Widowed Mom And Her Son


This story is the life of a young widowed mom and her adolescent son. Read the story as if you’re Sulav and your mom is Nisha. Enjoy it.

At the early age of 27. When just her son Sulav was 7 years old. Nisha lost her husband in a plane crash. Rajesh, her husband used to work in a multinational company where he had a huge salary. But now after his death, Nisha had to work herself to raise her family.

Being a widow at a tender age, lots of men used to prey on her beautiful body. Many lusted on her and many proposed her to remarry. But she refused them all. Before the death of Rajesh, her sex life was at a high peak. Now she just has fingers and few sets of her sex toys, dildos to satisfy herself.

After her husband died, she got a job as a teacher in a school. She raised her son, fulfilling his wishes that she could afford. Sulav was a very obedient and caring son. He never could hear anything against his mom or even a bad word against her.

Later, he realized about sexual needs that a human has. He used to pity his mom for being so alone. He had seen that women remarried to other men after husband’s death and having affairs. But his mom was not like them. She dedicated her whole life for him and ignored her sexual needs.

She never let him realize the absence of his dad. But the only person who missed his dad was his mom.

A man named Rishav entered Nisha’s life. He was also a teacher in the same school. They had become good friends and getting closer day by day. Rishav was younger than Nisha. He used to show care and love for her. They were enjoying each other’s company.

Rishav was divorced from his previous marriage as his wife had an affair. Rishav let her go and divorced her. He was just 36 and had no children. On Valentine’s day, Rishav proposed Nisha to remarry and start a new life. But Nisha refused and said no to him.

He asked. “Why? Don’t you like me? Am I not a good guy for you?”

Nisha said, “That’s not the reason. Rishav. I’m already married to my dead husband. I have a son who is getting the age of getting married. And I’m not interested in remarrying. Most importantly you are younger than me.”

At that time Nisha was already 38.

Rishav – “I’ll take care of all. Just I need your yes. You know I’ve fallen in love with you since the first day I saw you. Now I can’t stay away from you anymore. Please marry me and be my wife.”

Nisha – I’m sorry Rishav. But this is not possible. I’m a mother of a 20 years old son. What will society call me?

Rishav – Why you worrying about society? We can move to some other place and settle there. No one will know us and we can take your son with us too.

Nisha – And what will I tell my son? “Son I’m marrying! Come to my wedding.”

Rishav – I’ll talk to him. Don’t worry. Just say yes!

Nisha – Ok. But first, convince my son.

Rishav jumped up in happiness and hugged Nisha. He got excited and he felt his boobs, untouched by men in the last 13 years. She too got excited seeing his happiness. But the difficult thing for her was to talk to her son. Rishav has assured he will convince Sulav.

The next day, Rishav came to Nisha’s home and Sulav was also there. He greeted him and they both talked on a few topics. Then Rishav asked Sulav, “Will you be happy seeing your mom marrying again and getting a new life?”

Sulav replied, “Yes, uncle. I can’t see her being miserable in life. I wish if she had married before.” Rishav thought of not missing this opportunity. He said, “I was here actually to talk to you about my marriage with your mom. Your mom and I have decided to marry if you approve of our relationship.”

Sulav- Oh! Really uncle. Are you ready to marry my mom! Did she say yes?

Rishav – Yes. She said if her son says yes.

Sulav – That’s great news. I’m happy for both of you. I’ve no problem you marrying my mom.

Nisha – Oh, thank you, son. I was feeling so awkward and ashamed to talk to you about this.

Now after a few days, their marriage was fixed. They decided to move out of the city to a new place. They bought a house and did a court marriage. They joined a new school as teachers. And Sulav also shifted there. He arranged for their first night.

He didn’t have any lust for her. But when he thought his mom will fuck tonight on this bed, he got an erection. He felt guilty of it and tried to convince himself. That’s a normal thing that happens after marriage. His room was next to her mom and new dad. And the night had come.

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He wished them good night and went to his room. He entered his room and was trying to sleep and again the evil thoughts entered inside his mind. How Rishav is going to fuck his mom hard after so many years of staying without a dick. Will she be satisfied in one round?

He again convinced himself not to think of it and closed his eyes to sleep. Then suddenly he heard some sounds like in porn. He realized that they have started to fuck now and his mom is moaning. Her sound was fully audible. Rishav requested her to moan loudly as he likes to fuck while the woman moans.

She didn’t refuse as it was their first night. Their sounds were audible the whole night. Next day in the morning. Sulav went to the kitchen and made coffee for the newly wedded couple and knocked on the door. They were still sleeping. His mom opened the door in a nightgown which was semitransparent.

It was gifted by Rishav for their first night. He was shocked seeing his mom like that and couldn’t take his eyes off her body. Rishav was still on the bed and their whole room was messed. He was looking in her cleavage and Nisha realized that her gown is very transparent.

Sulav had a hard-on while he placed the coffee in their room. Sulav went to his room and jerked off. Sulav regretted letting his mom marry someone else. Why had not he fucked her or married his mom? Why he did not try to hear his inner voice and suppressed it before.

Now he realized that he loved his mom for many years and felt jealous of seeing her with someone else. He decided to remove Rishav from her life and have her as his wife and fuck her every night and have babies with her. But now it is not possible.

Rishav has now become his stepdad and his mom just fucked the whole night with him. They were on leave today. So Sulav went outside of the house. His mom requested him to, “Let me have some alone time with your new dad,” and she winked him. He smiled and went out. But deep inside he felt jealous.

He was extremely jealous and felt ignored by his mom. He thought Rishav has taken away the attention he used to have. Now he is not the same priority. He returned home in the evening and the door was closed from inside. He tried to see through the windows.

He saw his mom fucking Rishav full nude on the sofa while watching porn on TV. And they both were moaning loudly. He got instant hard on seeing his mom naked and moaning like a pornstar. He was jerking his dick with each moan of his mom and her rhythm of jumping on Rishav dick.

Now everything that he used to think for his mom and her sacrifices faded away. He called her a bitch who needed a big dick. He had a bigger dick than Rishav and decided that he will fuck her someday for sure. They continuously fucked till 8. And he was just watching them fucking from the window.

She forgot about the time and her son who was outside the whole day. When she saw the clock and realized it’s so late and called Sulav. He told his mom that he is not coming home tonight! And cut the call. Then she was trying to call him again and again and he switched off the phone.

He went to the house to see if his mom is waiting for him. He peeked inside the house and saw his mom naked sleeping with Rishav dick inside her pussy. Then he started to jerk his dick outside the window being angry with his mom calling her a bitch.

“Fuck you randi bitch slut, fuck you,” and released his cum and left from there. His mom called him in the morning. He said, “I won’t come, now you don’t need your son. Just fuck him, bitch.” Hearing the word, “Fuck him, bitch.” His mom got shocked.

She asked. “Are you drunk? How are you talking with me? I’m your mom. Show some respect to me,” and started to cry. And he cut the call. After 1 hour she again called him. “Why are you doing this? What happened to you?”

Sulav – Nothing. I don’t want to talk to you. Just don’t call me.

Then a few minutes later Rishav called him.

Rishav – Hey Sulav. Why are you not coming home? We’re missing you, son!

Sulav – Don’t call me son. You’re not my dad.

And he shouted, “Stay away from my mom.” Then they realized he is jealous of their new relationship and new sexual life.

Nisha – What’s wrong with you. Didn’t I marry on your approval? Why are you doing this? Just come home, dear.

Sulav- If you married him in my approval then divorce him. Can you do that?

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Nisha – Are you out of your mind? What rubbish you’re talking about!

Sulav – Yes. I’m out of my mind. If you won’t divorce him and leave him. I won’t come home. You both can fuck the whole day and night enjoy your life.

And he cut the phone angrily. Sulav didn’t go home for almost two weeks now. He had got a job and was staying in the quarter with his coworkers. He didn’t get a single call in weeks. And he accepted the thought that his mom decided to leave him and stayed with her new husband.

But the next day in the afternoon. He had received many miscalls which he checked after returning from work. He didn’t return the call and in the evening at 6. He again got a call from his mom. He picked it up.

She said, “Come home.”

He said, “Sorry. I won’t come until he is there in your life.”

She started to cry and said, “I divorced him and in 14 days we finished our all paper works. He left this morning to his hometown. Now please come back home. I can’t live without my son.”

He felt happiness and different kind of feelings. He felt his mom has given up her sex life for her son again. Now I should fulfill her sexual needs. Now I won’t let anyone come between us. Just hearing that Rishav left. He ran towards his house and rang the doorbell.

She had tears seeing him. She hugged him tightly. He has got thinner in 14 days. Now, this was the first time the mother-son hug was different. They were hugging each other like lovers. She kissed his head and all over the face and slapped him in his cheeks.

He kissed his mom’s forehead and cheeks and then kissed her lips gently. She felt awkward with the kiss but didn’t say anything. She cooked delicious food for him and they both ate. She again asked him why he first approved to marry and then again made her divorce.

Sulav – I didn’t realize that I had loved you for so long. I never could hear anything against you coz I loved you. When I saw you in someone’s arms, I couldn’t tolerate that. I want to be that person whose arms welcome you and I want to be in your arms. I want to be your husband.

Nisha – But that’s not possible. You’re my son. My blood. How can you lust for your mom? How can you even think of marrying own mom!

Sulav – I don’t care, mom. If you won’t marry me then I won’t marry anyone in my life.

Nisha – Just stop being childish. I fulfilled your wish of getting a divorce with the man who loved me. Now stop being childish again. We can’t marry and you have to marry someone of your age. You have a lot to see in your life.

“Let’s see if it can happen or not, mom.” He tried to kiss her but she stopped him from it. But he forcefully again took her face in his hands and kissed her juicy lips. She tried to oppose him but she failed. She first didn’t reciprocate to his kiss but later she let herself enjoy the moment with her son.

At least it was just a kiss. She might have kissed him so many times in childhood. But for Sulav it was an intense moment. His dick rose when his mom too reciprocated. For him, it was a yes from his mom to go forward. He then put his palms on her big boobs and crushed it in excitement.

He tried to remove his mom’s clothes and bra and touch the naked hot boobs. He switched his lips from her lips to the nipples. Now she too felt the excitement. Her son after so many years sucking her boobs. With the thought of doing a taboo, she felt wet inside her pussy.

The juice has released from the sinful desires and the act. Now she was in a dilemma. Should I let this happen or should I stop him? She knew whatever will happen won’t be possible to be undone after that. Sulav tried to enter one hand inside the pussy and with another hand, he pressed her ass.

He touched the pussy lips and felt the wetness in the pussy. Then he entered his one finger inside the pussy. She just only could moan with a shock of his sudden act. She thought I should stop him. She tried to oppose him by pushing him and slapped him in his face.

He tried not to stop but she pushed him away. He fell on the floor and got unconscious. She ran away. But after a few minutes, when no sound came out of the room, she tried to see what happened. He was still lying there unconscious. She went near and tried to wake him.

But he didn’t move. His head was bleeding. She got afraid and called the ambulance. Later after 5 hours he came into consciousness. They went home after a few hours. There were some medicines to be taken for him for weeks and bed rest was needed.

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She took great care of him for a few weeks. And when he was well again. She asked him to let’s talk about our future. She said – Do you want to marry me?

Sulav – Yes.

Nisha – How can I believe you? What if you will do the same again? After finding another woman beautiful than me, you may fall in love with her. Then you will ask me to go away.

Sulav – No, Mom, that can never happen. You have been my love since my childhood only the thing was. I had not let that love part to come above our mother-son relationship. But now we need to go beyond it and feel the real love for each other.

Nisha – But, son, do you want to destroy our mother-son relationship?

Sulav – No mom. I will give you the real relationship of mother-son that can only be experienced by reaching the place where I came from. I should stay in my roots.

And he smiled at his mom.

Nisha- We can move away from here.To Canada. No one will question us about our relation there. We will marry in the full cultural way before going to Canada and will have a honeymoon there. And you can’t touch me before that. That’s a deal coz I want to make.

Sulav – I’m always hungry and horny for you, mom. But you tell me will you be able to control yourself?

Nisha – We will see.

Sulav tries to seduce his mom by walking naked in the house and showing his erect dick. He used to play incest porn on TV while his mom was cooking and used to jerk off in front of her. It was hard for her to control but she managed.

Now the day has come when they got married in a temple. Then with the flight on the same day, they left for Canada. There they bought a house and the first night of mom and son started with the sunset.

She was in the room and he entered. She gave him the glass of milk and he half drank and gave it to his mom and she drank rest. He opened her bridal dress and made her stay in bra and panty. And again put all the ornaments in her body. He just watched her sexy curves and seducing body. She felt shy about his looks.

She then jumped over him and removed his clothes too. He dick was rock hard and saluting her beauty. She took the whole dick in her mouth and gave a fabulous blowjob that he can remember all his life. He too took her panty off and sucked her pussy.

He was sucking the whole pussy out. That was something she never felt. He made her shiver with sucking. He then removed her bra and crushed her boobs. Gave some reddish love bites over her whitish body with his teeth. She was moaning and crying with pain. She then told him to fuck her

He said – Yes. Bitch, wait for it! My slut. I’ll fuck your pussy.

Nisha – Don’t call me a bitch. I’m not a slut or a prostitute.

Sulav – I know how much you love dick, mom. You’re my slut. My bitch from now on. I’ll fuck you how I want anywhere I want. You’re my slut.

Nisha – Ok my master my husband my son. I’m your slut, fuck me now, please. I can’t wait to take your big dick in my pussy. Please fuck me. And don’t forget to cum inside me. I want to bear your child.

He then entered the place where he had come many years ago and fucked it like he wants to break his birthplace. He made her cry and moan so loudly. She was moaning like it was her first time. She started to use bad words too.

“Fuck me, motherfucker. Madarchod fuck your mom. Fuck your slut mom. Fuck, my husband, fuck me hard. Fuck your mom’s pussy. Fuck your slut wife mom. Fuck me harder.” And he even fucked her ass. They were fucking till morning at 8 am.

They fucked like this for months till their money didn’t finish. And then when they did jobs they used to fuck the whole time. They had become two bodies, one soul.

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