Unbelievable Lesbian Experience With In-Laws! – Part 2

Well, this is Sangeeta back again with the next of my story ‘Unbelievable Lesbian Experience with In-Laws’. In the first part of the story, I left off when some sexual spark was discreetly ignited between me and my mother-in-law. She seduced me in the kitchen and made some advances.

Then later I left some excitement for her through a very bold move on my part. By unloading a fresh load of my husband’s (her son) cum in her mouth and then left her room. The night I made that bold move by holding my husband’s cum in my mouth and dropping into my mother-in-law’s mouth I could not sleep well.

I was scared of the possible consequences I may suffer. At one point I regret that maybe I should not have done that nasty thing. Because after all, she was the real mother of my husband. I was wondering how gross and nasty she might be thinking about me.

I, being her daughter-in-law, have maintained very good friendly terms with everyone in my laws. I was scared what if she may complain to my husband the next morning. Then a series of problems might arise. I might ruin my happy marriage through my own nasty act.

But on the flip side, I was thinking that why in the world would a mother-in-law be hitting on her daughter-in-law with a lusty lesbian passion. How weird it is to ask very personal questions about my sexual life with her son. My mind was getting very confused with a mixed feeling.

I was feeling scared as well as very erotic. However, I spent that night very restlessly. Next morning was Sunday. After taking bath I joined everyone at the breakfast table. My heart was pounding for any possible trouble. I was also kind of feeling guilty from inside.

Then my eyes got in contact with my mother-in-law. We looked into each other’s eyes deeply. I saw a meaningful smile on her face. Though her lusty eyes were gazing me all over me very discreetly, which was kind of relief for me. I gathered my confidence and cracked a joke with my mother-in-law.

I was telling her discreetly and jokingly, “Oh Mom you look so fresh today.” Instantly she replied with a smile by looking into my eyes “Oh, of course, honey I had a very energetic tonic last night.”  I really enjoyed her response. My sister-in-law (Sara) who was also on the breakfast table laughed.

She laughed with a meaningful smile by looking at me very carefully. I was not sure whether my sister-in-law is aware of last night’s incident or not. But the way she laughed and enjoyed the joke, it was obvious that she knew.

The sitting arrangement on the breakfast table was such that I was sitting next to my husband. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law were sitting right across me. The breakfast table was not as big as the dining table but a small one by the veranda.

I was sitting quietly next to my husband. I was trying to engage myself in eating breakfast and listening to my husband. But in the back of my mind, I was very curious to find out what’s cooking in their heads. I was also wondering if my mother-in-law has shared something with her daughter (my sister-in-law) too.

I was thinking how embarrassing it would be for me once she finds out. However, I noticed that throughout the breakfast my sister-in-law was hitting on me on and off. She was gazing her eyes at me discreetly. She was making me very curious and uncomfortable.

On the other side, my face was being a center of attention by my mother-in-law as well. I noticed her lusty eyes gazing me. I understood but I was trying to ignore and getting myself engaged in the conversation. My husband was talking about some new business opportunities in the market.

But apparently, nobody was paying that much attention but himself. Something else was cooking in the ladies minds. Apparently, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law were trying to ensnare him to keep talking. They were nodding their heads on and off.

But their eyes were gazing at me discreetly from time to time. All of a sudden I felt the touch of soft and cold bare feet rubbing my feet under the table. Though I had my slippers, I was just resting my feet on my slippers under the table. For a moment I was shocked. But controlled my expression.

But very next moment I figured out that it was my sister-in-law who was making those advances on me. Our eyes were locked. I could clearly see her being kinky and naughty with lust in her eyes. The messages started coming in my mind, “Oh my Gosh, she is into it as well.”

The touch of her soft and cold bare feet rubbing my bare feet under the table was really igniting some fire in me. Her soft soles and heels were squeezing and rubbing my heels. The top of my feet gave me a sense of the erotic sensation. A wave of current was running through my spine.

However, I kept my expression very normal as if I am listening to my husband. But at the back of my mind, I was really enjoying that sensational touch of her feet. I did not withdraw my feet but boldly let them stay as it is. I let my sister-in-law play with it.

Indeed, I was getting turned on by her touch. As if some kind of electric current is entering into my body and has sparked each and every cell of my body. Next, I felt one of her cold foot approached right between my thighs, making its way through my bath gown.

I saw one of her white sexy foot with big long painted toes approaching right between my thighs. It was touching the bare skin and got settled right there. Just a few centimeters away from my pussy. Since I was wearing just a bath gown with no panties, it was an easy entry for her to make her move.

The sudden cold feeling of her sexy foot right between the bare skin of my thighs was just amazing. I was literally enjoying her bold move. I grabbed her foot by pressing between my thighs. I was enjoying the feel of her soft and cold sexy foot touch against the bare skin of my thighs.

Due to the overwhelming sensation, I could not even moan or make any noise. But I controlled my gestures by making myself engaged in listening to my husband. And next, her foot was literally touching my crotch area. That took me to the heights of pleasure in seconds.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds. But maintained my expression. I opened my eyes again. I saw my sister-in-law watching my face very carefully with her lusty eyes. Our eyes got in contact with each other but we uttered no word. Her foot was slowly massaging my crotch.

Sometimes her heel was pressing against it and at times her toe was trying to enter through my pussy lips. Uncontrollably I took her foot in my hand. A sensational feel ran through my body as soon as my hand grabbed the cold and soft skin of her sexy foot. It was making me very restless.

I was holding her foot in my hand for a few minutes in order to lower the pressure on my vaginal area. Then I did not make any resistance. She has very sexy feet with a nice arch, very well shaped, nicely pedicured with her long toes. A size of 9 with a broad heel. I got myself adjusted to the situation.

I parted my thighs very quietly and she made her entry easier. Next, her toe was slowly making its way into my pussy and rubbing my clitoris from time to time. I made my things wide open under the table and let her play with my pussy as it suits her. I was getting turned on as the way she was looking at me.

She was seducing me with the help of her foot rubbing my clit. Literally, she made me wet in no time. I could see the glistening shine of my juices on her toenails. However, she got the message that I am enjoying her touch. I stopped my resistance, rather opened my things more to welcome her foot between my thighs.

Perhaps my mother-in-law already figured out the nasty game being played under the table. But she kept on looking at my face from time to time with a naughty smile on her face. The overwhelming sensation of her sexy barefoot touching my crotch and clit was enough for me to explode my orgasm anytime.

But I was controlling. But at one time I reached a point when my orgasm was getting out of control and I was about to explode. Right at that time I took a glass of lemon water and took a sip. At the same time, I closed my eyes as if I tasted a strong taste of sour lemon in my mouth.

In fact, my eyes were closed due to my overwhelming orgasm which I just experienced. Luckily my husband did not notice my gesture. However, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law figured out my situation. Next, I exchanged a kinky smile with my sister-in-law very discreetly.

She was trying to withdraw her foot after doing her job. However, I quietly grabbed her foot again with one of my hands. I rubbed her soft foot in my hand by smearing my juices all over and then let it go. I was breathing heavily due to this sudden and discreet orgasm. But successfully maintained my gestures.

Later my husband dropped a bomb during his conversation. He stated that he might be going out of town for a few weeks after the coming weekend. That was some news for me, my mother-in-law and for my sister-in-law. We looked into each other’s faces.

We dispersed after breakfast. I came upstairs into my bedroom followed by my husband. Whereas my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law went out shopping. I was still all wet between my thighs. A feel of erotic sensation was keeping me aroused.

At one point I wanted to take another shower as I was feeling sticky down there. But in the very next moment, I changed my mind. Rather I was enjoying the wet sticky feeling between the walls of my pussy. I laid down on my bed totally lost thinking about what happened down at the breakfast table.

My husband joined me in bed after some time. He kept on chatting with me for some time. But my mind was still engaged in thinking about something else. The more I was thinking the more I was getting turned on. Next, my hand uncontrollably reached to my husband’s cock.

I stroked his tool through his pants and made him really hard. Though back in my mind my arousal was due to some other reason. But at that time I could only express my burning heat through his hard cock. I took his cock out of his pants and started giving him a blowjob.

The feel of his warm and erected cock was feeling good in my mouth. I wanted him to blow off in my mouth. But in the very next moment, a kinky idea stopped me from doing that. Maybe I should save this for later. However, I did not let my husband bang me.

Rather I encouraged him to eat my pussy real good, so he did. He ate me real good and let me enjoy 3-4 orgasms one after another. However, my husband could not control himself after giving me orgasms through oral. He got badly turned on. He got me on the bed right on my belly.

Just before he entered his cock into my pussy I grabbed his cock in my hand and guided it into my ass. Next, his dick was sliding into the depths of my asshole. He knows that sometimes I enjoy anal sex depending upon my mood. He sensed that I was in that mood right now.

Next, his cock got buried in my asshole in no time. He was pumping my ass by lowering the shaft of his big cock deep into my ass. We both were enjoying the sensational anal sex. I reached a couple of more orgasms in the course of anal sex. Soon he filled my ass with his cum and we were relaxed.

Indeed, the feel of ass filled cum has its own pleasure. The beauty of my husband’s cock is that firstly it is of massive size. Secondly, it shoots a big and thick load every time he shoots. I really love it. Since it was Sunday, we spent most of the time at home together.

Then later in the afternoon, we ran some errands. And then at night, we went out to dine in a restaurant.

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