead role girl. There will be a few other roles other than the lead role for which we plan the auditions next week. If you are ok with the side roles then let us know before your round for audition.

The girl we are looking for should be extremely comfortable with sexy dress including bikini. There will be many streamy scenes invoking deep kissing and bedroom intimacy. No display of private part though. If you are not comfortable then you can leave now.

One girl asked, “What percentage of exposure are we saying when you said about bedroom streamy scenes?”

Director commented, “Kissing and sex scenes are very common these days in Bollywood. These days and we are not talking something new. Assume like in Radhika Apte in ‘Parched’. Same level with no direct display of private parts. I will leave the room for 15 minutes. If you want to discuss it and we start with the screen with those who are interested.”

I and the director went for a quick smoke to the terrace. I wished him good luck that he will find his heroine. We returned to the room after 30 minutes and we saw around 6 remaining. The assistant director said most of the girls bugged him with a lot of questions.

They said they are not comfortable with bikini and sex scenes. We both agreed that some don’t see it as art. Back in the room, 3 were remaining and all 3 came with there mothers remaining. Others who came with there boyfriends and both parents left.

There was one pretty girl, stunning beauty with a face full of confidence. She came with her father and mother and she also left. The director started his process giving some basic lines and asking them to perform. I watched it for an hour and felt bored.

I advised the director that I will be in my office sorting out some other financial negotiations. I told him to continue with his process. After a couple of hours, that pretty girl came back along with her parents to meet me in my office room. Her father said he has some queries about the movie.

When the director said more intimate scenes they choose to leave. However, after leaving their daughter was very adamant to hear more. They came back. Her father asked, “Can you please help us to understand the movie?” I said, “I won’t be able to help with the complete script until the lead girl is chosen.”

I advised them that they can go down and meet the director who is going through the auditions. Anushka left and she sat waiting for her chance to enact. In the meantime, I advised her parents that they can wait in the waiting room along with her daughter or go home.

They said they wanted to talk for 5 minutes if I am ok. I was a happy answer any questions. Her father said she completed her B.Sc on Viscom and she met with a bike accident a year ago. Her boyfriend was lost in the accident. After that incident, she was hospitalized for a couple of months.

Later she went into depression for the next 6 months. Now she is fully recovered and to get out of the depression she chose the acting career. She is their only daughter and they tried to advise the movie industry is dirty. He said, “Sorry to say, I mean the new girls unless they compromise to sleep they won’t make it.”

I stopped them and said, “Sir, I understand your concern. I am the producer of the movie and I give my word that nothing like that will happen in my movie. If the director or anyone else tries to misbehave with any of the girls then they will be facing police charges. I will gladly cancel the entire movie.”

“Your daughter is beautiful, very pretty and I like her personality. She fits perfectly with the story. If she can convince her self that she can act well and naturally then she can have it. Else, I will be very open that is not suitable.”Both her parents were very relieved by my words.

“But madam, the director sir said there will be kissing and intimate scenes in the movie.”

“Ok. Just for yourself. I can’t say more. But on a high level, the script in itself revolves around a deep romantic relation. Everyone watching the movie would feel good for the couple. Later something happens where the girl makes some dangerous decisions to catch the villains.”

“With the help of her boyfriend, they will burst a major sex and organ mafia. As the director said that love is natural. There will be unlimited kissing scenes to show how deeply they are in love. So few intimate scenes also very much necessary.”

“To collect all pieces of evidence of the racket, she will infiltrate into the gang as a prostitute. There she ends up having sex with a few villain gang members also to gain their trust. At every step, her boyfriend safeguards and supports her with his unlimited love.”

“To the end, they both bring down a major nation and international wide scandal. To which they receive the president’s bravery award. As you see this a very bold script. It also requires a bold girl who does won’t feel shy in exposure or intimate scenes.”

“I think the movie would be certified as ‘A’ for the script. It’s for couples, teens, and families and there won’t be any display of private parts. Does that answer all your queries now?”

Her father said, “Yes, mam. It does,” and they left down to wait with their daughter.

The director was going through his audition process. The girls perform some acts, followed by a photoshoot in another room which has various costumes they can choose for themselves. They had a short break for lunch which we arranged. Around 4:00 pm I went to see how it’s going on.

There are 4 girls still. Of which, 2 are waiting for there photoshoot sessions and 2 for screen test performance. Anushka was the last in line as she came back later. Within the photoshoot, the cameraman was busy with the girls. I saw some of the previous girl’s photos.

It looked like they gave their best. Some even did bikini and topless poses covering there boobs. As I was watching the photos on a laptop, Anushka came alone to see me with full nervousness. She said she is willing to go to any level and she is even ready to satisfy anyone.

I smiled at her and advised, “You better don’t say that to the director, else you will be disqualified directly. Look Anushka, we are looking for natural talent. If you are talented then you will get it. Don’t worry and good luck with your audition and photoshoot.”

She was looking at my laptop. Just to cool her, I showed her the photos of the girls did from the morning. Just then the director called her name as next to come on the screen. I also went to see how she is doing. She was still very nervous. Even after 6 to 10 takes she was not able to get it right.

The director was not convinced and said, “Ok. That’s fine you can proceed with the photoshoot room. Give some of the best stills and you can leave for the day. We will let you know once we review all the candidates and have our decision.

As she was inside attending photo stills, our lead male role candidate and lead villain candidate walked in. I know the director was not satisfied with her acting and no expression on the face. I thought of giving her a second chance.

After the photoshoot was over, I introduced her to both of them. I said, “I would like to see an audition for the kissing scene.” The director said, “That’s planned for the second round auditions with the selected girls. Why now?” I said, “As they are here, we can shoot that and record if everyone is ok.”

Both male role candidates are ready and excited to get free smooch. Her father said, “Yes sure, why not?” Director agreed and advised the cameraman to arrange the background and lighting. I asked Anushka to get changed. They selected a short skirt and a bikini top with a string tied to the back for the scene.

In the meantime, the assistant director arranged the sofa, lights. The director was explaining to both the male candidates that he and his girlfriend are alone in the house. No dialogues or words to be spoken. Eyes are filled with lust and they slowly start kissing.

“Boy, you will lay down on the sofa and the girl will lay on top continuing to kiss. You will rub your hands all over her back and remove the not of her top. You are not supposed to remove her top off her body. Make sure you don’t get carried with it.”

Anushka walked to the room and was very scared and shy to look at her parents. She had a fantastic body shape that every girl would envy. She went to her parents and said, “Sorry dad, they gave me this.” Her father said, “Baby if you are not comfortable we will go. We are here only for your happiness.”

“No, dad, I am fine. That’s why I wore it. Just worried about what you both may feel.”

“Don’t worry, you are very beautiful. I am sure those boys are going to enjoy it.” They all laughed and tension in the air was reduced. Director explained the scene to Anushka and made them both before the camera and said action. The guy tried to put a hand on her hip and she was moving back bit by bit.

And hesitating for his hand to touch her body. Director shouted, “Anushka what is this time waste? I told you about the scene to hug and kiss. This looks like a forced scene and not romance.”

Without interest she allowed him to place both hands on her hip and slowly tried to kiss. She is not opening her mouth and kept it close tight. Director left to see where it goes and did not call for a cut. They moved to the sofa with the guy lying on it.

Anushka was trying to avoid her chest getting pressed against him as much as possible. He was rubbing his hands all over back and pulled the string. Instead of continuing to kiss, she was protecting her bikini top and making sure the boobs are not exposed. Finally, the director called for a cut.

He asked the other guy to go and do the same scene again, to capture how the romance goes. She almost behaved the same way. Director called it a day and said we will call once we have the decision. They left and myself, the director moved back to my office.

He said, “She is such a waste. She is beautiful with fantastic body shape. What’s the use, acting has to come out as naturally.” I said I agree. We discussed other girls and picked 4 for the next round planned for tomorrow.

To be continued.

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