The Driver Who Fucked A Cheating Bhabhi


Hi there, this is Ratin. I am here to tell you all about a real incident that I was told by my driver, Karim.

I am 22 years old. Recently, we hired a driver. His name was Karim (name changed). He was 36 years of age, well-built with strong muscles. He stood six feet tall and had a big eight-inch penis.

Since we needed a driver, we hired him. He used to drive my family, consisting of my dad, mom, and me, around. He usually stared at my mom as she was a busty milf. I observed all this but kept quiet since we were very friendly.

One day, as we were discussing and sharing our sexual experiences, he told me a very hot experience that he had. Coming to this story which Karim told me…

He was working for a businessman who had a very hot wife named Ritu (name changed). She was around 35 years of age and very hot. She maintained her body very well. Her Stats were 36-28-36. She had a very hot ass and beautiful tits and she used to wear her saree exposing her navel, which made Karim go mad thinking of her.

Ritu bhabhi’s husband was a businessman who used to travel a lot. He did not satisfy her at all in the bedroom. He had appointed Karim as her driver so he could take him wherever she wanted to go.

Every time she went out, she used to look very hot in her saree, exposing her navel. This made Karim’s cock to stand up every time. Karim became friendly with Ritu bhabhi and she was very happy when he called her bhabhi. Whenever he got a chance, he brushed his dick against her, to which she did not object, as she too wanted it.

One day, her businessman husband had a party and he told Karim to pick up Ritu bhabhi from their house. Karim went to pick her up. She was wearing a red saree, exposing her navel, and a sleeveless blouse. Her boobs were popping out of the blouse, exposing her cleavage, and her ass was looking beautiful in the saree.

Seeing this, Karim’s dick stood up saluting her beauty. She sat inside the car and on the way Karim told her she was looking very beautiful. She was very happy to hear this, as her husband never appreciated her.

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They reached the party and as usual, her husband ignored her. She was feeling bad about her husband. The party got over and the husband told Karim to take bhabhi back home as he was busy with his business partners.

She was very angry with her husband when she sat in the car. Karim saw this and consoled her with his jokes, so she was very happy. On the way back home, the car’s tire got punctured.

As it was late, she called her husband. He replied by telling her to stay in a nearby hotel room for the night. This made her angrier. Ritu bhabhi told Karim to find her a room, so Karim took her to a room. After reaching the room, Karim said, “I will sleep in the car.” To which she said, “Just sleep in this room,” as she was feeling lonely.

Karim went inside the room. She was looking hot and Karim wanted to fuck her. Since his shirt was very dirty from when he tried to change the tire, he took his shirt off and showed off his muscular body. Bhabhi lustily looked at him.

She stood up to switch on the ac. As she stood up, Karim saw her ass, which was inviting him. With that courage, he went and hugged her. She asked him, “What are you doing?”
Karim said, “I have wanted you for so long.”

She resisted at first, but his hot body made her go mad and her hot body made him go mad. She started brushing his dick against her buxom ass.

He immediately turned her around and started kissing her lips. They were kissing each other very hard. She said, “I have wanted this from a long time too.”

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Karim started pressing her boobs and caressing her ass. She started moaning and pressing his dick hard. Karim then removed her saree and tore her blouse as he had become an animal seeing her hot body.

He started licking her nipples which made her even hotter. She said, “Karim aur piyo, bastard. My husband won’t do this.”

On hearing this, he made his sucking even harder. He removed her panties and started kissing her navel and playing with her pussy. Then he turned her around and kissed her beautiful ass and slapped it hard and licked her asshole. She was moaning very hard.

He then made her kneel down to suck his cock. She was a very cock-hungry milf, so she removed his pants and the eight-inch monster came out. She was shocked to see his cock and said, “My husband does not have half of this.”

Karim wasted no time. He pushed his cock inside her mouth. She sucked it very hard and Karim went mad with this sucking. Her hot lips and mouth were on his dick. He pulled her by her hair and deep-throated her and came inside her mouth. She drank all of his hot cum.

Karim made her stand up and turned her back around and shoved his monster inside her pussy. She started moaning and told him, “Bastard, fuck me harder.”

Karim fucked her harder. His fucking made her boobs jiggle and her milf ass hot. Karim threw her on the bed and started licking her pussy. She pulled him deeper towards her pussy. Karim licked her so hard, she came.

Karim then thrust his cock in her pussy and started fucking her again. He fucked her really hard in every position. They were continuously kissing each other and Karim was playing with her tits, which made her hot. She kept moaning loudly.

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He then made her suck his cock again. Then he told her to bend over so that he could do her doggy style. He slapped her ass very hard, which she enjoyed very much.

Karim wanted to fuck her ass, so he kissed it, and spat on her asshole. Then he thrust his monster dick inside her. She let out a huge moan of pleasure and pain. Karim kissed her to console her and started fucking her hard in the ass.

She started moaning, “Aur zor se karo, madarchod,” and he was treating her like a cheap whore saying, “Randi.” He came on her and she drank every drop of his cum.

She said, “This is the greatest day of my life.” They fucked each other the whole night. In the morning, he dropped her home. She kissed him and told him she wanted it daily. They started doing it whenever her husband was not at home.

Hearing this, I came in my pants. He showed me bhabhi’s photo and I was so happy for him, that he was a lucky bastard who had fucked a really hot bhabhi.

In the next story, I will tell you how he banged my mom. I hope that you all came reading this too.

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