Two Sexy Girlfriends – Part 2


Now she removed her bra and threw it at me. But Raghu is dancing with her so I couldn’t see her completely. I told him to move aside as I couldn’t see her boobs.

He moved to a side now I could see her boobs clearly and her nipples were poking hard. He went behind her started kissing her neck and took his hands to her boobs. Then.

Me – “Dude, move aside. I can’t see her.”
Then Pranathi pushed him aside and came near me. She kneeled in front of me and kept looking at the tent in my pants and into my eyes.

Raghu – “What happened, Pranu? Wanna have him? Have both of us. You have enough capacity to handle both of us easily at once,” and spanked her on her sexy ass.

Then Pranathi stood and went near Raghu. she asked if he has any problem with a threesome? He pulled her close. Kissed her and said “let’s enjoy life.” and gave a green light. Pranathi then kept kissing him and made him sit beside me on the sofa.

She smiled naughtily and said – “Get undressed boys.” We both removed our pants and underwear in a very swift motion. Then she knelt in between us, she kept looking into my eyes. But her hand went to Raghu’s cock. She pulled back the foreskin and kissed his cock without breaking eye contact with me.

And then she slowly opened her mouth and took the bulb of his cock inside her teasing mouth. Now she gave me a wink and pushed herself on the cock and the whole length of his cock disappeared in her mouth. And as the cock went in, she closed her eyes and a happy smile got along her eyes and cheeks.

She kept moving her mouth and cock kept drilling her mouth. She’s moaning and sucking it with so much passion that Raghu came on verge of cumming. When he was almost ready to cum, she stopped. She got up from his cock saying she doesn’t want any of us to cum soon.

Now she came up to me, knelt before me, turned her head towards Raghu and said – “Tell me, darling, should I suck your best friend’s cock? I’ll take it all in and suck it nice and clean. But only if you watch me.”

I kept my hand on her head and insisted her to suck my cock fast. She freed herself and said.
Pranathi – “I’ll lick, suck your cock and make you cum all over me. But you have to get Bindu to be fucked by Raghu. We will have a foursome once she’s here. But you should convince Bindu first. Deal?”

I was shocked to hear the proposal but way too dominated by lust to think anything. To make things hard, she held my cock and kissed the tip and teasing me. I immediately said -“Yes I’ll convince Bindu. Now suck me, bitch.” she smiled and took my cock in her mouth.

The best thing about Pranathi is she won’t take only the bulb in her mouth and use her hands to make men cum. She uses her mouth all of it and takes cock as deep as it goes. She has some trick to control gag reflex or vomit sensation that comes when cock hits the throat.

And with that trick, her cock sucking gives more pleasure than anything in the world. And after good 5 minutes of sucking, when I’m ready to come, she sensed it and stopped herself. She got up and asked both of us to stand. We stood in V shape and she knelt between us.

Both our cocks are rubbing her face. She kept licking both of our cocks alternatively. And after some 10 minutes, we both sprayed our cum on her face and she licked it all and cleaned her face and both of our cocks. I sat on the sofa feeling satisfied.

And then she took the hand of Raghu and took him in their room. She didn’t even bother to lock it. But I didn’t go in and let them have fun.

Me – “So, that’s what happened Bindu. if you’re interested, we can swap and have fun or have a foursome. Tell me your opinion on this.”

Bindu kept looking at me. I can see her face full of lust and when I can feel the heat from her pussy coming on my body. And her breath got way too slow indicating she’s horny as fuck. She pushed me onto the bed, we both got naked. She climbed onto me.

She kept kissing me on face, neck, chest while rubbing her pussy on my cock. My cock got rock hard. I pulled her bit towards me and started sucking her boobs and squeezing them. Her nipples are hard. I took her nipples between my tongue and sucking them like chocolates.

And then my phone rang. Call from Raghu. I answered and kept the phone on the speaker.

Raghu – “Dude, Pranu is not allowed in the hostel. Says gate closed at 7 and as its almost 9, they can’t allow her without informing her parents.”

I looked at Bindu and gave an evil smile. She understood my intention, blushed and rubbed her pussy on my cock. I got the green light and spoke to Raghu.

Me: Come back to the flat. Let’s have a house-party. Get some food, whiskey for us and vodka for girls.

And before I cut the call, Bindu took my cock adjusted herself and took my cock completely inside her. She kept moaning, “I missed this.” I kept a hand on her ass, squeezed it and started pumping her. She’s riding me with full speed. Thought of foursome made her very horny.

As she kept riding she started giving me lovebites on the neck. I inserted a finger in her ass and she moaned. Then I told her – “If you’re moaning so much now, imagine if you’re riding me like this and then Raghu came and inserted his cock in your ass.”

She immediately increased speed of riding me and I inserted the second finger in her ass. As soon as I did that, she came with full force. She kept cumming for 2 minutes and then fell on my chest resting. My cock is still hard but I let her enjoy her orgasm. I can cum later in Pranathi.

And after a good 5 minutes, her pleasure subsided. She got up. Asked whether she wants me to take care of my hardon. I told her it’s okay. I need energy for later. Then she said she will go for a shower. She showered for about 15 minutes and then came out wearing a towel.

She went to my wardrobe and took a sleeveless vest and wore it. It came just up to half of her ass.

Just then the doorbell rang, she went cat-walking to open the door. I got up from bed, wrapped a towel around my waist and stood near the bedroom entrance. So that I can have a clear view of what’s happening. As she opened the door, Raghu and Pranathi had a shocked look on their faces. They both came inside.

She took food and drinks from their hands and kept on the dining table. I can see both of them ogling at her. And they looked at me and I gave them thumbs up. Bindu went to Raghu and kissed him. His hands went and cupped her ass. Pranathi understood the lead and started coming towards me as she undressed.

I dropped my towel. She came near me, knelt and took my cock in her mouth. I am not writing the sex part after this as it’s obvious what happened later. See you all soon with another adventure.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Please hit like if this story made you super horny and made you cum. Do let me know your queries, suggestions at [email protected] (Triple O’s). I am available to chat on hangouts at the same id. Thank you all.

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