Two Singles Merge Into Sexual Intimacy.

Hello guys! My name is Rohan. I am here to share the story of my first sexual experience and the special girl I shared them with. I am a 24-year-old guy from Pune. This was the best experiences of my life. I am 5’8″ tall and have an athletic body. Hope you guys will like this story.

This is an experience while studying engineering. It happened during my final year. I wasn’t in any relationships before. Then this girl came into my life. She was junior to me. Her name is Asmita. Asmita is a good looking sweet girl with a little brownish complexion and a sharp body structure.

A 5-foot 3inch girl, being a dancer she had a quite well-toned, attractive body. I don’t remember much but she had breasts big enough to fill my hands. She had a flat stomach. Asmita lived here in Pune with her family. We both were members of the extra curriculum group of the college.

So we knew each other just as a team member. One day, she came to the college dressed up in salwar-kurta(Black and Red combination) and she looked very elegant in it. It was the festive day of Makar Sankrant. I couldn’t move my eyes away from her and I think she had noticed me.

We members were having discussions and fun amongst each other. The local guys had brought homemade meals. Even Asmita had brought delicious lunch and all of us had amazing mealtime. I complimented her about her meal as well as her getup. She thanked me and blushed a little. I guess she also liked me.

Later then at one moment it so happened that our eyes locked and those sparks of love got ignited. As our eyes conversed in their own language. We had those smiles on our face about what we were feeling in that very moment. It felt like as if heaven had descended on earth and made our lives even more beautiful.

My heart started pounding faster and I did not understand what to do. This happened for 2 days. Then I gathered some confidence and started some flirting. We followed each other on Instagram. As it seemed we both were interested in each other we started chatting.

Then sending and tagging each other in memes as we came to know about each other’s likes and dislikes. We slowly and gradually started knowing and exploring each other. We used to go out for movies, lunch, dinner, shopping and a lot more. Within a span of a few months, we became much closer.

One day in the college, it such happened that I was stressed out due to workload. I wasn’t able to give time to her, didn’t even talk to her. She got angry with my behavior. It was evening and almost dark. Our group had to shift some unused materials up on the college terrace and then leave for respective homes.

After most of the shifting, my team left for their homes. I was the last to take the remaining material and was arranging them on the terrace. Asmita called me.

Asmita: (little upset voice)Where are you?
Me: On the terrace. I’ll arrange these things and come.
By that time she had almost come near the terrace searching me. In 1-2 minutes she reached the terrace.

Asmita: Why are you behaving weirdly? You seem to be ignoring me and that’s getting me angry.
Me: No, it’s not like that. Just because of some workload and stress I was unable to talk to you.

Asmita: (little calmed)So you should have shared it with me. (looking down)
Me: (Holding her chin, looking at her)I’m sorry. Won’t happen again.

And I hugged her. Ahh! that was the best hug of all time. A few seconds later our hug tightened. I felt those round boobs feeling against my chest. I got an erection at that moment. I was hesitant if she had felt and what she might be thinking about me.

After a few seconds, I parted and offered to come let’s sit over there on the stairs near the terrace. She sat next to me on my right. We talked about our feelings and liking for each other. We then side hugged and I rested my hand on her soft love handles and pressed a little. She had rested her head on my shoulder.

For a few seconds, there was total silence between us but our breathing intensified. Her face closed up to mine sideways. My heart started pounding like anything and breathing little faster than normal, as our faces drew closer. It all started to happen after that with the flow.

Nothing was forced or intentional. Her eyes were closed and so did mine as we got even closer. Our heads tilted and our lips touched. We started kissing. We smooched for about 2 minutes with only lips. I kissed her lower lip and bit it. Then I felt her tongue parting my lips and entering my mouth.

Both played with tongues. That was an amazing feeling! As they say, first time kisses are indeed amazing. This went on for about a week. So then one day Asmita and I were smooching standing at the same location as our first kiss. Pecks first and then smooching.

In between, I kissed her on her neck and earlobes. She loved it. It slowly started heating up between us. I was holding her face in both of my palms. I thought to take a step further. First I hesitated a bit. But then thought that as we both were into each other so she wont mind.

As I was smooching, I slowly moved my right hand through her neck to her upper breast area and rested for a few seconds. She was already hot and did not mind. Without breaking our kiss, I took hold of her right boob slowly and started pressing it on her top.

That was the heavenly feeling. She too got excited and our smooching intensified. I massaged and pressed her right boob for a while. Then slid my hands at her back inside her top and hold her. I bent a little and kissed her at her collar bone.

Then moving downwards while giving pecks on her skin. I landed a kiss on her right boob(above her top). She shivered and left out a sweet moan. That indicated to me that she liked it. That was the first moan of girl I heard in my life. I kissed her tight aroused nipple and she shivered again.

She had goosebumps on her body as I felt them. I gently bit her nipple and She loved it. I took out my left hand and while playing with her right boob, I started pressing her left boob, fondling her nipple. During all this process my dick was rock hard. She obviously might have felt it. We kissed again.

I said, “That was heavenly!” She smiled and told she too felt the same. then we left for the curriculum as we had to look after it and maintain a little secrecy. Around 2 weeks later, I had a chance to go for the next step. Stay tuned to read how we took our steps further.

I’ll be sharing it in the next story. Till then do let me know if you enjoyed this story. Send your comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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