The Desire-Meeting


I never thought that this will happen to me but destiny does things in mysterious ways. I always wanted to meet her again and destiny blessed it with a twist. I not only got to meet her but also got to do and experience things that both of us never thought of.

Her name was Roja, my girlfriend during junior college. But while entering into the senior college she parted ways with me. I was broken but with the passing time I moved on. It was just an infatuation which I realized later but I was never able to forget her.

She was a cute little doll during those days, short, better than skinny but not chubby, fair like hell and can easily draw anyone’s attention with her assets in that age. Though I never touched her, not because she didn’t allow. Just we hadn’t those kinds of sexual feelings for each other.

Time passed, last time I heard she married to someone, well, the person behind our break up, just after completing her junior college. I did my engineering and joined a construction company which I later left. (a story for another day). It was almost six years since she was married.

I was unaware of what she was doing or where she was. I just never wanted, maybe because of the hate. But hate also has its charm. Once I was going through Instagram. I saw a photo of a school friend. I was less interested in the photo but with the comment written by a person on the photo.

It was her, Roja. In curiosity, I touched the name and her profile opened. Her profile photo confirmed it was her. The account was private so I couldn’t able to see any uploads. Now came the hard part. My stubborn ego just wanted to leave her account.

But at the same moment, my heart wanted just to send a message, a simple ‘Hi’. Let’s see if she still remembers me. Finally, the old feelings won, and I messaged ‘Hi’. I did wait for some time and without getting any response I closed Instagram.

As days passed, suddenly on a busy working day, I got a notification from Instagram. I clicked on it. It was a message from her. A strong current of shock ran inside me. I opened the message. “Hey, how are you? I thought you would have forgotten me.”

Glad to see, she still remembers me. My heart invoked me to reply but my ego interfered not to be nice. “I’m good. What about you? Well, was there any reason not to remember you?” I replied. “I’m fine. No, I thought you still hate me and would have forgotten,” said Roja.

“Initially I hated you but with the passing time, I realized you took your decision. And we were just kids then,” I replied.
“Good to know that. Where are you now?” she asked.
“Odisha! And you?” I asked back.

“Me too, well do you use WhatsApp?” she asked. “Yes,” and I gave my number. It was an impulse reaction, why I gave her my number I don’t know. What will she think? But suddenly I got a message from an unknown number. I opened the message.

“Hi, it’s Roja. Save the number. Got to go, I have some work. Talk to you later. Bye.”

I was surprised and happy at the same time. I saved her number and with curiosity about what will happen next, I went back to work. The next two days went like hell for me. Well, I was eagerly waiting for her message. Finally, I broke the digital silence. One afternoon during the lunch break, I messaged her.

“Hey, good afternoon,” I typed and waited for the reply. For the next few minutes, my heart jumped like a kangaroo in anxiety. 15 minutes past, but no reply. I put my mobile in my pocket and took off for the site and suddenly a notification came.

“Hey, Good afternoon, how are you?”
“Fine, what about you? Had lunch?” I asked.
“I’m fine too. Yes, I’m having right know, roti and sabji,” She replied.

“Okay,” I replied and stopped and waited if she messages from her side. And she did.
“Hey, had your lunch?” she asked.

“Nope, I forgot to bring lunch to my work site today,” I lied, why I don’t know.
“Go find the nearest hotel and have something,” She replied with a smiley.
“Yeah, I will,” I replied and we ended chat for that day.

The next day same time I messaged her. The same stuff about having lunch was our topic of conversation. This went for a few days until. One day she broke out. “We can have a conversation other than lunch you know,” She messaged. I chuckled and started typing.

“Sorry, yes we can. Where are you working now?” I asked.
“IDCO, I work there in customer service. I saw your profile on Instagram, so engineer ji, where are you now?” She asked. I had an Instagram profile photo of my site. So she knew I’m in the construction line.

I replied about my work and location. I came to know that she was still in my hometown. “Hey, I was wondering if you are free this weekend we can meet for lunch,” I asked. She didn’t reply for a few minutes.

“Well, I don’t know. Don’t you think it will be a little awkward?” she replied with a question.
“Awkward! Well if you feel so, you can say no. But I don’t see any reason for awkwardness.” I replied with expecting a positive response.

“I don’t know, can you skip the topic.” She insisted.
“I’m well aware you are married. We are adults now. It’s just lunch, don’t think much,” I replied with a smiley.
“I don’t know. Talk to you later,” she went offline after replying to this.

Well for the next few days I messaged her on her Instagram and WhatsApp but there was no response from her. I realized I shouldn’t have asked her out for lunch. After all, she is married and we had a kind of history. I shouldn’t have crossed the unseen so-called social line of the limit between us.

A few days later finally I decided to apologize. “Hey, Roja. Hope you’re alright. You don’t reply to me these days. I think I know the reason. Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you out for lunch. I know you are married and it’s very awkward for you to meet your ex. I hope you accept my apology. And trust me I had no intention of making you feel awkward.” I sent the message but suddenly she replied.

“Hey, nothing likes that. I was a little busy. And I’m divorced for the last 4 years. And please don’t ask anything about the divorce I don’t want to talk about it,” She replied. I was shocked and couldn’t message anymore.

That night.
“Hey, awake?” It was about 11:30. No reply from her side. I thought she would have slept as it was late. I was about to switch off my bed lamp, she replied.
“Ya, say,” she replied with a surprise emoji.

“Sorry for disturbing you this late at night. But I was kind of restless thinking about you all day, about what you said,” before I could send a text message, her message came first.

“See, I don’t want to talk about that. That’s the part of my life which I regret happening and don’t want to remember that. I came a long way trying to forget that with pain. Please understand and don’t ask anything about it. Goodnight, sweet dreams.” She replied and went offline.

I felt sorry for her and kind of felt guilty of scratching her past wound. I decided not to become a pain in her ass rather being a friend.

Next morning
“Hey, pretty hippo. Good morning. I hope your day goes well. And don’t forget to meet at lunch. I will be waiting for you in WhatsApp,” I sent a message and took off for the site. Sharp at 2 pm her message came.

“Hippo? How did you know I have turned fat?” she asked with a shocked emoji.
“Seriously you have turned fat. Can I see you?” I replied.

After a couple of minutes, she sent her a photo. Oh my god, she had gained some weight, which didn’t affect her innocent face. She had started keeping long hair in which she was looking more beautiful than those old days.

“Well well, I just wanted to tease but you have turned hippo in real. Hahaha,” I sent the message. I got sad emoticons in her reply. “Hippo but a cute one. Happy now?” I said to which she replied with two happy emoticons. For the next few days, this kind of funny conversations went between us.

Things were turning pretty frank between us. I had started flirting with her, but in a friendly manner, she was also responding to it sportingly.

“Hey pretty,” I waited for her reply. After a good 10 minutes,
“Pretty! Ahem…from which angle?” she replied.
“Well, you have become a sphere, so from a 360-degree angle,” I mocked.

“You have learned to make PJ these days.” She replied with two angry emoticons.
“I was about to call you sexy, but your figure is too much for it.” I mocked again.

“Hmmm, okay, no need to drag this. I know I have turned fat,” She replied.
I don’t know how and why I wanted to spice up the conversation. I didn’t know how she will react, but you never know until you try.

“Not fat, I was just mocking. You used to be skinny but now you have turned attractive,” I replied.
“Seriously? Well if it’s true then thank you.” She replied with two love emoticons.

“Your outfit makes you more attractive,” I shot a dared message. The photo she sent me earlier, she was in a tight kurti, tight enough to show her curve of breasts. It was a little transparent which was reviling her black bra.

“Oh? Heard for the first time something like this,” She replied.
“I don’t believe you. Don’t tell me, you never heard cheesy lines,” I messaged.
“Cheesy lines! I thought you were truly admiring me,” She replied.
“I meant as if nobody flirts with you. But what I said is the truth.” I replied.

“Hmmm, well I used to get flirty messages on Facebook but I have deactivated it. And in the real world, I don’t have a social life. So you are the only one who is flirting with me now,” She replied. That was a surprise which felt good but only if she is telling the truth. You know girls and their secrets.

“I should feel lucky then,” I replied with a smiling emoji.
“Ha ha ha, just keep these messages away from your girlfriend. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.” She messaged.

“Girlfriend? Why do you think I’m in a relationship rather been married?” I asked.
“Are you married?”
“What do you think?”

“Maybe not, but if you are then you shouldn’t be doing this with me. It’s wrong.”
“Chill out, I yet to have any of these in my life.”
“Really!! Poor you. Don’t tell me you found no one after me.”

“Nope, pretty things happen only once.”
“Okay, now that’s it. Flirting session over got to go for work. Talk to you later,” She stopped replying.

A few days later, I had been home. I again asked her out for lunch but she again refused. It was Saturday. I was sitting on my bed. I got a sexy video message sent in a WhatsApp group. A man was seducing a woman in the office by forcing himself on her and eventually succeeds.

The video was appealing. I forwarded it to a few of my college friends. A few minutes later I got a message. It was Roja. “What is this? What have you sent me?” I read this in the WhatsApp notification. Wasting no time I opened the message.

Holy shit! The video had been forwarded to her too by mistake. What I’m going to do now!
“I did it by mistake. Your contact number was in a recent contact list I guess. I just forwarded it by mistake,” I replied.

“First flirting then sending this kind of video. What do you have in your mind?” she replied with an angry emoji. I got scared.
“Trust me, I just forwarded it mistakenly and there is nothing in my mind.”
“Are you sure?”

“You mean to say if I had sent you the same video, would you have believed me that I have sent it by mistake. And nothing is going on in my mind?” she asked. I paused for a moment.

“Okay, I got your point. Yes, I did it purposefully to convey what’s in my mind. I wanted to make a move on you by sending you the video. If this pleases you, I accept this and apologies again.” I replied without thinking anything. No message came for 10 minutes, I cursed myself.

“03:00 pm, meet me at Chill-out,” She messaged. Now, this was something unexpected. I had mixed feelings for the things to happen next. I was restless until I reached the restaurant. I went to the restaurant at sharp 3. I went inside and looked for her.

At a corner, she was sitting alone. Dam she was looking so pretty. Her untied hair and eyeliner were making her even more elegant. I went near her and stood in front of her. “Hi!” I greeted her. She shifted her eyes towards me from the menu. A smile appeared on her face.

“Hi, sit,” She insisted. I draw the chair and sat. In the meantime, she ordered tea for herself.
“What will you have?” she asked.

“I will have the same,” I replied to the waiter. The waiter left. There was an awkward silence of a few minutes between us. Breaking the silence she started,
“It’s been a long time. Look at you, changed a lot.”

“So do you,” I replied back and then I realized she was wearing a sleeveless red color tight kurti and black low waist jeans. I could see her fair skin from the slits of her kurti as she was sitting cross-legged.

A black round bindi on forehead, fancy big round earrings and black metal bangles on her left hand were making her more ravishing.

“Are you checking me out?” she asked.
“How can one take his eyes off you? Look at you, I can’t help it.” I replied. We gazed into each other eyes and the tea arrived to break it. While taking a sip, she asked, “So, how you are planning to seduce me?”

I was shocked by the question and spilled the tea on the table but I manage to save the cup from dropping.
“What?” I looked at her.

“Aren’t you wanna seduce me, just like the video?” She asked again without any expression, which confused me how to react to her question.
“I apologized for that. Leave it,” I replied and played safe.

“But you confessed earlier, didn’t you?” this time I sensed some sarcasm in her voice.
“Look, if you want to drag it I would rather leave. Thanks for the tea.” I stood up to leave.

“Wait, wait. I’m sorry for pushing it. Just sit down.” She said. I sat. “I was just pulling your leg, you idiot. Do you think I was going to fight with you like a teenager for that video? Chill.” She laughed and calmed the rising tension between us.

“Really, all grown up.” I laughed back. We started to have some casual talk. I offered her to join me for a walk on the beach to which she agreed. I drove her to the beach and my surprise it was less crowded that day. We headed toward the sea. She rolled up her jeans bending. I was just behind her.

My God what an ass she had. Must be a 36 I guess. She walked towards the water. She stood there for some time until the sea kissed her feet then she turned and called me to join her, which I refused. After some time, she came back and we walked along the shore.

“Are you seeing anyone?” I asked
“Nope. You?” she asked.

“I know you are not going to like the question but I want to know. What happened to your marriage?” I asked again. She took a deep breath.

“Well, he cheated on me. He was having an affair with a girl at his workplace. Things went out of hands. One day he slapped me while drunk when I confronted him about the affair. After which I failed a divorce,” She wiped her tears.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry?” I tried to console her.
“It’ okay, just leave it.” She replied and walked past me. I just wanted to cheer her up at that time.
“Hey what’s that?” I pointed towards the wave.

“What?” She turned and walked toward me. I waited for the right moment and splashed water on her and ran.
“You idiot, I’m not going to spare you,” She ran after me screaming. We both reached to my car. We both were panting.

She gave me some friendly beatings and finally stopped. I opened the door for the water bottle and extended it to her. She drank and while I was looking at another side of the car she poured water on me. I suddenly turned and grabbed the bottle from her hand and pour the rest on her.

Her chest part got drenched. Now clearly I could see her curves, they were firm and huge, 34 D I guess. In the meantime, I was holding her right hand to take control of her. But my eyes were on her breasts.

“What are you looking at?” she snapped on my face. I came to sense and smiled. I left her hand. “What this smile supposed to mean? Are you trying to…” she gave me a naughty smile.

“What if I’m trying?” I went with the flow to see where it goes.
“Well, try harder because it’s not working,” She said while wiping her neck with her napkin. I went towards her and pushed her on the car. She looked at me in shock. I went close to her and gazed into her eyes.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a trembling voice and tried to escape. But I caught her and dragged her towards me. Her breasts were on my chest now. My chest started to feel how soft they were. I put my left hand around her waist locking her and again gazed her. This time it was mutual.

I took the hair out of her face with my fingers and guided them behind her right ear. I eventually put my right palm behind her neck. We were still into each other eyes. Our faces were so close to each other that I could feel her warm breath.

I could feel the pounding of her heartbeats and I’m sure she felt mine too. I looked at her lips and extended mine towards her. And in on time, I felt her lips on mine. I closed my eyes to feel it. She held my head with her hands while my hands grabbed her tightly.

Our kiss continued for a while. During the kiss, I even squeezed her ass. It felt nice. Meanwhile, her finger played with my hair. After a good five minutes, we realized what we were doing. We parted and looked at each other with questions. To be continued.

Please mail me at [email protected] if anyone wants to contact me. Please give your feedback. The next part will be posted soon, so stay tuned.

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