The Love Journey – Part 2 (Making Mom Moan In Pleasure)


This is the second part of the story. I compare the woman in the story to an actress. So think of someone when you read this story. Ok, I will continue the story where I left.

My mom is like Shriya Saran (actress)We entered our room fast and I grabbed the tip of her saree and dragged it. Saree slipped down showing her open blouse and bra. She tried to hide her boobs. I came close to her and pushed her on the bed.

She was shocked by my move. She didn’t oppose or stop I know she is under my control now.

Me: Remove your clothes, mom.

She did it as command and sitting in the bed naked. I stripped myself showing my erect dick in front of her. I came close to her lips she opened her mouth and took my big cock inside the mouth. I grabbed her head to a deep throat. She has handled my treatment very well and she liked it.

Mom: I didn’t know till now. I have a man in my house to fuck me.

Me: Why mom? Do you miss dad?

Mom: No dear don’t compare your dick to your dad’s. You are more of a man than him.

Me: Why are you saying like that? Doesn’t dad fuck you when he comes home?

Mom: Yes, son, he fucks me but doesn’t satisfy me.

Me: Do you think I can satisfy you?

Mom: Yes, you can.

Me: Don’t worry, mom. I am here to fuck you.

My mom laughed. I pushed her and down kissed her in the navel and licked her belly button. She started to moan. I was licking towards her pussy. She stopped me.

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Mom: What are you doing?

Me: I am gonna lick your pussy. Dad never did this to you, right. Please don’t stop me, mom.

I licked her pussy. She gripped the bed sheets and moaned like a bitch. I inserted my tongue as deep as I could. Soon she reached an orgasm her love juice was overflowing.

Me: Do you like it?

Mom was gasping for air and said, “Yes, son, yes I loved it.” Then I spread her legs wide open and placed my dick above her vagina and rubbing it. My dick got fully wet with my mom’s pussy juice.

Me: Mom, you are overflowing.

Mom: Don’t tease me, son. I can’t control that.

Me: Then are you ready for action.

Mom: Please son do it. Don’t make me wait any longer.

I slightly pushed my dick. To my surprise, her pussy is still tight, maybe dad doesn’t fuck her that much. I used my full strength and made a big push. She screamed in pain. I stopped moving.

Me: Are you hurt, mom?

Mom: No it just its been sometime your dad fucked me. So my pussy is tight and yours is bigger than your dad’s.

I began to fuck her slowly pushing dick in and out. Making her go crazy and scream like a bitch in pleasure.

Mom: Fuck me, son. Don’t stop. I am going to cum.

I just fucked her for 10 minutes or so she was about to reach an orgasm. She moaned hard and her pussy clenched my dick and reached a big orgasm. Mom was wet. She looked tired and breathing heavily to catch a breath.

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But I didn’t stop. I continued fucking her in her moment of orgasm. I sucked her boobs and increased my phase of fucking. She started to regain her strength and again she was moaning.

Mom: Oh my god, you are a beast. Fuck me. I am also about to cum.

Me: I am going to cum.

Mom: Do it. Cum inside. Fill my pussy with your sperm, son.

I increased my speed even more to cum inside. She was also screaming and was about to reach and another orgasm. We both came and I cummed inside mom’s pussy. My dick was going soft after I cummed.

But I had some energy left in my body. I was still moving dick inside her pussy to make it hard again.

Mom: Wow honey you still have energy left huh?

I grabbed both of her boobs and squeezed it tight and banging her in a missionary position. My hip was moving on its own with full force. I kissed her lips and pressing her boobs hard and fucking her. I pumped her as much as I could for another 10 minutes.

I cummed again inside her with all my strength and fall on her. She also came. We both slept hugging each other. Mom woke up in the morning by a phone call from our aunty. After speaking to my aunt in the phone mom kissed me in the lips.

I had a big morning hard-on. She saw that and she came above like in 69 position and started giving me a blowjob. Her action woke me up and saw a wet pussy in front of my face. I grabbed her ass to lick her pussy. Now we are pleasuring each other in 69 position, after while I stopped.

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Mom: Don’t stop, honey.

Me: I am not stopping mom.

I pushed her and pinned her down in all four. I inserted my dick inside and fucked her in the doggy style.

Mom: Oh my God!

I was pounding her from behind and slapped her butt cheeks and made it red. She moaned even more for my beating.

Mom: Fuck me, son.

After 30 minutes of continuous fuck, I came inside her. In the meantime, she reached orgasm many times. We lay there for a while and got up to get ready to go to my aunt’s house. We both entered the bathroom together.

While bathing in the shower my dick got hard again and mom saw that. “Wow son, you are hard again! You are a real motherfucker, son.”

I will continue the story in the next part. I hope you guys like it. Please comment and like for more stories like this.

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