Unexpected Sex With My Best Friend


Hello friends. This is Rakesh again. Its been dry these days. To be honest I don’t remember when I had sex last. Well apart from that, this is not my story but of a friend. So I will be writing her words. I do have due permission from her to write it.

I know this might be lengthy but its a damn interesting experience.

Hello. This is Anita. I have always been a failure in love and relationships. After my mom died I was kind of depressed. Being an introvert, I have few friends. I was cut off from the world and always keep to myself. Then I met a guy at a party. He was my cousin’s friend and we instantly hit it off.

I was happy with him and we were going smooth. Then one day he demanded sex and I being an introvert refused. Then he started to avoid me. Later I found he has cheated me even before this thing happened. So I broke up with him. I was sad again.

Then I went to college. New city vibes and all. I made good friends in the class. I had decided to give my life new energy in college, in a new city. Once my friend asked me to go with her to meet her boyfriend and I went with her. Her boyfriend had brought a friend with him.

They got busy leaving me and her boyfriend’s friend alone. I was feeling a bit awkward but he broke the ice. He asked if I watch stand up comedy and I said no. He showed me those on Youtube. I enjoyed and began watching those for lighting my mood.

After a few meets with him, when my friend was making out, we got to know each other well and exchanged numbers. We ultimately became friends and later best friends. With him I was in a different world. We used to share everything. He knew my bra size and I know his dick size.

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He was kind of hook up type and I knew it as his bestie. He used to share everything. Then a guy proposed to me and I decided to give it a try. We were going well but he was desperate for money. As I was good at saving and I loved him so I used to give him money.

With time he became possessive and asked for more money. Ultimately it was a bad break up with my family involved. I was cool this time as I had prepared myself for the worst and moved on quickly. My bestie, let’s call him Sat, was there for me.

So it happened once that I was at home for vacation and my bestie was in town too. Around that time my aunty decided to go on a trip my aunt, my cousin and me. I asked aunt if sat can come and she is a cool aunt said ok. We started on our journey and the train, he was cool and all funny with me.

We were checking out girls on the train and were having fun. The place we were visiting was a beach city. We had booked at a different hotel and stayed there 1st night. The next day we checked out and had a tour of the city. We were having fun. Then the next day we checked in at the hotel aunt has booked for us.

That hotel had a swimming pool. After our tour, both of us sat by the swimming pool while aunt and cousin went to the room for rest. He knows that I can’t swim and he said, “Come, I will teach you to swim.” We got down to the pool and he taught me the basics. Then we got out of the pool wet.

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My clothes had got stick to my body and he handed me the towel. We were talking beside the pool and I was kind of in a fix. If I should tell him that I like him or not to tell him. He was praising me and I said, “Don’t praise me much. I like you anyway.”

I said that so fast that I thought he did not hear it. I was sneezing and he proposed to have a drink. I said what if aunty will come to know and he said that she won’t know it. We went to the room to tell aunty that we will be going out. But when we reached we found that cousin had got a fever.

Aunty proposed that I should sleep with bestie as she has to take care of him. I agreed. After dinner, we went to the hotel’s bar and had a few drinks. Then we went to the room. We were watching cartoons on TV and suddenly he proposed, “Let’s make out.”

I was dumbstruck and I said, “Are you mad?” As soon I gained my senses we were kissing each other furiously. We were kissing each other wildly. I was trying to push him away but could not. Finally, I pushed him and said, “It’s not good.”

He said ok and he said, “Let’s cool ourselves.” We went into the bathtub in our room and chilled ourselves. No sex or make out in the bathtub. Just chilling. We slept and the next morning he was all cuddly and watching cartoons and all. He was behaving so well. He was behaving lovingly that day.

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I was dying to ask him why he did what he did yesterday night and if he loves me too. But he did not say a thing about it.

That day as my cousin was ill, aunty decided to give it a break. We went to the beach and walked along the beach for some distance. Then we found that neither of us is carrying any cash so we decided to walk back. I was dying to ask but I could not.

Later we had to share the room in the hotel. I thought nothing will happened tonight but I was wrong. I am beginning to think this story is kind of long so I will write the rest in another part.

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