The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 3 (Vineeta Fucks Her Son)


Rick looked at me with desire in his eyes and moaned, “Mom your lips are so juicy and hot.” And in a swift move put his lips on mine and started feeding on them. Such was the intensity that a short gasp emitted from my mouth. But got submerged in his soft groans of pleasure.

I also found myself gorging on his mouth. Within a few seconds lost total control immersing ourselves in the most passionate kiss of our lives. I felt his penis growing hard and long and banter upon my thigh. It must have been one of the longest kisses in my life.

I did not even want to break away. Yes, the kiss itself started making me wet down there, maybe the touch of his penis through the flimsy saree was also taking its effect. I knew, Sonali, I was going to get fucked and was relishing the journey towards it.

Rick broke the kiss and looked into my eyes “Mom, I can’t believe I kissed you,” he whispered, “Can I kiss you again?”’ I just grabbed his head and pulled him down. He sucked both my lips into his. He made my whole body shudder and moans of pleasure emitted from our throats. A primitive bestial moan.

He was literally feeding on my mouth. Then I felt his eel-like tongue pry my mouth open and I had no choice but to yield. I got to admit my son was a terrific kisser. I had never experienced such an electrifying kiss before. Sonali, I had always been loyal to Rick’s dad- he also kisses well, but this was too good.

I even wondered that Rick must have been lying about not having a girlfriend. Where else would he learn to kiss so well? A tinge of jealousy also sneaked in my mind, but what the hell he was mine now. I had decided that I will own him sexually too.

When my mouth opened up for him his tongue darted in and rubbed my tongue. A warm gush of unknown pleasure spread throughout my body. A new bout of wetness started building up between my legs. Rick placed his tongue under my tongue. In an expert, move sucked my whole tongue in his mouth.

I started suckling on it and managed to mumble. “Oh, mom your tongue is so sweet.” You can imagine Sonali what effect it had on me, I found my arms grabbing him tightly and caressing his back and hair wildly as he fed on my tongue. I really can’t tell you how long he continued.

But at one point he drove his tongue in my mouth. I started to suckle on it like a hungry newborn calf. I felt him shifting a bit down there. He placed his raging hard between my legs and on my mound of magnificence. By God, I could feel his heat even though the fabric of his shorts and my saree.

After what seemed eternity we finally broke off and heard our heavy heated breathing lashing on to each other’s faces for a few moments. Rick adjusted a bit on his elbows and moved down to my bosom. He rested his chin on my left boob and groaned in pleasure.

“Mom you are so soft,” and then looked earnestly in my eyes. “Mom I want to see you but my hands.” He caught the drape of the saree in his teeth. In a brisk movement of his head put it aside exposing my sleeveless blouse clad heavy bosom.

There was pure lust in his eyes as he measured the contours of my 36 D size boobs. Lust had taken over me also. I said, “Let me make you more comfortable.” I made him lie on his back and stood up over him with my feet on each side of his chest. I teasingly removed the saree.

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When I was in my petticoat and blouse only Rick cried out, “Oh mom, what a terrific figure you have. Let me see it all.” The moment I started unbuttoning the blouse, Rick interrupted “Mom sit over me and do it. I need a closer view.” Listening to Vineeta’s narrative had had an inexplicable effect on me too.

I was feeling hot behind the ears and damn certain wetness had started building up between my legs too. It was like some kind of hypnotic spell that I was under. My closest friend was telling me about her sexual escapade with her own son. Yes, they do have fake stuff on the net on this issue.

But this is my own friend a flesh and blood lady. Vineeta continued her narrative. Till that moment I had commanded and he had obeyed. Now he was commanding and believe me I wanted to obey. You know kind of becoming his slave, and found no shame in the fact.

I gently lowered myself and ground my crotch upon his rigid manhood with only his shorts and the satin petticoat between us. I knelt on my knees by either side of his chest. “Oh, mom you are looking hot.” Rick’s eyes were flooding with lust. I unbuttoned the hooks swiftly and let go of my blouse.

Rick gave a gasp when he saw my lacy black bra hardly being able to contain my boobs. “Mom I wish I could take off that sexy bra myself, but my hands.” He rasped as he spoke. Then, wasting no more time, I undid the bra. and let it fall on the bed.

Rick’s eyes literally bulged out as he saw my naked boobs in all their splendor. “Oh, mom I never imagined those will be so amazing.” Lust and admiration sparkled in his eyes. “ Mom I want to feel those.” I carefully removed his T-shirt so as not to hurt him and placed his hands comfortably.

His chiseled muscled torso with abundant hair on his chest made me wetter. I lowered my boobs on his chest. I was pressing them hard down started rubbing them forth and back with a solid boob massage. The rustling of chest hair underneath the orbs added to the excitement.

Sparks were flying throughout my body and Rick started groaning in pleasure. The excitement was getting out of control. He started to reach out for my boobs with his mouth. I raised myself and let my boobs fall upon his face. “Oh, mom.” Rick thrust hard into my crotch.

He started sucking on my boobs in a frenzied manner, alternating between the two. I grabbed on to his head shuddering and enjoying the exquisite sensation. The slurping sounds were filling up the whole room. I started moaning uncontrollably and speaking out unwanted sentences.

“Rick, suck my boobs,” I literally shouted, “Suck your mom’s boobs, as much as you want, mom will always feed you. Suck as much as you want.” The boob sucking session went for a good ten minutes with both of us speaking dirty and moaning in tremendous joy.

Rick’s erection was poking into my crotch ceaselessly. Then he whimpered in between his greedy dabs upon my boobs. “Mom I want to see you without any clothes.” I stoop up and let the petticoat fall to my feet. As I was not wearing any panties my clean-shaven pussy was now shamelessly displayed before my son.

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“Mom you are Venus herself.” His eyes were full of pure admiration blended with uncontrollable lust. “Mom you have to do something else down there,” he gasped. I focussed on his crotch. The erection was so prominent that it seemed his penis would rip apart the shorts.

I gently sat down beside him and did away with his shorts in a jiffy. His seven-inch cock sprang out like a hungry tiger from a cage.
“Mom, I want to feel your hands again.”

Even if I had not said it I would have grabbed him myself. The next moment, for the second time, my son’s hard cock was engulfed in my palms. I started to stroke him gently and he started moaning in joy.

“Oh, mom your hands are so soft, so warm. Mom, I can’t believe this is happening.”

The heat of his rock hard cock seeped through my hands right to the insides of my pussy. I knew I will have him inside me soon. Rick was enjoying my handjob skills but he wanted more.

“Mom please can you do that to me?”
“What?” I asked while continuing to stroke him
“Mom that what you do so well, I mean,” he appeared a bit hesitant, “I want to know how your mouth feels.”

His direct approach threw me a bit aback but now we both have gone too far. I tried to reach his throbbing cock with my mouth saying, “As you wish son.” He interrupted “ No change your position mom.” I looked up with curiosity in my eyes.

“Mom, lie down beneath my legs with your boobs pressed into my thighs, and then suck me well.”

I complied with his wishes. I reflected that this is one of my husband’s most favorite positions as well. Quite often I would make him cum with my blowjob skills, and he really enjoyed it. Like father like son I guessed. But there was another twist to the story which would be unveiled soon.

The temptation of his rock hard cock was too much for me to ignore. He was one inch bigger than his dad. I was calculating in my mind how to negotiate the extra one inch. I started by licking him from the base to the tip of the shaft and he trembled in ecstasy.

The fact that he smelt and tasted good added to my excitement. His hot hard cock tasted like a yummy fat sausage. Within a minute I had his five inches slithering its way into my hot eager mouth.

Oh, Sonali his cock felt like a plate of delicious sizzlers on my tongue and believe me I was feeling strange quivers in my pussy.

“Oh, mom, God damn it,” Rick shrieked in unbearable ecstasy. “I knew your mouth will be hot as hell. Oh please, mom, suck me, suck me well.” Those words had a hypnotic effect on me. I relaxed my throat muscles to accommodate the whole seven inches in my mouth.

Generating some saliva from the back of my throat, I went down on him till my lips touched the base of his cock. The throbbing head sat snugly at the base of my throat. The moment his glans touched the insides of my throat I found my pussy start to throb with an unknown animal convulsion. Rick shrieked in a guttural tone.

Wrapping my lips tightly at the cock base and sucking in my cheeks I started moving my head up and down. I think Rick must have gone beserk with my blowjob skills. Within thirty seconds he was yelping like a dog.

“Oh mom you suck so damn well, you are Linda Lovelace reborn. Oh, yes, don’t stop mom. Suck me well, suck me. Oh, Vineeta, mom, Vineeta.”

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Hearing him take my name sent another small explosion in the depths of my pussy. I really wanted his cock embedded deep inside me. Yes, I wanted to fuck my son, and badly. I felt my pussy juices leaking wantonly and desperately wanting a cock to get soaked into.

Then I heard him say the words I wanted to hear so badly. “I want to fuck you mom, please ride me Vineeta,” Rick said clenching his teeth. I let the rock hard pole slide out my mouth. I was proud to see it glistening royally with my saliva. I had taken enough excitement for the day.

I got up and sat over him with my knees by his waist and started lowering myself over his eager cock. As we were both well lubricated it took only a gentle push, without any hands, to let his cockhead slide effortlessly inside my pulsating pussy.

Then simultaneously Rick gave an upward shove and I, a downward. And that hot rod of his disappeared inside my watering pussy. We both sighed and shuddered in indescribable pleasure. Being one inch longer his cock touched my innermost parts which had never been touched by any cock before.

Rick screamed out, “ Oh Vineeta, mom, Vineeta you are hotter than an oven. I can’t believe my cock is inside. I must be dreaming.” He looked into my eyes and said, “ Fuck me Vineeta, fuck me mom and make me cum.”

Those brazen words brought out the slut in me and positioning myself on the support of my feet. I lifted my waist-high enough to let the cockhead out of my pussy. I gently pushed it down till the base, grinding hard. I repeated the move and within twenty strokes mother and son had gained a heavenly rhythm.

His cock was blowing my mind away and his shrieks of pleasure drove me wild. Soon I was fucking his cock like the wildest slut you have ever seen. We both started groaning and shrieking madly. In addition, the obscene yet sweet squelching sounds of our groins grinding against each other were spinning both of us into unexplored realms of lust.

Then it hit me. I found myself yelling like a bitch in the heat. “ Rick I am going to come, I can’t hold any longer.” And the biggest orgasm of life till then started. Simultaneously Rick yelled out, “ Oh Vineeta, I am going to cum. I am going to cum inside the hottest pussy on the planet.”

I started releasing my orgasm. I could feel Rick shooting sizzling hot thick and ferocious spurts of cum deep inside me. Every spurt that hit my deepest parts kept on intensifying my orgasm. And finally, all strength left my body. I slumped helplessly over his chest with his pulsating cock embedded inside my pussy.

Time stood still as I clutched onto him and felt his river of sperm slowly draining outside my pussy intensifying my pleasure even more. Vineeta stopped her narration and sighed deeply.

“I need a drink Sonali.”
“Yes of course.” I filled up for both of us.
We both took large sips and I asked, “ So you fucked your son?”
“Yes I am glad I did.” Vineeta bubbled like a teenager.

To be continued.

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