Two Wives – Part 8 (Making Rani pregnant )


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Bipin knew he had to wait for the weekend to have sex with Rani and Vaishali together. He was eagerly waiting for the weekend. It was still Monday. During the week, Rani slept with him in the bedroom. One night, she told him how she felt.

“Dear, you know how much I love you and the situation of how we got married. It was not easy for both of us. And we also had no choice. I was reluctant when my dad proposed to marry you. But he gave me no choice. I was so heartbroken by Rajesh’s death (first husband).”

“Asking me to accept someone as a new husband was very difficult. I thought I will marry for the family’s sake and live alone. But after knowing you in the last few months, the love, the care, the respect and attention you have shown towards me, I have fallen in love with you.”

“I want to have living memories of us and bear your child. We have 3 children (2 from Rani and 1 from Vaishali). This one will be special for me, representing our love for each other. Will you make me pregnant?”

Hearing this, my eyes became wet. I hugged her and was in that position for a long time. Since she was 38, I asked her to consult a gynecologist (women specialist doctor), if she can become pregnant and have a baby. When she told this to Vaishali, she was happy and excited.

Vaishali said Bipin always wanted another child but she was not ready for another one. Hence she got herself sterilized post her son was born. The next day was Tuesday, they both visited a gynaecologist. Rani got all the tests done. The doctor confirmed she was healthy and can become pregnant.

But she has to take care of herself very well. There may be complications due to her age. She is a village lady, used to do a lot of hard work on farms and was healthy. When she told me this, I was in cloud nine and wanted to have sex immediately.

But Rani asked me to avoid sex for a few days so that my sperms become thick, strong for creating a baby. Then we can have sex. I was waiting for Thursday to have sex with my sweet Rani and to make her pregnant. Thursday arrived and I was eagerly waiting for the night.

I did not do much work at the shop and was relaxing the whole day. I went back home at around 7:30 pm. Looking at me come early, Vaishali teased me. I had dinner around 8:30 and went to the bedroom. While going, I gave a signal to Rani to come early, 20 minutes later Rani came to bed.

She had changed to nice white saree, flowers in her hair, makeup with red dark lipstick. She was looking gorgeous and like a new bride. She was so beautiful and my cock got erect looking at her. She smiled and came to me. I was in a sleeping position. I sat on the bed.

She looked at me and said, “I love you.” She brought her lips near mine and kissed me. Her red lips were tasting delicious due to the lipstick and I started eating her lips. I was kissing her everywhere on her face and she was doing the same. We were enjoying kissing each other.

She removed her saree pallu and started removing her blouse. I stopped her and said, “I want to remove it,” and for that, she gave a shy smile. I made her lie on the bed and went on top of her. I kissed her lips and started chewing them, biting them and inserting my tongue inside her mouth.

It was a heavenly feeling. Both our tongues played with each other’s and it was erotic. My cock was very hard and since I had not had sex in the last few days. I was growing desperate. I quickly removed my dress and made her naked as well. I asked her to spread her legs.

But she requested me to first suck her boobs and nipples. Rani said, “My breasts and nipples have not had your mouth for a few days and want you to suck them.” Hearing this, I jumped on to her breasts and started sucking and squeezing them. Her nipples had become erect and hard.

I was sucking and biting her nipples. She was going wild and making aroused sounds. “I am loving it, suck me, suck me hard, suck me.” I was going wild and she as well. Her pussy was all wet and started dripping. I was able to feel her wetness when my legs touched her pussy.

I was sucking her very fast and my mouth was shifting from one breast to another and one nipple to another. She had her orgasm and she pressed my face hard again her nipple. I bit them and she was in ecstasy. She cooled down after a few minutes and kissed me.

My cock with still very hard and started to enter her pussy while we were kissing. She understood my desperation and spread her legs and asked me to fuck her. I inserted my cock and it went inside her pussy easily due to her wetness. I started fucking her in full force.

My cock was fully inside her and touching her inner wall. She was enjoying my deep penetration and was making sounds. My cock was touching her inner wall on every stroke and I fucked her for a good 10 minutes. She started biting me (love bites) and I was not able to hold any longer.

I shot my sperm deep inside her pussy and she took every drop inside. She also had orgasm along with me and we both collapsed exhausted. She did not go to the bathroom and stayed hugging me in that position. She did not allow me to get up either. We just slept like there naked.

It was early morning around 5 am. I felt some hands moving on my cock, I opened my eyes and it was Rani playing with my cock which was hard (morning men problem). She saw me awake and smiled. She came on top of me and inserted my cock inside her pussy and started fucking.

Her big boobs were moving up and down due to her movement. Automatically both my hands started to squeeze and press her breasts. My fingers were pressing her nipples. She was enjoying being on top of me and fucked me for 10 minutes. I told her I am going to cum.

She immediately turned upside down and now I was on top and fucking her. I loaded my sperm inside her and she took every drop without spilling out. This was a great morning session. What a way to start the day!

Again in the night we fucked and did this continuously for many days. Vaishali was ok not to have sex with me as Rani was desperate to have a baby. My dream of a threesome was still due and waiting. After a few weeks, they went for a test and it was positive. Rani had become pregnant and it was great news.

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