Two Wives – Part 6 (Nights Full Of Pleasures)


Hello friends. This is Sam and I am back with another part of the story. I truly appreciate your responses. Please continue to send your valuable feedback/suggestions/ any inputs to [email protected] I am eagerly waiting for suggestions and comments

This series is about Bipin Jena who got married to the younger sister. The events which made him marry her elder sister and how they all lived under one roof. Bipin told me his story which I am narrating below.

The next day morning, Vaishali woke me up with a kiss and tea. This was very new and I asked what happened and the new change. She said she will tell me at night and the reason for the change in her sexual behavior. I got ready for the shop and came to the dining table for breakfast.

I saw Rani for the first time today morning and she smiled at me in a sexy way. The week was a bit hectic as a lot of stock had come in the shop and I had to spend late evenings. I did not have sex with Vaishali during the week due to my work. So was also not able to talk to her on the new changes.

It was Saturday and as usual, I got ready and came for breakfast. Vaishali had gone to the next street to buy some vegetables and the kids had already gone to school. Rani served me breakfast, I held her hands, pulled her towards me and made her sit in my lap. She felt shy and said Vaishali can come any minute.

I did not stop and started to kiss her breast on top of the blouse and rubbed it with my chin. She was aroused and hugged me tight and bit my ears. Suddenly the doorbell rang and she got up fro my laps, adjusted her pallu and opened the door. It was Vaishali, she saw her sister all red and smiled at me and said, “Cannot wait till night?”

I was eager to go back and have sex, I asked my servants at the shop to take care of the evening and went home by 6 pm itself. Kids were happy to see me early and wanted me to take them out for dinner. I asked both my wives to get ready and will have dinner out in a restaurant.

Rani was dressed in a red sari and she was looking very sexy. Vaishali was in a pink sari and also looking sexy. We had a wonderful evening and the kids enjoyed it a lot. We returned home at around 9:30 pm. The kids were very tired, they straight went to bed.

Vaishali also joined the kids. Before going, she said something to her sister and both were giggling. I went to my room and waited for my sex doll. I had brought some flowers when we had gone out. She came to the room in the same red sari, which she had worn when we went out.

She was looking very very sexy. As soon she entered the room, I hugged her and we were like that for a good 5 minutes. She said, “I love you,” and she has been really lucky to have found me as her husband. We started to kiss in the standing position.

I held her face and our lips were massaging each other’s lips. I was rubbing my lips over her and also sucking them. Her lips were thicker and I kept sucking her upper lip. Then her lower lip and then inserting my tongue inside her mouth, feeling her tongue. We were sucking each other’s tongue.

Our saliva was exchanging and it was so erotic. We broke the kiss and I made her sit on the bed and removed her pallu. I can see her 2 beautiful melons, she lowered her face due to shyness. I made her lie on the bed and went near her navel and started to licked it.

She began to make the sounds, she was aroused. My hands moved to open her blouse buttons and opened hock after hock. I was between her legs, licking her navel and stomach area, making it wet with my tongue. I removed her bra hook as well and her breasts were exposed.

I slowly went on top of her and started to lick her nipple with my tongue. She shivered when my wet tongue touched her nipple. Her nipples are bigger than Vaishali and it was hard and erect. I started to circle my tongue on her areola. She had bigger areola and it is dark brown.

She was enjoying every movement. She pressed my face harder to her breasts and asked me to suck her nipples. I started to suck them hard, it was fully erect and I was biting them with my teeth. She was in heaven and made a lot of moaning sounds. It was loud. I was afraid Vaishali might hear the sound.

I was sucking her for 10 minutes and she was about to have her orgasm. I could see her face started to contract and she started to press my face very hard against her breasts. Then she came, came hard and suddenly I hug her tightly. We were sweating but stayed in that position for 10 minutes.

She said again, “I love you so much.” After a few minutes, she inserted her hand into my underwear and felt my half-erect dick. She held it and started my move it front and back, in no time it became hard. She moved back the front skin of my cock with her hands.

She inserted her nail into the partition on the cock front and played for a minute. I must tell you, it was a different experience. We both got naked and I asked her to spread her legs. I could see her cunt area was sticky and white liquid due to her earlier cum. Her pussy was very wet.

I inserted my cock and started to fuck her in missionary position. My cock went very easily inside as her pussy was very wet. I started to fuck her slowly at first and then Increased the speed. She was enjoying my fuck and started to say, “Do it fast, yes, do it. I am enjoying.

I fucked her hard and she was again making a lot of noise. I fucked her for 10 minutes and came hard. I loaded my sperm deep inside her, she also had the orgasm at the same time. I inserted every drop inside her and hugged her tightly.

She went to the bathroom to clean herself and came back after a few minutes. I asked her if she was fine if Vaishali joins us and we three can sleep together on Sunday. She said she was delighted to hear something like this and was looking forward as long as Vaishali was ok.

We were both tired and slept hugging each other. The next day being Sunday, the shop was closed. I did not have to wake up early.

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