Two Wives – Part 2 (My Second Marrriage)


Hello friends, this is Sam and I am back with another part of the story. I received much positive feedback for my previous stories and I truly appreciate your responses. Please continue to send your valuable feedback/suggestions to [email protected] I am eagerly waiting for suggestions and comments.

This series is about Bipin Jena who got married to younger sister. The events which made him marry her elder sister and how they all lived under one roof. Bipin told me his story which I am narrating below

Bipin and Vaishali reached their native in early hours as the bus was an overnight journey. My brother in law (wife leader sister husband) and few servants had come to meet us in the bus stand. They greeted us and we went home in a tractor.

Let me tell you about my father in law. He is a big landlord and also the head of the village, people respect him a lot and treat him as a God. What he says is the rule and both the daughters follow his instructions without any question. The house is very big with 6 rooms and a few servant quarters.

My in-laws stay in one room, my brother in law and his wife in one room. We were given one room. Being a village, the room was not so luxurious like the city but it’s ok and they have a few common bathrooms outside. We reached home and my in-laws were waiting. We took their blessings.

My wife’s elder sister Rani was also there and she was happy to see us. She and my wife went inside the kitchen for chit chat. It was a festival environment and everyone in the village was very happy. I went to the room to take some rest as it was a seating journey and was tired.

I slept for a few hours whereas my wife was busy chatting with her mother and sister of city life and usually women chat. I woke up around 10 am and my wife served me tea. She asked me to take a shower and cautioned that the bathroom lock is broken.

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I removed all my clothes and wrapped a towel and went to the bathroom. I started taking shower. When I was applying soap, suddenly the bathroom door opened and it was Rani. She saw me fully naked and for a second she kept staring at me.

She said sorry and closed the door. It was an awkward situation for me and I quickly finished taking bath and came out. I saw Rani smiling from the corner and when my wife asked what happened she said nothing. I had some breakfast and went out with brother in law for the festival preparation.

My brother in law was the main person in charge of a lot of activities. With him, there were a lot of village young volunteers. My brother in law Rajesh was giving them instructions. I could see Rajesh was not feeling well. I asked him about it.

He said he was feeling discomfort from the past few days. It must be because of all the preparation activities. I suggested to go to the doctor for a quick checkup. But he said if he takes rest all will be fine. We reached home during dinner time and everyone was waiting for us.

We had a good family dinner and were talking, laughing and having a good time. After dinner, Rajesh came to me and asked me to join in the balcony. I went there and he offered me rum. We drank a few pegs. Rani served us some ice and snacks. She kept smiling when she saw me. I just put my head down.

We were talking about village politics. He was saying things have changed and people are not like before. My father in law does not understand. He also was saying, there cannot be any bad things happening in the village during this festival time. We had a few drinks and I was feeling sleepy.

I told him and started back to my room. When I was walking in the corridor, Rani came in front of me and this time I looked into her eyes. I had some feelings for her. I knew this was wrong but don’t know why kept staring at her eyes. She did the same for a minute and then her husband called. She just smiled and left.

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The next morning I woke up at 6 as the festival was just 1 week always and a lot of work to be completed. I had breakfast with family and went out with Rajesh. There was this famous orchestra group. Rajesh wanted them to come and play. They were living in a nearby city which was some 4 hours away.

Me, Rajesh and few more volunteers went by car. We spoke to the group and everything was agreed, after that, we went to a hotel to have some good lunch. During lunch, Rajesh started sweating heavily and could see he was fighting to breathe. I immediately took him to a nearby hospital.

The doctor looked at him and said he has suffered a massive heart attack. He was admitted and taken for bypass surgery. I called my father in law and informed. He rushed to the hospital with the whole family. Rani was continuous crying and my wife was consoling her.

The doctor told us this was his 3rd attack. He has been having this from the past few days and should have come earlier. He was operated but in a critical stage and only God can save him. Rajesh died the next day. We had to perform the last rituals in the city itself as no bad can happen in the village.

Rani was fully broken and was crying. She was just 38 with 2 kids but had a long way to go. After a few days and 3 days to the festival, the panchayat assembled. The topic was, bad has happened and now needs to be corrected by good. The only option was to have a marriage in our family.

Rani should get remarried within the family. There were few within family and Rani was given a choice. But she refused all and wanted to go out of the village. My father in law thought for a long time and called my wife for a discussion. He requested her if Bipin can marry Rani and take her to the city.

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This way the property will not be split and remain within the family. My wife said ok but need to discuss with me and didi. Rani was shocked by her father’s proposal but had limited options. Either marry someone in the village or me. She decided I was best option and her sister supported her fully.

Our wedding took place in the temple and was very simple. Rani was fully decorated and was looking very beautiful, better than my wife. Rani was still sad but had accepted. During the ritual, I had to hold her hands several times. I felt shocked when I touched her.

The wedding was completed and the first night was set on the same day. I request my father in law if we can postpone this ceremony. He agreed. Rani was very happy to hear this and she thanked me as she also wanted time.

The festival went well but I could see the sadness in Rani’s eyes. She used to cry alone in a room and I could hear her sound. I was feeling bad but could not do much. After the festival, my wife asked me if I can go back alone with Rani for some time, so that she can get used to me.

This will give time for both of us to know each other. Vaishali will join in a month. It sounded like a good plan and myself and my new bride started back to the city. The next part is how Rani and I fell in love. We had the most passionate sex till my wife came.

Please continue to send your valuable feedback/suggestions to [email protected] I am eagerly waiting for suggestions and comments.

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