The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 6 (Sonali Sees Her Son’s Masturbation)


That night I tossed and turned in the bed and tried hard to sleep but just couldn’t. images of Vini with her son and Joy fantasizing about me kept on bombarding my brain. And more than anything the words of Vini, “Sonali you should fuck your son,” kept me hitting like a torpedo.

In the morning I hit the gym with a vengeance and sweated it out hard in an effort to get all that had happened out of my mind. It was nothing but a bad dream, I kept on telling myself and succeeded to an extent. I was wiping the heavy film of the perspiration of my body with a towel.

I looked around for Vineeta and realized she had skipped the gym. No wonder, she and Rick might be fucking like rabbits right now. And all the efforts to do away with this train of thoughts went kaput. I was back to square one. I needed to talk with Vineeta.

With some trepidation, I called her number fearing I might disturb the mother-son fuck session. To my surprise, Vini responded immediately.
“ Hi, Vini didn’t see you in the gym.”
“Oh, it’s my periods.”

“Can we meet? I need to talk.”
‘Come over to my place.”

“Ah, I hope that won’t disturb you guys.”
“ Come on Sonali he has gone to college.”

I drove to Vini’s place with a palpitating heart. She opened the door with a big smile on her face. She was looking more radiant than ever. She made some herbal tea for me and we sat on the sofa to have it.

“Tell me, Sonali.”
“ I am really in a mess Vini. Sometimes I feel I should not have heard about you and Rick, and yet deep down inside I want to hear more.”

“Only hear?”
“No, I want to see videos of you and Rick also.”
“Then what’s the problem I can show you today’s morning session.”

“Oh no not right now. Since you put the thought of my son in my head you tell me how to go about it. Yesterday night I visualized Joy jerking off thinking about me, and I…”

“Got turned on?”
“So what is the problem.”

“I mean what if I take a step and find out he never thinks about me that way. Then it will be too shameful. I will lose all respect like a mother.”

“I think that’s a long shot, from what I’ve heard from Rick most boys in that age group are heavily into milf or mom porn. It’s a kind of way to divert their minds from their real moms. But given a chance, they will fuck the brains out of their mom. See moms nowadays maintain themselves so well no one looks a day older than 30. For a boy of 19, a woman of thirty to forty is a massive turn on.”

“One needs to be sure before one takes a major life-changing decision.”
“Well thought Sonali, but I want to tell you honestly that the step I have taken with my Rick is a sound decision.”
“Can you justify it?”

“Of course dear, Rick is 19 with raging hormones. Being a popular sportsman he is surrounded by girls. One wrong girl can send his career into ruins. As a mother, if I take care of his sexual needs he will never look out for sex and the excess emotional baggage can be avoided. Since sex won’t be in his mind, he can wholly devote his time to study and sports.”

“He is assured of my pussy mouth ass and boobs waiting for him at home. And in the process, I am the recipient of a thick hard cock and gallons of protein-laden cum- plus the eye-rolling orgasms. And since everything stays at home there is no fear of the social stigma associated with an affair with another man in town.”

“I can’t but agree with you, Vini. The wrong girl, excess emotional baggage- yes Joy might be hampered by these.”

“Yes, dear, who can take better care of a boy better than his mother? Want to see how I satisfied Rick today morning?”

“ You said you are on period.”
“Just watch.”

Vineeta cast her mobile on the huge TV. The screen came alive with Vineeta sucking on Rick’s throbbing cock in the POV style. Vini’s cock sucking skills can make a dead man come back to life.

Naturally, Rick was literally shrieking in tremendous pleasure. How effortlessly she was engulfing that delicious shaft and letting it hit the back of her throat. “Oh mom how well you suck my cock, you are too good.”

For a moment I visualized Joy sticking his cock in my mouth in that similar manner. Has he ever thought of me sucking his cock? Will I be able to be the slut he wants me to become for him?

“See Sonali, Rick says boys of his age really love it when an experienced woman sucks them. Especially when she lets him cum in her mouth—that’s a major turn-on for them. And if you swallow it’s an out of the world experience for them. Not many women are expert cocksuckers and cum swallowers. Look how he grabs my head when he nears his orgasm.”

Rick was moaning louder than ever with passionate, “Oh, mom I love you,” with every bobbing movement of Vineeta’s mouth sucking his saliva glistened cock right up to her throat. Then he groaned in uncontrollable pleasure and cried out “ Mom take my cum,” and started to eject his load inside Vineeta’s mouth.

Her eyes shone up as she felt the hot young cum bursts hitting her throat. She kept on sucking more vigorously until he kept cumming for what seemed to be like ages.

When eventually his pants and gasps subsided, Vineeta slowly let the exhausted cock slip out of her mouth. She revealed her open mouth to display a large puddle of thick white cum.

“Oh, mom you look so slutty with cum inside your mouth.” A still panting Rick said, “ Now be more slutty and swallow it, mom.”

Vineeta closed her mouth and gulped it down hungrily and with a smile said, “With pleasure darling.” The clip ended and I was feeling rather wet down there.

“Well Sonali, like we have been friends our sons have been friends too. Since you want to be sure before you fuck your son I will get Rick to give you the confirmation about Joy’s feelings towards you. Or whether he is into the milf or mom porn. Once his inclination is known it doesn’t take much to get a young man’s pants down.”

“Oh, Vini what am I getting into?”
“The right step.”

I drove home. After a shower thought about taking a nap in the drawing-room couch with the bathrobe on. I must have dozed off for about half an hour when the doorbell interrupted my sleep. I woke up to open the door and my breath was almost taken away. I saw my Joy standing there with a trophy in his hands.

“Hi Ma, another trophy for you,” and he hugged me tightly. He had always hugged me but today the closeness of his body sent me in a dizzy spell.

Somehow I managed to say “ Congrats Joy.” My God he had a strong physique indeed and his young warmth were seeping on to my skin through the porous bath robe fabric.

“Ma, you don’t seem to be quite happy that I have won the national championship? Are you all right?” As he spoke I felt the reserve of his manly voice thumping on my breasts. My sweet little boy had indeed grown up, what a rich baritone voice he has developed.

“Oh no Joy I am very happy,’’ I managed to speak normally, “ It’s just I was having a nap.”
“Oh, I disturbed you, Ma.”

“Oh no not at all, I will make you your favorite dish for lunch. Meanwhile, you can freshen up.”
“Yes Ma, I need a bath.” We broke off the hug and I found him looking at me with admiring eyes.

“Wow, Ma have you been to the parlor recently?”
“ Why?”
“You look so different, so much younger.”

Oh, he does look at me. But is it only maternal attraction or more than that?
“Nothing dear it’s just some old fashioned gym.”

“That’s admirable, Ma, your fitness level can put some of my table tennis female players to shame.”

A tinge of jealousy came over me. “Oh so you know many female players, found anyone to be your girlfriend?” I could not help asking.
“ No Ma not at all none are my type, they don’t interest me at all.”

“Why so? A sportswoman should be perfect for you.”
“That’s a valid point Ma, but somehow I feel they are too young to take care of my needs. I mean they need to be taken care of rather than cater to my needs.”

“So what type do you prefer?” He wanted to say something but broke off. “ Will tell you later, Ma. Let me freshen up first.”
“Ya ok, I will heat the biryani, your favorite.”

He walked away leaving the gorgeous trophy in my hands. He entered the bathroom where I had taken a bath earlier. I brought out the mutton biryani and put it on the microwave on convection. Suddenly a thought struck my mind. I had left my bra and panty on the rack in the bathroom.

Should I knock and take those back? I couldn’t do it with Joy inside. But I didn’t know what came over me. I grabbed a dry towel to give it to Joy and deep inside I was yearning to see him naked, even if it be a small glimpse. As I neared the bathroom door I found that the door was not firmly shut.

I was about to knock and call out Joy when a deep groaning sound emitted from inside the bathroom. I couldn’t believe my ears what I heard. Though muffled, I heard the words, “Oh Ma I missed you so much.” I pressed my ears close to the crack and what I heard sent shivers down my body.

“Oh, Ma why do you look so hot? Don’t you realize what you do to me? Oh, Ma, when can I open these with my own hands?”

What was he talking about? My heart was beating fast. With trembling hands I pushed the door slightly to catch sight of what was going inside, keeping in mind the alibi that I wanted to give him the towel.

Through the narrow crack, I saw Joy, naked with my black bra wrapped around his cock and stroking himself. Somehow I managed to suppress the gasp and scanned his body.

Wow, perfect athletic body and what a gorgeous cock. It was atleast seven inches long and as thick as my wrist. But more than his body it was his words that gave me a huge turn on.

He was stroking that lovely cock with my bra and moaning, “ Oh Ma you are the hottest woman on this planet. Oh, Sonali how can I ever have you? Ah, if only I could fuck you Sonali. Ma how can I ever tell you how much I want you. Sonali, Ma, I am a bad son that I think about you like this.”

“But no other woman makes me hard like you. If I could cum inside you Ma. Your hot mouth makes me so hard. If once you sit down on your knees and took my cock in your mouth.”

My pussy juices started flowing freely. I wanted to open the door and rush inside grab his cock and start sucking him just the way he wanted. But I wanted to see more. He had arched his head backward and closed his eyes. Obviously, he was fantasizing about me heavily.

The sight of my bra wrapped around his cock was an additional excitement for me. “Oh Ma,’’ he was groaning and gasping heavily as the speed of his masturbation increased. “ Oh, Ma you were looking so sexy in the bathrobe. I wish my cock was in your mouth right now.”

“Oh, Ma suck me deep. Ma I know you will suck me like no other woman. Ma I missed you for fifteen days. Oh yes, Ma, suck your dear son. Ma I can’t hold back anymore. Let me cum in your mouth.”

With a bestial groan, Joy started cumming. His thick white cum exploded like a jetstream and hit the bathroom tiles with ferocious velocity. I visualized each spurt hitting my face. After at least one full minute of twenty spurts, he subsided and opened his eyes.

I hastily stepped away but with an eye on the crack. Oh my God, he wiped away his cock clean with my bra and turned on the shower with an immense gratification on his face. I waited for a minute and knocked on the door.

“Joy, you forgot your towel,” I spoke as normally as possible.
“Oh Ma,” I caught the clear trembling of his voice “ Hold on.”

He opened the door slightly and extended out his hand, the same hand with which he was stroking his cock and I put the towel in his hand. “Thanks, Ma.” He closed the door firmly.

I walked to the microwave. So there was no doubt my son was deeply into me. All I had to do is prepare a situation convenient for both of us to fuck each other’s brains out.

To be continued.

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