The Willing Victim – Part 1


Hi, all. This is Surya and my girlfriend’s name is Srishti. We are in a relationship for 1.5 years now. This multiple part story is about our sex adventures and for sure this will make your dicks hard and cunts wet. My girlfriend gave me the idea to write our sex story here to make our relationship spicy.

Srishti is a broad-minded modern girl with body stats worth dying for. 34b is soft silky boobs, 28 curvy hips with the deep navel, 32 sexy ass. I am a normal guy with average looks and the past 1.5 years are the best days of my life to date. All because of my sex goddess.

A little background of our relationship. We were working together in the same team a few years back and shifted to different companies later. However, we were in touch. After 2 years due to a common friend, I asked her for a movie which she agreed after some nagging.

The movie was set in PVR at 11 am but I couldn’t wait. So I reached early to the place, after 10 minutes I saw a girl coming with a similar hairstyle as Srishti. After she reached visible distance omg I couldn’t take off my eyes from her boobs and sexy thighs.

Basically, when I was working with her I didn’t see her in a sexy manner. So I never observed a bomb in her. That day it was normal. We watched a movie had lunch and we left for the day. After a few days, I asked her to come to my area as it is famous for restaurants.

We went to a restaurant and had lunch. I asked her if we can just go to my place and she can go home in the evening. Once we reached my place I cursed myself as the maid didn’t clean the room. I didn’t want to get the first impression as a bad one.

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So we sat on the open terrace and spoke for 2 hours. Then it was getting late. She wanted to leave and booked Uber. I was too tempted as I was playing with her hand for some time and got enough friction with her thighs and shoulders. The cab was about to arrive in 10 minutes and we started moving down.

In the staircase, I just hooked her hand and told her I want a hug. She was ok with it. But the devil in me got up and she hugged her for more than a minute. My dick was poking her crotch area and her boobs were pressing against my chest. This is the first time I had hugged a girl.

I was in cloud 9 and my dick was leaking precum like never before. I tried to kiss her and she didn’t open her lovely lips and tried to resist. I know that she will open her mouth and legs for me one day. I didn’t want to hurry things and spoil the relationship. So I didn’t force her. She left once the Uber arrived.

A few days passed and we were just chatting on WhatsApp. We worked in the same domain. She is junior to me so we had constant discussions about work on calls. She had too many bugs in her code and we couldn’t fix it over a call. So I asked her to take a half-day and come to my place.

She readily agreed not sure if she wants the code to be fixed or her pussy needs to be fixed. I was preparing for the special day. Finally, she reached my place. She sat on my bed and opened her laptop and she started working. She was wearing a tight shirt and jeans.

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Her shapes were clearly visible and can clearly make out her pussy shape from her tight jeans. Then I got the golden words from her mouth. “I feel discomfort in these tight clothes, can I change?” My heart skipped a beat as I was going to see her naked for the first time.

However, she asked me to turn the other side and she removed her T-shirt. From the corner of my eye, I was able to make out that she is wearing a blue bra. She put on a night tee and she stayed in jeans and worked. Pretty much the day passed like that with my dream girl in my room. My clock ran like a bolt.

When we were about to sleep she asked me to sleep with her. She didn’t like the idea of me sleeping on the floor because she came. I just had a single bed and we slept in the same bed under one blanket. She was in her track pants. Our bodies were completely touching.

Slowly I kept my hand on her navel and asked her if I can feel her skin. No response from her. So I took it as a yes and slid my hand inside the tee and placed it on her navel. Oh god, my hand for the first time on a girl and that too whom I was mad about.

My dick started poking her thigh and she could literally feel it. Slowly I moved my hand little up and I could feel the starting of her bra. I moved my hand on her boobs over her bra. I kept my lips almost near her ear. Slowly I licked her ear lobe with my tongue.

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I inserted my hand inside her bra cup and felt her naked boob and her erect nipple. I understood she is feeling horny and she is ok with me exploring her body. I moved my hand back to her navel hole and slowly slid near her track pant. I made some creasing there.

My 2 fingers went inside her track, another shock of my life. I felt her pubic hair and they were not tiny. They were long like she didn’t shave for a year. I slide my hand completely inside. She held my hand before it reached her glory hole. She told enough for today and sleep calmly.

I was almost at the edge of heaven and lost it by a second margin. However, I was very happy with the proceedings so far.

The best girl with sexy assets was in my bed.
She let me feel her boobs and navel hole.
She had a hairy pussy which is a dream for many hungry men.
That weekend pretty much Ntng happened except for some kissing and creasing and cuddling.

In the coming parts, I will explain the most intense sex we had. Please leave your feedback on [email protected] We both have access to it and you can give us challenges to do in sex.

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