The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 7 (Sonali, The Hot And Sexy Mom!)


While preparing the lunch I rang up Vineeta and told her what I had seen.
“ Wow, ” she remarked, “ Don’t waste any more time go for it, dear.’’

“ Your hubby won’t be back for another week, isn’t it?”

“ First start dressing sexy for the young man – make him restless. I am sure he will again jerk off to you.’’
“No, I don’t want him to waste his precious cum.’’ I was stunned by the words that emitted from my mouth.

“You don’t have to, let him have access to your bra and panties. I am sure he will grab one or two to jerk off. Catch him red-handed and things will follow. First dress sexy, take him along with you for shopping and let him get jealous with other men ogling at you.”

“What should I wear?”
“Nothing quite beats the classic black or red chiffon saree with a sleeveless blouse.”

Í thanked her and waited for Joy to arrive. He had changed into his usual shorts and t-shirt and had a slightly sheepish look in his eyes as we met in the drawing-room.

“Ma, that smells great, what’s up for lunch?”
“Mutton biryani dear, your favorite.”
“Oh, thanks a ton, Ma.” I watched his eyes fleetingly gaze over my boobs.

“Joy, if you don’t have any other appointments can you come with me for some shopping after lunch?’’
“Of course Ma.”
“Ok let’s have lunch and then I will change.”

I loosened up the bathrobe purposefully so that if I bent my cleavage would be visible to Joy. When I served the biryani Joy could not help looking at the ample sight. I acted perfectly oblivious of the fact. I was not heavily endowed like Vineeta who was a perfect 36 D.

But still, a 34C conch shaped pair of boobs is enough to drive a man wild. Moreover, I am blessed with a pair of large nipples. I remembered that as a baby Joy had some initial troubles in getting my nipple in his baby mouth when I suckled him.

That won’t be a problem now. I thought about it the sight of Joy munching on my nipples like a hungry beast sent tingling sensations through my nipples. I adjusted the robe further. I went to get the salad and my erect nipples were stretching on the bathrobe.

“Come, Joy, have some salad.” I deliberately took a side position. I bent over while serving the salad on his plate so that my cleavage would be in the line of his vision. He could have a guilt-free look without worrying about my eyes catching him.

I heard him let out a soft sigh. I prolonged the serving session for his pleasure and finally sat down opposite to him with my plate. We finished our lunch and I kept my gaze elsewhere so that he could get an unhindered view of my body and figure.

I kept wondering that for how long my son has been fantasizing me, yearning for his mom? But then again Vineeta’s words rang at the back of my mind. Who else but a mom can take the best care of her son?

After lunch, I entered my bedroom. I selected my lethal red chiffon saree with the slimmest sleeveless blouse resembling almost a noodle strap one. I wore the saree purposefully low to keep my navel well visible and yet covered my translucent saree.

I wore the lipstick deep to appear more inviting than ever. Then I chose the sexiest high heels in my collection. Finally, I put on the erotic perfume I always wear when my hubby is due to return from his outstation tours. As I keep my armpits well shaven those were looking heavenly indeed.

In brief, I was confident of getting any cock around me hardened. As I was dressing up I kept thinking that whether all my efforts would stoke my son’s loins enough to make the first move. I thought up another additional incentive by taking another set of my bra and panty.

I left them in the bathroom for Joy to access later. I hoped he would not start to jerk off immediately in the bathroom and carry those to his bedroom to masturbate in leisure. Then I would sneak in and catch him in the act.

The scheme was so clichéd and repeated in so many porn flicks that I had serious doubts about whether it would work. Finally, I let out a sigh and stopped churning out the scheme in my mind. Let’s take the Vineeta plan of making Joy horny and jealous like hell.

When he takes the first initiative and then I could pretend to simply yield to his desires. So I walked out in the living room and called out to Joy. He came out of his room in his t-shirt and blue jeans. I caught his mouth go wide as he saw me in the scorching attire.

He managed to gain control and say, “Wow ma, you look stunning.”
“Thanks, Joy so much for an old lady.”
“No, ma, you are not old at all.”

“Come on dear I had you when I was 26 and now you are 19, that makes me 45.”
“Yes that is so but Ma you are looking like a just passed out college girl.”

I gloated from within but said, “You tell that just to please me but thanks for the compliments. I will give you anything you want for these words.” I saw his eyes glisten up with a wisp of lust as he interrogatively uttered “Anything?”

The flirt in me awakened as I suggestively uttered “ Anything” and after a pause asked, “What do you want?”
“Let me think ma what I need.”
“Take your time, come let’s move.”

We drove to the nearby mall. The moment I entered I could feel hungry male eyes scanning my body from every nook and corner. From the corner of my eyes, I caught Joy’s expression of hate towards the men who were gazing at me. Vini was so right, he was getting jealous, and that means he would be wanting me more.

I deliberately hit the lingerie store and leisurely went through lots of hot stuff before settling on a real sexy satin nightdress. Through discreet gazes, I found Joy’s eyes popping out in sheer lust. He must have been imagining me in that. I also made sure to reveal my stomach and navel so that he could have a good view.

Anyways being a gym freak I was quite proud of my perfect abs and firm tummy. I had never been shy to flaunt it. I also raised my arms on many occasions so that he could have a good look at my waxed armpits. For many boys of his age and many men, well-shaven armpits are a huge turn on.

Like a slut, I checked out his groin area and gleefully noted the bulge in his jeans. I felt very satisfied that the plan was going in the right direction. After the lingerie store, I asked Joy what I could get for him. I had promised him I would give him anything he wanted.

I suggested a watch, jeans or a mobile but he nodded in disapproval. “Ma I will ask for it when the moment is right- I mean right now something else is in my mind.”

No wonder boy, I thought, all he might be thinking is when he would get the opportunity to masturbate to me. By then I had made up my mind that the next time Joy would not waste his cum by ejaculating in the air. It would either be inside my cunt or in my mouth.

Oh my God, I was now thinking like a slut. I imagined Joy holding my head fiercely with his hands. Shoving his cock deep in my mouth while cumming shouting out loud in uncontrollable pleasure. I even tried to imagine how he might taste.

Though I was not very good with sucking cock, Vineeta’s cock sucking videos had proved to be an excellent tutorial for me. I had made up my mind to practice all I have learned on my son’s hardened cock.

While driving back I deliberately let the pallu fall while taking a sharp curve on the road so that Joy got an ample view of my scantily clad cleavage. As I was wearing eye gear I joyfully checked out his lust laden gazes stuck on my boobs.

He even bit his lips to control himself as I casually pulled up the pallu as if nothing has happened. He spoke after that “ Ma did you notice that most of the people in the mall were checking you out?”

“Yes, Ma I told you you look so young and hot.”
“ Hot?”
“I mean very attractive.” He corrected himself almost in an apologetic manner.

“I understand hot, so you find your mom hot?”
“Yes, I mean in an objective manner, I mean you are very beautiful Ma, that’s a fact.”
“Thank you, my sweet boy. You sure know how to pamper your mom.”

I gave him a motherly cuddle to let my left boob press into his right arm. I ruffled his hair and said, “I feel proud that I have raised you well.” The boob press affected him. I felt the arm muscles twitch against my nipple, which got me more excited.

As I relaxed the cuddle, it was clear that I was going to fuck Joy that very day. I let the cuddle continue for a few more seconds and broke up slowly as if to concentrate on the driving. Later I got to know that that cuddle had electrified Joy and given him a major hard-on.

He started thinking about a realistic approach to seduce me and wanted to fuck me badly. On reaching home I left the lingerie on the sofa and entered the adjoining bathroom to freshen up. I did it quickly and slowly parted the door. I expectedly found Joy peeping into the bag containing the sexy satin negligee.

I opened the door loudly to give him a chance to get back to his seat. I walked out with a deliberate sexy swagger. I laid myself back with my saree abundantly revealing my midriff in full glory. Joy’s eyes were glistening in an admiration laden lust.

He walked up to the bathroom and I wondered what he will do. The teasing throughout the day and the fresh pair of bra and panty- will he be able to control himself or jerk off immediately? The moment he closed the door, I stood up and put my ear to the door. As expected I caught his sigh and moan from within.

He was calling out my name too, but could not get the exact words due to the door. Oh no, I couldn’t let him waste his thick spunk. I waited for a minute and knocked at the door and the moans stopped.

“Yes, Ma is that you?” There was a definite tremor in his voice.
“Yes dear, please be quick I have left a few of my things in the bathroom.”
“Oh.” I caught a gasp emitting from his mouth. There were some ruffled sounds – no wonder he must be rearranging my underwear.

He came with a slight guilt smeared face. I entered the bathroom and was pleased to see my inners displaced. Though he had tried his best to keep them back in the same place. I collected all my inners and came out of the bathroom and noticed the dismay in his face.

Ah, his mom’s bra and panty went out of his reach. I casually mentioned, “Let me change then I will prepare some snacks.”
“No need to change ma you are looking so good.” He kind of blurted out.
“No need?”

“It’s not every day I get to see you in this glamour avatar.”
“Oh, you sweet flatterer,” I said coquettishly.
“No ma you do look amazing, honest ma.”
“Thank you so much, dear.”

My mind was racing as to what I could do to make this young man go wild and grab me. I sat down beside him with my pallu adjusted to reveal my juicy cleavage.

“Joy we were having a talk earlier in the day and you left off, remember?” I had to bring up the topic of girls somehow.
“Yes, Ma.”
“Dear, you are now a young man. As a mother, I have sometimes felt worried about you.”

“Why, ma?”
“ It’s a bit uncomfortable for me. Your father should have been talking about this but the matter has worried me.”
“You can ask me anything Ma.”

“Well Joy,” I laid a hand gently on his shoulder, “you like girls I hope.”
“I didn’t get you, Ma.”

“I mean boys of your age are generally going around with some girl or the other. You never brought any girl home, I mean you do like women don’t you? I mean…” I paused.

He smiled, “ Got you Ma, I am not gay.” I heaved a sigh of mock relief and ensured that my exhalation reached his ear. I felt his shoulder twitch the moment my hot breath caressed his ear.

“Then you have never brought any girl home, nor have I ever seen you with a girl.”
“Ma right now my career is of prime importance and so are my studies. I don’t find girls of my age group that interesting. They are not mature enough.”

“So, do you like older women?” I made an expression of amazement.
“Not that way,” he felt a bit embarrassed, “I mean they are not sure of themselves unlike say for example you, Ma.”

“Yes Ma, look at you. You take care of your boutique so well, you keep our house spic and span, you take care of both dad and me. You never ignore the gym, you are always impeccably dressed. My God, you drive so well. You are nothing short of a role model and…”

“You are so beautiful, mom.”
“Ah, my sweet son.” I gave him a strong cuddle and let him feel my body heat but kept talking while it lasted.

“But Joy this confidence comes with age and experience, I was also like the girls at that age. You can’t settle down with a woman of my age. And a man needs to search for his future bride. Have you never gone out with a girl?”

“Yes, I did for a few months.” I felt a gush of jealousy rush up my brain. “It was not worth it. We broke off.” The last words provided me a huge relief. I broke the cuddle gently and asked, “Why?”

He hesitated for a while, “ Well to put it gently – we were not physically compatible.”
“What do you mean?”
“ Ah ma this is getting uncomfortable.”

“Come on Joy I am not a prude. You can tell Ma anything.”
“Ma…er…she was afraid of my being a bit oversized and never allowed me to go all the way.”

“Oh no that’s sad. Maybe she did not appreciate it. But I am sure you will find someone better.”
“No Ma now I have stopped looking.” I was thinking about the girl who refused that gorgeous cock of my son. I would be the first cunt it will be entering soon.

“So Joy you are still a virgin?”
“Yes, and I intend to lose it with the perfect person only.”
“And who would that perfect person be?”

“I have someone in my mind but I don’t know how she might react if I come out with my feelings.”
“ Do I know her?”
“Yes mom, you do.”

“Tell me Joy who is she.”
“If I tell you her name you might not approve of her and get very angry at me.”
“No Joy I would never disapprove of someone you like and I would never be angry at you— come what may.”

“Come what may?”

I felt a sense of urgency in him he was gathered enough courage to come out with his feelings. The day-long teases and cuddles had boosted his courage. Maybe he was so horny that he had decided that he won’t hold back any longer and face his deepest desires straight on.

Well now I know that’s exactly what he was feeling. “Ma,” he sighed “ I am writing a small description of the lady and keeping it in your bedroom. You read it and let me know your reaction. Whatever it is I will accept without regrets.”

“Ok, dear do so don’t worry Mom can do anything for you,” deliberately stressing on the word anything.
“Anything?” he asked with an inquisitive tone and looking straight into my eyes.

I looked back in his eyes and unflinchingly repeated “Anything.”
“ Ok then.”

He got up and drew a pen and a note pad from the nearby study table and started to write. To this date, those remain the most amorous words I have ever read in my entire life. It changed my life for the better opening up so many avenues of carnal exploration.

To be continued.

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