Valentine’s Day With Dad And Mom


Hello, my Dear Readers, We all have our own kinky ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day with our special one. Have you ever wondered how our parents celebrate?! This story is based on the very thread.

The story is narrated by Prateek.

Happy Reading!

I looked straight into my dad’s eyes, still not sure if it was all just a dream. I stood naked in the bedroom of my parents, with my hard cock positioned straight against the hole of my mom’s pussy. And as my dad nodded his head, giving the go-ahead.

I pushed my manhood inside my very own mother’s love hole.

“I thought you were just joking, Rishi,” My mom, Neetu, told my dad as she felt a throbbing hard cock penetrate her wet, yet tight, pussy. She was thoroughly enjoying, and it was clear in her voice.

“Oh, Fuck…” Mom groaned, as my cock slid in and out of her pussy, in quick successions. Her pussy was already dripping wet, and my thrusts were fast.

It was my dad and mom’s 25th wedding anniversary on the 7th of February, and this was there 25th Valentine’s Day. Dad wanted to make sure this day was extra special, and he gifted mom everything she would have ever wanted.

Dad bought mom an expensive watch from Brado, a new iPhone and also a diamond necklace. But he wasn’t fully happy. He knew there was something else mom missed out on, all these years.

Dad had serious problems with his penis, and it had been 15 years since he last had sex with mom. She never complained, but it was obvious she was disappointed.

They were a great couple, and even today, in their 40’s, they looked charming together. But, they both knew the most intimate moments in their life were well behind them.

“I have one more surprise for you, Neetu,” dad said, a little hesitantly, as mom happily went through each of the gifts he bought her.

“There is more, Rishi? I am so excited. You have already swept me off my feet,” my mom asked, in joy, as dad put his hand inside his pocket.

Dad took out a red-colored blindfold and placed it on the bed. He looked less happy than he was a minute ago. But still looked like he knew he was doing the right thing.

“I know it’s been a long time since you had any physical pleasure, Neetu. You have always loved me and stayed loyal. But that is what I want you to have, today. I am gifting you sensual love,” Dad was out of words, as he completed the sentence, but mom still had no idea what he meant.

“What are you saying, Rishi? You have always kept me happy. You don’t have to say all this,” my mom tried to console dad.

But, dad had already taken the decision. He had booked the services of a male escort, and he was going to let him please his wife.

My mom could not believe her ears when dad said what he planned to do. She immediately retorted. But finally had to give in, when dad said the only thing he ever wishes for, now, is to see her sexually satisfied.

For years, mom had desired the same, but she wanted it to be with dad. Even as she knew her husband was making a big sacrifice for her, she could also feel the wetness in her mature unsated pussy.

Dad was in the living room, of our house, waiting for the escort to turn up. It had already been 15 minutes past the time he was supposed to arrive.

“Where are you, John? My wife is on the bed, naked and blindfolded, waiting for you. It took me a long time to take this decision, and a heavy heart to convince her. Please don’t spoil our special day,” dad told the escort, over the phone, irritated.

“But Sir, I came to your house. I heard loud moans from inside, and that is why I left. I did not want to disturb you,” the escort replied, leaving dad confused.

“What the hell, John?? I am very sure you went to the wrong address. I live here with my wife and son, and there is nobody here screaming in ecstasy. Just get back here, right now,” Dad sounded angry now.

“I am so sorry, Sir. But the payment has already been refunded to your account, and I am on my way to my next assignment. I thought I was not needed at your house,” he hung up quickly.

“This cannot be happening. I just can’t disappoint Neetu. Not today, not after everything I told her,” Dad said to himself, as he walked towards my room. He just wanted to check with me if somebody had rung the bell.

And the very second dad opened the door to my room. He knew John was not lying. I was fucking my girlfriend, Avanthika, and my dad had caught me in the act.

“How dare you do this inside my house, you bloody bastard!” dad shouted at me, raising his hand to slap me.

“Please don’t hurt him, Rishi Uncle, please…” Avanthika begged, covering her naked boobs, with one hand, and her young clean-shaven pussy, with the other hand.

“I cannot believe it is you, Avanthika. I never ever thought I will have to see you in such a situation, and that too with my son.” Dad looked at me in rage, as I covered my hard dick, with both my hands.

Avanthika was the daughter of my dad’s best friend, Ratan. We had been dating for more than a year. She had come over to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“Please don’t tell Papa. Please Rishi Uncle, he will kill me. I will not repeat this, again. Please forgive us.” Avanthika was crying and felt even more shameful when dad asked her to put her clothes back on.

Avanthika had come wearing no inner-wear, to surprise me, and looked humiliated as she picked up her pink floral printed, knee-length dress from the floor. Realizing what the matter was, dad walked out of the room, asking her to quickly get ready.

“I cannot go back home, Rishi Uncle. I told my parents I will be in the college hostel and will be back only tomorrow evening,” Avanthika told my dad, coming out of the room. Her horny nipples poked out of her sleeveless dress, and her face still looked lusty.

“Stay inside the room, and lock yourself in. Don’t come out unless I call you,” my dad said, sternly.

I expected to be thrashed the moment she locked the door, but instead, dad dropped a bomb. It was his turn to shock me. He told me everything he had planned for mom, and how I had spoiled it.

“And now, there is no way I can get another guy, in such short notice. I have, however, seen what you have inside, and I want you to be the replacement. So, don’t waste any more time trying to cover yourself,” Dad said looking at the blue trunks I had just put on.

“You got to be kidding, Dad. You know that is not happening,” I kept saying, repeatedly.

“Do you want me to call Ratan, and tell him what you were doing with his daughter? You do know what he did to his elder daughter, Akshatha,” my dad said, blackmailing his very own son into fucking his mother.

“Dad, please. Stop acting so crazy.” I knew dad had lost it, but I couldn’t take the risk.

Everybody in our close circle knew how Ratan Uncle spent a whole week punishing his daughter, Akshatha, for being in a relationship with her college-mate. While we were all sure she was beaten black and blue, there were also people who believed he had sexually exploited her.

If he got to know about what I was doing with Avanthika, Ratan Uncle would do the same to her as well. Maybe, even more.

When I first fucked Avanthika, I only wanted it to be a casual fling. But I fell in love with her over the last year and felt responsible.

“You can decide, my dear son,” Dad said, showing Ratan Uncle’s contact number in his phone, and acting like he was about to dial him.

“I will do it dad, but just this time. And we will never talk about it, and mom will never know it was me,” I said fast, understanding it was the only way out.

“Agreed, Prateek! I completely agree. And you can imagine it is Avanthika you are taking for a ride. She certainly was loving it. I must say you have a fabulous piece of meat.” I did not know how to respond. My dad was teasing the right way, but he had forgotten I was his son.

I was tensed and filled with guilt as I entered their room. But one look at my mom, and I knew I was going to relish feasting on her bare body.

Mom’s 32-26-34 sized body was fully left exposed. She was blindfolded, and it was the first time I had seen her horny. Her boobs were not very big but were firm, and her nipples were long and erect.

She was not expecting this surprise from dad and had not even trimmed her hairy pussy. But, she was certainly thrilled.

My shy cock was starting to harden again. It seemed to be stiffer than when I was ramming Avanthika.

Mom was laying on the edge of the bed, with her legs on the floor, spread wide.
Standing by her side, I almost ogled at her luscious beauty, before grabbing her legs by the back of her inner thighs.

Dad was giving me instructions, also making sure he did not mention my name. I lifted her legs and extended it first. And then, just like dad told me to, I pushed her legs back, bending her and making her ready for the folded missionary sex position.

“Is this all a dream?!” I asked myself one more time. I was still standing, but leaning forward, with my hands on my mom’s hot body.

But, as soon as I received the approval from my dad. I pushed my fuck-pole inside my mother’s beautiful cunt, defiling her forever. I could feel her pussy walls stretch trying to accommodate my penis, and it was obvious she had not been filled in ages.

In the first five minutes, I struggled a bit, battling my emotions. But, once I heard my mom wail, there was no turning back.

I pounded her in the same position for more than 15 minutes, making her cry, beg and plead. ‘Oh yeah’, ‘Deeper inside me’ and ‘Faster’ were only a few of the hot words she used.

“Hold my hand, Rishi!” my mom suddenly told dad. There was a real sense of urgency in her voice.

“Uhh… Hold me tighter… I am about to cum…mmm.” my mom was already ejaculating, moaning loudly.

“This feels so good. Thank you so much, Rishi. I love you more, now,” my dad kissed my mom’s palm, as she started whimpering, again.

“Can you tell me who it is?” my mom asked dad, still leaking, as I continued drilling her pussy.

“Is it someone I know?” Mom asked with a naughty smile on her face.

“Maybe,” my dad replied. There was strange wickedness in his eyes.

I was turned on, even more, hearing the conversation, and was nearing a climax. My dad sensed it too, and I was scared if he will force me to cum inside her. I did enjoy every bit of it, but breeding my own mom was the last thing I wanted to do.

“Do you want his cum inside you, Neetu,” Dad asked, leaving me and my mom, both, stunned.

“Oh, no… You told me you won’t let him wear a condom just for the sake of excitement. And you promised me you won’t let him shoot semen inside me,” my mom said, though she sounded like she would have agreed if dad insisted.

“Okay, Neetu. Let me give you a chance to appreciate me then. I agree to keep my promise,” my dad said, much to my own relief.

“Thank you, dear… But, can I have it in my mouth, Rishi?” Mom asked, giggling.

My mom was on her knees, even before dad said yes. She had started sucking my hard cock. It was the first time mom was giving a blowjob, and she did it as dad watched.

I looked at dad, sitting in a chair by the side of the bed. He had all his clothes on when I started fucking mom, but now even he was fully naked. He had not missed a second of the action and removed his clothes while happily supervising the corruption of his wife.

Dad had been grabbing his balls, all along, and he was slowly starting to have a hard-on. It was the first time he was having an erection in the last 15 years. Dad had a smile on his face, and I realized he was cursed with erectile dysfunction, all these years.

Even though I was having fun fucking my own mom, I hated my dad for making me do it. But, now, I was feeling for him.

My dad only wanted to see my mom happy and pleased. He wanted her to have her hidden cravings fulfilled, and he had shown today he would do anything for her.

I felt proud of my dad, and I was also delighted I did it for him.

“Love you, my son,” my dad mouthed, as he looked at my mom gulp the thick white load I shot deep inside her mouth.

To be continued.

Hope you all liked this story. Please do send your feedback and comments to [email protected]

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