Teaching Sex To My Innocent Cousin Sister – Part 3

Hey guys! This is Shiva again from down south. I heartily thank all the lovely readers who responded to the previous threads of my experiences with their valuable feedbacks. I’m lucky to have got your friendship guys. It means a lot.

A small intro about myself for the new readers. I am Shiva, 24 years young, 172 cm tall, well-built, medium-dark skin tone, bearded guy, football player, and gym fit, average guy.

This is a continuation of a series of my experiences. If you’ve not read the previous parts, do consider reading them for getting into flow with this part.

I saw her tired and exhausted. So did not want to overdo anything which may create any doubt to her parents. And also her mother being a doctor, I did not want to give any clues. So I said let’s finish it here for today. She also agreed with me and said she was feeling too tired.

I said it was all normal and asked her to have a bath and sleep till her parents come back home. And she followed as I said. As I expected, no one found anything unusual. The day ended normally for others but very special for me and my cousin.


After having dinner, my uncle informed us that we’ll be going to Tirupati (a famous temple on a small hill) the next day morning. It was a few hours drive from Chennai. We were asked to get ready by early morning 4:30 the next day. As told we were all ready the next morning.

Another family of 3 members who were my aunt’s relatives was also joining us for the trip. We were to travel in my uncle’s Toyota Innova. So my uncle was in the driver seat and another uncle in the front passenger seat. My aunt and another aunt and her son in the middle row.

Being the youngest, I and my cousin were asked to sit in the last row of the car. Since it was early morning, it was still dark. The trip started and so did the trip between me and my cousin. After a lovely experience the previous day, we were not able to control ourselves.

Within 15 minutes of the trip, I could no longer control myself. I silently placed my hand over her thighs and starting massaging her thighs. Slowly took my hands upwards till her pussy and started to rub over her skirt. She closed her eyes and leaned back resting her head on the headrest.

It was so thrilling to rub her pussy with her parents sitting in the same car. Her expressions of enjoying my hands over her pussy with her eyes closed made things even hot. Since everyone woke up very early, my aunts were sleeping. My uncles were busy discussing something in the front seat.

So I gained some courage. I inserted my hands inside her skirt from below and touched her pussy lips over her panty. I slowly pressed her panty inside her pussy and started to stuff her panty inside her pussy. She then slowly lifted herself up and pulled her panty till her knees.

She pulled her skirt till her thighs so that it was easy for me to play with her pussy. I got so aroused by the way my cousin wanted my touches so badly. So I inserted my hand inside her skirt and touched her warm bare pussy. The moment I touched her pussy, she closed her thighs together locking my hand.

She held my hand with her hand and pressed it towards her pussy hard. It was as if she was telling me not to remove my hands from her pussy forever. Then I freed my hands from the tight hold of her inner thighs. I started to run my finger’s tip from the top point of her pussy till the bottom-most point.

My finger got placed well in between her clits running up and down enjoying the softness and the warmth of the pussy. I badly wanted my tongue in that place instead of my fingers. But it was not possible. So I slowly inserted my finger inside her love hole digging deeper with every push.

I started enjoying her lovely, warm and soft pussy wrapped around my finger. I rotated my finger in all possible directions, bending my finger inside her pussy exploring nook and corner of her pussy with my finger. She was enjoying what I was doing and she clenched my thighs so hard.

Then I wanted her to have an orgasm while her parents and her relatives were all around. So I removed my finger from the depths of her pussy and placed it over her g-spot right on its tip. I started to shake it mild horizontally and then in circles and then vertically.

I came to know how much pleasure she enjoyed from the tightness of her hand holding my thighs. Suddenly her hips rose and she slid herself little down. I understood she was about to reach her orgasm. So I started to increase my speed of rubbing her g-spot.

Within seconds her pussy started pulsating vigorously. She exploded having her orgasm flowing all the way through. I didn’t want her skirt to get wet and create doubt. So I took my kerchief and placed it over her wet pussy. I pressed it hard between the clits, letting the kerchief absorb all those lovely juices.

She then pulled up her panty and put down her skirts and adjusted herself to normal. Then she placed her hands over my tented pants under which my dick was struggling to get free. She was struggling to find my pant’s zip. So I myself undid the zip and lowered my underwear inside the pant.

I took out my dick through the zip and gave it to her. I bent a little forward, placing my hands over the front seat and covered my dick. She started to give me a handjob. Her hands were so small and soft that, the moment she placed her hands around my dick it was so ready to give up and release all its juices.

I controlled myself hard and let her play with my dick for a while. Then I slowly adjusted a little and signaled her to get down and suck my dick. She was initially scared and refused. I signaled her that everyone was sleeping soundly. Her father and uncle did not even care to see the rearview mirror. So it was safe.

She was not convinced but still did not want to miss my dick. So she bent down slowly and took my dick in her hand. Then inside her mouth and started to suck it slowly. While she was doing so, a slight sound started to come. So I held her head and made her do slowly without making any noise.

Within a few seconds, I was all ready to release my cum. So I pulled her up and took the kerchief and placed it over my dick and released all my cum in it. The sun started to rise and it got a little bright. I did not want to take a risk and spoil all the fun. So I signaled her that we’ll continue afterward.

Then we both slept. Someone was calling out my name loud asking me to wake up. It was my aunty. She said that we had reached Tirupati and asked me to get down for breakfast. We had our food and got back in the car. We headed to the guesthouses booked for us to change our dresses and get freshened up.

My uncle’s family and I had one room. And the other family which came with us took the other room. I went inside the room and got myself comfortable on the sofa and went to sleep. My cousin got in the bed, inside the blanket and continued her sleep.

My uncle’s friend worked in the temple’s administration department. He had booked up special passes for the darshan. So my uncle wanted to meet him. My uncle asked my aunt to accompany him since it wouldn’t be nice if she didn’t come along. So my aunty woke me up and asked me to lock the door.

They were going out and will be back in a while. I acted as if I was so sleepy and said ok and locked the door. The moment I locked the door and turned around, I saw my cousin sitting on the bed with a wide smile on her face. I was so happy seeing my cousin like this.

My innocent cousin who didn’t know anything about sex just a day before was now expecting small chances to experience the pleasures of foreplay from her cousin brother. The incestual lust had taken over us totally. Without wasting any time I ran towards the bed and pounced over her like a hungry predator.

I started kissing her so madly, biting her lips, sucking them, my tongue playing with her tongue. My tongue exploring all over her mouth and vice versa. While all the kissing going, my hands went under her tops, inside her slip and then inside her bra.

With one swipe, all the layers of her cloth protecting her precious little boobs were off, revealing her lovely pair of perky tits. Her cute little nipples were all erect waiting to be bitten and sucked badly. I wasted no time and placed my mouth over her nipple.

I started sucking like crazy and my other hand pressing her other boob. I placed the nipple in between my lips and did not touch it with my tongue for a few seconds. And started to twist the nipples in semi-circles with my lips. This increased her temptation.

She forcefully hugged my head tight to her bosom commanding me to either suck it hard or lick it with my tongue. After a few minutes, I pulled her skirt up and removed her panty and threw it away. I spread her legs wide apart and placed my head in between her thighs.

I blew my breath over her wet pussy. She had her goosebumps. She held my head by my hair and pushed it inside her pussy. She locked my head by folding her legs behind my neck. I started licking her pussy and started biting her pussy lips wildly. I made her scream and moan at the same time.

Then I inserted my tongue as deep as possible inside her vagina shaking it in all possible directions. She had her second orgasm while I was doing so. I was damn aroused that I wanted to fuck her pussy right away. So I stood up and pulled her towards the corner of the bed.

I spread her legs wide apart and positioned my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it getting my dick all lubricated with her pussy juices. Then with a little push, my dick’s bulb alone was inside her vagina. She was so scared and asked me not to fuck her since she may get pregnant.

I too thought about it for a second and got little double-minded. We didn’t have a condom. Also, it was the first time I was going to fuck a pussy. I didn’t know whether I would know if my cum was released or not. With all these factors running in my mind I decided not to take the risk.

Chances like this may come again. That too with my cousin so eager it would not be a problem in the future. So I made her sit and asked her to give me a blowjob. She with a smile came near my dick and started playing with it inside her mouth.

She pulled my dick’s top skin down and with her tongue tip was teasing my dick’s tip and making me go crazy. Suddenly I heard the calling bell ring. I knew it was my uncle and aunt. So I took her panty which I threw it on the floor and gave it to her.

She immediately went inside the bathroom and locked the door. I zipped up my pant, wiped my mouth and brushed my hair a little. I went to the door and opened acting as if I was still sleeping. I just woke up hearing the calling bell ring.  They asked me where my cousin was. I said I didn’t know. She must be in the bathroom.

After getting ready we all went to the temple and left Tirupati by evening. While returning we sat the same way as the morning. And till we reached our home we both were playing with each other and had numerous orgasms together. The next day I had to leave for my hometown.

This was the first time I felt so heavy-hearted and sad leaving my uncle’s house. It was all because of my lovely cousin.

Hope you guys enjoyed my experience and had fun. And to all my dear readers who ask me whether my stories are real or not. If I am by chance writing a fantasy story, I would surely mention it at the beginning itself stating it as fiction or fantasy.

But my real-life incidents are always mentioned as ‘my experience’ rather than calling it a story. Anyways thank you guys so much for reading till the end. See you soon with another experience of mine.

Any suggestions, responses, feedback are very welcome. Any unsatisfied girls, aunties do feel free to contact for sex chats, foreplays, and what not – anything. I would be traveling regularly within Chennai – Coimbatore – Cochin- Bangalore – Delhi.

So, any of these places are fine with me. Mail/hangout at [email protected]

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