The Love Journey Part 1


This is a new story. I compare the women in the story to actresses.

Coming to the story. I am Jack, 19 years old. I had finished my 12th and I was on leave. My mom looks like Shriya Saran (actress browse the internet) 39 age. My mom married my dad at the age of 19. My dad, Jagan works abroad as a driver. He comes home once a year.

I have learned about sex from my friends and I had a girlfriend in junior college. I have done only kissing and pressing her boobs nothing more than that. I don’t have any sexual feelings towards mom. But one day everything changed. I and mom had to attend a marriage function of my dad’s sister’s daughter.

We tried to book a train but couldn’t. We couldn’t get reserve bus tickets as well. So we had to travel in a normal bus. It was about a 500 km journey. We boarded on a crowded bus. All were pushing each other. I was standing behind my mom. She was wearing a saree. I was in a t-shirt and shorts.

It was about 9 pm. It was very dark. No lights inside the bus. Whenever the bus puts a break I fell on mom. She doesn’t mind that due to the rush. In the meantime again bus driver put a break. This time I accidentally grabbed her boobs. Wow, those are big and I didn’t take my hand away.

I started to press her boobs. As it was pitch dark and no one can see us. At first, I was pressing her right boob only. Then I started to grab both of her breasts. My dick was rock hard poking in my shorts. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I was rubbing my dick in my mom’s ass over her saree.

She didn’t say a word because somebody could hear her. I was continuing the boob pressing. In my mind, I know can’t do anything now, but I can do anything to her. So I lifted her saree and petticoat. I lowered her panty and opened my zip. I started to rub my dick over her pussy. But this time mom spoke.

Mom: Son, stop it.

I was not in the mood to stop.

Me: But please mom at least let rub on you for a few minutes. (softly in her ear)

Mom: Just be quick

I continued rubbing her pussy with my dick. The diver put a sudden break which made move forward. My dick entered her pussy a little, not fully. I didn’t move. But the road was too bumpy that made us move. Now I am fucking my mom on a crowded bus at night, but only the tip of my dick entered her pussy.

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Mom: Stop it, son, don’t move.

Me: I am not moving it’s because of the rush and the road.

I was fucking her for 5 minutes. The bus stopped for some passengers to get in. We adjusted our dress. We got seats to sit. I and mom didn’t speak a word. We reached the destination in the morning. We picked an auto to my aunt’s house.

The marriage was on the next day. Aunt told us they have booked a room for both of us in a hotel. it was within walking distance. We went to the hotel and freshened up and came back to my aunt’s house. We stayed till evening. Mom didn’t speak a word to me at all.

Me: Mom, are you angry with me?

Mom: Yes, son, I am very angry.

Me: But it was accidental, I don’t know what came up with me.

Mom: No, son, it’s no excuse. I am ashamed of you.

I started to cry. Mom couldn’t handle that as I was a single child and she never scolded me before. She hugged me.

Mom: Don’t cry son, it’s ok.

I was still crying.

Mom: Don’t cry, son. I know it normal for boys of your age. But you shouldn’t do that with your mom.

I hugged her tight. “Don’t you love me any more mom, you think I am a bad boy?”

Mom: No, I forgive you. I won’t be angry with you anymore.

After that, I stopped crying and we went to sleep hugging each other. While hugging my dick raised.

Me: Mom, you said it’s normal for my age, then is this normal.

Mom: What is normal, son?

I grabbed her hand and placed it above my dick. She was shocked by my move but she didn’t take her hand away. My dick is 7 inches in length.

Me: Is it normal?

Mom: Yes it is normal to have an erection.

Me: But why is my dick erecting while hugging you, mom?

Mom was shocked to hear those words. Mom in her mind, “Wow my son’s dick is raised due to me.”

Me: It’s paining mom I don’t know what to do.

Mom: Just go and wack off in the bathroom.

Me: But, mom, I don’t know how.

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Her hand was still on my dick.

Mom: Ok, I will do it for you.

She was moving her hands to give me a handjob. I cummed in her hand within a few minutes.

Mom: Go to sleep, son. We have to wake up early in the morning, as we have to travel far to the temple.

So we both slept hugging each other. But we woke up a little late due to which we got only one seat in the back of the Sumo car where I and my mom has to adjust. The other seat was filled with gifts.

Mom: You can sit on my lap.

Me: Ok, mom.

It was 6 am and we have to travel for almost 1 hour. I sat on mom’s lap, the car started to move. I was sitting in her lap sideways, leaning on the backseat. So that I can speak to mom. While speaking mom’s saree slipped little and I could see her cleavage.

That made a bulge in my pants. Then suddenly the car jumped a little due to a speed breaker. I also jumped a little but used the chance to grab her boobs. She was shocked but gave a sexy smile. I pressed her boob. She closed her eyes. As no one can see us in the back, I kissed her in lips.

She enjoyed it for a few seconds then pushed me away. But I didn’t stop. Again I kissed her in lips. This time she didn’t stop me. I was kissing her and pressing her boobs. To my surprise, mom pressed my bulge in the pant. She then opened the zip and freed my dick from my underwear and started stroking it.

I don’t know what came up to me. I grabbed my mom’s head placed on my dick, she understood what I need from her. She started to give me a blowjob in the car where my family members are in the front. My mom is giving blowjob to me and I am pressing her boobs. Wow, what an amazing feeling.

Me: Mom I am going to cum.

Mom increased the speed and I came inside her mouth. She drank it all. I was amazed by my mom’s talent. But we reached the destination soon. We got down from the car and mom adjusted her saree. We attended the marriage and in the evening we were ready to leave.

We got the same seat in the car. But this time I told mom to sit on my lap, she agreed. I got in first then my mom sat on my lap. I got a big hard-on which mom could feel on her butt. I waited until the car moved. We started to move.

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I slowly touched her navel. Then slowly raised my hand towards her boobs. Then I kissed her in the back of her neck. Wow, her boob very soft. I wanted to feel her boobs naked. So I tried to open her blouse. But she stopped me.

Me: please mom please I want to feel your boobs.

Mom: Please son I will let you touch in the hotel.

I didn’t listen to her. I opened her blouse and then her bra. Her boobs fell on my hand. Her tits were the size of big mangoes, her nipple got stiff. I pinched her nipples, she moaned a little. My aunt asked my mom what happened.

Mom: Nothing my leg is strained a little that’s why I am sitting on my son’s lap.

Aunty: Ok.

Aunt started to speak with mom while I was pressing her boobs. My hand was covered from aunt’s view by my mom’s saree. I was pressing moms boob till we reached the hotel. They dropped us in the hotel. Mom adjusted saree so that they can’t see her open blouse and bra.

We entered our room fast and I grabbed the tip of her saree and pulled towards me. Saree slipped down showing her open blouse and bra. She tried to hide her boobs. I came close to her and pushed her on the bed. She gave me naughty smile.

I will continue the story in the next part hope you guys like it. please like and comment for more stories like this.

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