Two Sexy Girlfriends – Part 1


Hi ISS readers, I am Siddarth, age 26, who lives in Pune. I am going to narrate the story during my graduation days.

This was first written in Telugu as a two-part story, now I am writing it in English again.

I was staying in a flat nearby my college along with my best friend Raghu. It was quite common for his girlfriend or my girlfriend to visit the flat and stayover. Well, everyone knows what happens then, right?

My best friend’s girlfriend’s name is Pranathi, 5’5 height, sizes 32B-28-38. I know, she has one hell of a great ass!

My girlfriend’s name is Bindu, one year senior to us, 5’6 height, sizes 34D-26-34. Huge boobs on a slim waist and good-sized ass. She’s is dream come true.

My girlfriend Bindu came to college after a long gap in her internship and summer holidays. As I know her travel timings, I called her up.

Me: Where are you, baby? What’s up?

Bindu: I just reached the hostel. I’m so tired. Need a shower badly.

Me: You can have that shower here. Come outside in 5 minutes. It’s so long we met. I need to make love to you right now.

Bindu: Now? Seriously? I have no energy from the day-long journey. And it’s already 7 pm. Warden will not allow going outside now.

Me: I and Raghu are paying 3K a month to your warden just to send you girls outside whenever we want. Now stop acting and come out in 10 minutes. By the way, I know you wanna get laid too. We both know that you’re a nymph and you can’t control.

Bindu: Ok ok. Let’s see who’s what later. I’m coming.

My girlfriend came outside the hostel gate. I picked her up, went to an ice cream parlor on the way, took some chocolates and also food from a nearby restaurant and returned to flat.

As soon as we reached flat, I threw her bag on the couch and started smooching her. My hands went directly towards Bindu’s boobs. Her boobs were so spongy yet so stiff without sag. Meanwhile, Raghu and Pranathi came out from his room. We stopped smooching. I looked at Pranathi and asked

Me: What’s up Pranathi, you’re not leaving my best friend alone even for a single day?
Pranathi: I didn’t charm him much. He got something in him and want to hump me all day and night.

Me: Well, you’re letting your ass grow so huge, which guy gonna resist your charm even if you say you don’t charm guys. By the way, how come your ass is growing so much nowadays?

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Bindu slapped me on my shoulder and said to me, “You guys are talking so direct and cheap”.

Me: I told you Bindu, and I explained these things to you 2 days ago on the phone. And moreover, it’s quite common between us.

Pranathi: Don’t ask me about the size growing, it’s the courtesy of your best friend.

Raghu: You tell me what do I do, bro? She doesn’t like blowjob much, she doesn’t like the smell of cock and cum and doesn’t suck more than 2-3 inches. She doesn’t let me fuck her pussy without a condom and condoms are a killjoy. So, I am more after her ass nowadays. And it’s so tight, it feels so good. Moreover, she looks gorgeous in her favorite pose which is doggy style.

Me: He seems to be talking fair Pranathi, why don’t you suck him properly? Moreover, cum facials give a glow to the face. (lol)

While talking all these, I kept squeezing my girlfriend’s boobs as she hugged me from the side.

Then I sat on a bean bag and Bindu sat in my lap. Raghu sat on the couch in front of us with Pranathi in his lap. I took a chocolate and threw the cover at Raghu. He took the chocolate and gave it to Pranathi. I told him that I brought food parcel which would be sufficient for all four of us.

Pranathi opened the chocolate, spread a bit of chocolate on her cheeks and asked Raghu to lick. He kissed and licked it. Now she did the same on her forehead. He kissed and licked chocolate from her forehead too.

Then, slowly, she teased him with her nose, lips, chin, and neck as well.

I spoke to them.

Me: Come on Pranathi, don’t stop. Remove your t-shirt and bra and spread the chocolate all over your body. Raghu seems loving your taste. He can’t stop licking you even if the chocolate is gone.

Bindu now hit me on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go to our room”.

As soon as we went to the room, she locked the door, pushed me on the bed, sat over me and asked –

Bindu: What’s with the flirting with Pranathi?

Me: Flirting? We were just talking casually. By the way, I flirted with you all along. Did I ever stop squeezing your boobs during the conversation?

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Bindu: That’s casual talking? You guys were talking so lewd. Why didn’t Raghu said a single word while you both were engaged in such a sexual conversation?

Me: It’s him who taught her how to speak dirty. Why would he say anything against it?

Bindu: Okay, if he’s not concerned, then let them be. But why are you so interested in her back?

Me (smirking mischievously): Not back, call it ass. I told you a lot of times.

Bindu: Nope. I feel shy. I am not shameless like you.

Me: Yeah, I am shameless, now call it an ass. Not back or something else.

Bindu: okay okay I will, now tell me, why were you so obsessed about her ass. Are you hitting on her?

Me: Nope, I’m not really into her. But Raghu seems to love your boobs a lot. That’s the reason I mauled your boobs so much in front of him.

Bindu: What? Come on, you must be kidding? Raghu is interested in me?

Me: Yes my love, he is so much interested in you. Did you not notice him looking at your boobs like he wanna eat them? I noticed so many times. You’re the second person after Vidhya (my senior with whom my fucking story has been already posted) who he stared at boobs so directly.

Bindu (stood up on the bed with her hands over her waist and asked): Do you mean, only my boobs are good and nothing else?

Me: Hahahahah, every part in you is good, babe. Anyway, he has Pranathi but the only thing she lacks is these huge boobs. So, it’s natural he’s interested in your boobs.

Bindu (acting fake anger): So? My ass is smaller and Pranathi got a huge ass. Are you interested in her ass?

Me: Goshhh, you need not use your smart ass topper brain here my dear sexy senior bitch. Don’t be jealous. I’m not fucking her behind your back.

Bindu: Heheheh okay. Now tell me for real, have you ever made a pass on her?

Me: Raghu and Pranathi are ready. Only your approval is pending.

Bindu: My approval? About what?

Me: Last week, Prananthi was in the flat. We 3 had a party. We all were high with booze. Then Raghu brought the topic of swapping. He asked Pranathi if she was okay for swap? She didn’t say anything but gave a sexy smile.

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Raghu turned on the music and played a slow song. He asked her to dance. I asked him ‘she will just dance?’ then he replied ‘you don’t want a normal dance? How about striptease?’ I shouted, “Hell yeah, but is she comfortable?”

Raghu: Pranu, you want to? Strip dance?

He added she can stop whenever she wants to.

Pranathi didn’t speak a word. She stood up from the couch and pushed the table in the middle of the room to one side.

She started dancing slowly. Earrings were the first to go and then her watch. Pranathi removed her bracelet and kept them on the table. She slowly started lifting her top and her belly button came into view, and then her bra.

She removed it completely and threw it at Raghu’s face. Now she didn’t strip anything but started swaying to music slowly.

Then she looked straight into my eyes. she played with her bra straps 3-4 times to increase the atmosphere. Then she lowered her bra cup to give a hint of her nipples and closed it as soon as we got a clear look at it.

Raghu could not control himself and started dancing with her. She started smooching and the smooch is so sensual to watch. Now Raghu started kissing her neck and on her cleavage. She kept looking into my eyes while he did that. He gave a bite on cleavage and she moaned aahhhh..softly.

Now she removed her bra and threw it at me. But Raghu is dancing with her so I couldn’t see her completely. I told him to move aside as I couldn’t see her boobs.

He moved to a side now I could see her boobs clearly and her nipples were poking hard. He went behind her started kissing her neck and took his hands to her boobs.


To be continued shortly.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Please hit like if this story made men’s cock hard and ladies’ pussies wet.

Do let me know your queries, suggestions at [email protected] (Triple O’s). I am available to chat on hangouts at the same id. Thank you all.

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