Swetha Loves Her Life Part- 6 (How Neha Met Sameer)


This was the story that Neha told her husband Sundar about her affair in college. Please send an email on [email protected] if you want to reach out to me.

From Neha’s version below.

I met Sameer in a college symposium in Chennai. He and I were both doing 3rd year of engineering. He was from another college in Coimbatore. There was an event where we were paired up with random colleagues of 6 per group for a treasure hunt. That is where I met him first.

He was very sweet, polite and very friendly. By the end of the symposium, we exchanged numbers and we traveled together by bus from Chennai to Coimbatore. We talked and talked a lot. We became good friends and we used to chat every day on the phone.

Slowly we started meeting for movies on weekends. I use to ask him to arrange tickets for me and my friends. He was from Delhi. Not so rich but ok with a decent pocket to buy me gifts every now and then. At the end of 3rd year, he bought a second-hand Royal Enfield bike.

He was very excited and I also felt happy for him. He proposed to me on the phone saying that the back seat of the bike belongs to me. I also have a seat in his heart. His words touched me and in response, I said, “I love you too, Sameer.”

We both decided we should go for a long ride and enjoy the commitment of being in love. We agreed that we will go to Ooty and return by evening. On the following Saturday, he came near our hostel and picked me around 8:00 in the morning.

We enjoyed the ride through the ghat roads. I was so madly in love. I hugged him tight and at one point I started kissing his ears. He stopped the bike and said we will relax for a minute. For the first time in my life, we kissed and that was great. Later we drove up the mountain.

We did boating and roamed all the hill, walked a lot holding hands together. We initially planned to leave around 3:00 pm. But it started to rain heavily. It was pouring so much and we had no choice to wait. I was scared that we may have to stay.

I was asking Sameer that we will continue to ride. If t gets dark it may get difficult. In that rain, we rode for around 10 km and it was still raining. Actually, it increased. Roads were flooded and after a few minutes, we realized it is very dangerous to ride downhill in that rain.

It was my decision. I told Sameer that I will manage the hostel and we should stay here tonight. He said, yes that is the safe thing to do. After inquiring around 5 or 6 places we found a lodge for the night. We were already fully drenched. As we did not plan to stay we did not carry any other cloths.

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Sameer left me in the room and advised me to see if we got any option to dry the clothes. He said he will go and get some dinner. It was a kind of low-end hotel and did not have much. They only had a couple of bed sheets, towels. After a few minutes, he came back with dinner.

I was still in the same drenched wet cloths. He understood there is nothing much in there. He said he will wait outside for minutes and requested me to remove my clothes and squeeze the water off it. It made sense and I agreed. I also removed my clothes.

Even my bra and panties were also so wet. I had no choice to remove them too. I left them to dry on the chairs next to the bed and wrapped myself into a bedsheet. I heard Sameer sneezing outside. I called him inside and advised him also to do the same.

He removed all his clothes including inner too and he wrapped himself with a towel around his waist. That’s the first time I saw Sameer without a shirt and it made my nipples hard. I started to feel wet in my pussy, but I managed to control my feelings.

We sat to have our dinner on the bed. I had the bed sheet covered from my neck and my hands got stuck inside, Sameer was very understanding and offered to feed me. But I felt it would be very childish. I adjusted to wrap the bed sheet from my chest leaving my arms exposed.

We completed our dinner and adjusted to sleep. The situation at that moment was very tempting. I myself went near him and we started to kiss each other. Slowly we slid on to the bed and continued kissing. I was rubbing my hands all over his chest and he was squeezing me.

I did not notice when his hands went to my chest. I did not object as I also liked it. We were lying side to side and he brought one of his legs. I noticed his towel slide a bit. To that date, I had never seen a man’s cock and I was very curious. I was looking down every now and then.

He asked, “What happened?” I said nothing and smiled. I was just curious as I had never seen any before. “Oh, come on, Neha. You should have told me. I don’t mind,” and in a jiffy, he removed his towel. There his cock struck my eyes. I said, “It’s nice, you can cover it now, please.”

He said he is feeling cold and he will cover himself with another bed sheet. We continued to kiss and agreed we should sleep. But I could not sleep with a naked man next to me. I guess the same was the case with him and he also couldn’t sleep. I was feeling cold and I told him the same.

He extended his bed sheet to me. We got a little closer and I hugged him a bit. His arm was rubbing my boobs and I was feeling good. I wanted to feel more of it. I opened my bed sheet and asked him to get into my bedsheet. I told him not to do anything naughty. He immediately agreed. I was getting very nervous.

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We both were inside a bedsheet. I felt like kissing and kissed him. He hugged me and my boobs were against his chest. His hands were on my thighs and moved to my ass. He pulled it closer and his penis was digging near my pussy. I wanted to feel his cock.

I took my hand on top of cock and had a tight grip on it. He said, “Neha I can’t control anymore. I think we should fuck. What do you say?”

“Yes, let’s do it.”

Now he had the approval from me. His hand moved from my ass to pussy and started rubbing it. I was already wet and told, Sameer, please stop doing that and please put your penis inside it.” He got up and removed both bedsheets and threw them on the floor.

I was surprised and hid my boobs with one hand and my pussy with the other. But my eyes were also stuck on his hard cock. This time it was even bigger than before. He came closer to kiss me. I slowly hugged him and we fucked and fucked like we were mad.

I don’t know where all that shame was gone. He asked me for a blowjob but I said no. However, he licked my pussy and he enjoyed doing that. After our first round in missionary position, we sat having his cock inside and my legs wrapped around him. We talked for a few hours and finally slept.

The next morning I woke up early and dressed. I woke him up and finally reached back to my hostel. After that day we had sex many times in his friend’s room around once a month. We both were madly in love. The safest place for our romance was our college library.

Our college library used to be open until 8:00 pm if any hostel folks want to read. It was quite big with a lot of book racks where you can hide. Sameer had some friends in the boys’ hostel. With their help, he used to sneak into the college. We used to meet regularly in our college library.

As usual, we got involved in our thing of kissing and he playing with my boobs and chewing them. That fateful day we got a little more carried away. He removed my top and bra completely and kept that aside. We did like that before also. So I was confident that no one would come around.

That is our regular hideout where we spend from 6:30 to 7:30. That day it looked like the attendant guy had some other commitment. He wanted to close the library early. He came around checking if anyone was around and he found us. Before we noticed him, he started to record us on his mobile.

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I think he recorded for a good 5 minutes. We were so busy that we did not see him until he came and kept his hand on my back. I got scared and hurried to get myself dressed back. Sameer was just standing and saying, “Chalo Neha lets leave.”

I was so scared. I left my bra on the floor, wore my top and started to beg him. “Bhaiyya, please don’t say about this to anyone. We won’t do this again and we won’t come anywhere near the library ever again.” He was having a smile on his face.

He said, “No, Neha, I won’t say anything to anyone. I have your movie recorded here on my mobile. I am going to go back to my desk and copy this to the computer. I will send emails to a few people.”

He said, “If you don’t want me to do that, then stop begging me to forget this and start begging me to fuck you. I saw your cute round boobs and they are very inviting.” Saying that he left. I was there crying and not knowing what to do. Sameer picked up the bra from the floor.

I told, “Sameer please do some thing. I am afraid.” Sameer was like, “Darling. This is not my college and I am not supposed to be here. I don’t know what to do. Please don’t listen to him. We will leave from here and we will deal with him tomorrow.”

He said he will get some friends tomorrow and we will threaten him. My focus was all fixed on the video. I begged Sameer to get that video from his mobile deleted before he takes a copy or sends it to anyone. Just to make sure he doesn’t make another copy, I ran to his desk and fell on his feet.

His computer was still booting. He did not have any reaction. Sameer called me aside and said that we don’t have condoms at the moment. He told me to ask him if he has any condoms to do it. Hearing those words I started to cry, felt betrayed.

Sameer said, Darling, we don’t have a choice. This will be one-off and maybe no one will know it. If he sends it to someone or makes copies, then we don’t know how many people will come back mailing.” Just then the windows logon sound came. I was so scared and out of shock, I said, “Ok, I will do it.”

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