With Her: The Night of the same day.


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As promised by me, I attended the party Ishita had organized at her home. Many of her friends had turned up.

I was the first to reach. She was clearly impressed with my attire, and I with hers. I was dressed in a white T-shirt and a jacket over it, and blue faded jeans. She was dressed in an exquisite black skirt and a top that covered her breasts, fit for a party. I was totally smitten with her beauty.

I presented her with a gift and kissed her. We kept kissing, lips on lips. A tumescence had begun forming within the jeans I was wearing, but I controlled because I knew that any friend of ours could turn up any time. So did she. Because it was a party thrown by her, she had left the door open. Soon, we heard someone approaching and we broke our kiss.

Our friends had begun arriving. We had a splendid time playing musical chairs, pass to pass and many other small games.

We consumed the delicacies prepared by her with relish. Deep inside, I was aware that my own relish was yet to come, and it would herald only after everyone had taken leave.

After eating, all of us spent some time chit-chatting, cracking jokes and reminiscing stories of others’ birthday celebrations. As time passed, all of them had to leave. Everyone had taken care of not leaving anything behind, so we knew that none would be back.

I shut the door and turned, to find her smiling at me. I immediately took her in a warm embrace and kissed her.

I took her to her bedroom. We played a few romantic songs, mostly in English, on her DVD player and danced with a profound sentiment of romance. Throughout, we were looking into each other’s eyes.

As soon as the last song ended, we smooched, and our position was such that when we fell on the bed, she was on top of me.

She first removed her top, revealing her perfume-scented black bra. I immediately became hard. She saw the bulge and giggled. She removed my T-shirt and vest and threw them away. I was in jeans, and although I had worn a belt, it had slid down a little and the band of my underwear was visible. She whispered, “I am sure this is the same underwear you wore today afternoon while we were on the way to experiencing the ultimate paradise.” She was right. It was the same green Jockey underwear I had worn that very afternoon. Why would I have changed it anyway?

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She continued, “I also know of your fetish with your underwear.” She had a naughty smile as she said that. I knew I was in for fun.

She slowly but meaningfully placed her hand on my jeans, right where it was. My stiffness immediately twitched a little, and she whispered in a seductive voice, “Such excitement is indispensable!” I smiled at her.

She unzipped my jeans but did not remove it. Instead, through the open jeans, she began moving her hand on my underwear. My concupiscence kept amplifying and I closed my eyes.

Then slowly but surely, my jeans slid down. I was now only in my underwear. For a long time, she stimulated my stiffness. She applied very mild pressure on my balls to excite me further. Trapped in my underwear, my stiffness danced repeatedly.

Thrice, she partially slid down my underwear, rode me, brought me close to an orgasm, but before I could climax, she would quickly get off, cover my stiffness with my underwear, pin my hands with her and begin foreplay again. I was finding it difficult to keep myself aaay from that pleasure of climaxing. She would make sure to not remove my underwear and make my stiffness remain stiff all along. It was getting painful, but I was in love, and I did not want to disappoint her on her birthday.

“A small price for exercising so strong a fetish for your underwear”, she whispered seductively as she kissed my lips after her third prevention of my climax.

Once she realized from my countenance that I was too hard to bear, she removed my underwear and freed the concupsicent devil inside. She rode me very fast. Throughout, I pressed her melons and bottom with tremendous passion.

The moment she realized I was going to climax, she bent and landed her lips on mine in a tender kiss. That triggered my climax, and it was extremely intense. I was astonished when my release did not terminate. Its intensity caused a full-body tremor within me, and I collapsed with extreme exhaustion. My breathing had become laboured. I could hardly whisper. Half-dazed, I pointed to my underwear, signalling her that I wanted to wear it, because I was stark naked. But then I immediately went into a very deep, dreamless sleep.

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When I arose the next morning, I discovered that I was in my underwear. She had agreed to my request. I discovered that I had been sleeping for ten and a half hours! I also felt a strange and very welcome lightness in my body, as if it had been relieved of a heavy burden. I also felt completely relaxed, as if I had been dead for a long time and had arisen from it right at that moment.

I recalled my intense climax from the previous night, and the memory brought a glowing smile to my face.

I saw that she had arisen before me, but she was not around. Feeling strange, I took my jeans and was about to wear it when she walked in, and said, “Getting dressed already, fiery? I thought we would shower together this fresh morning”.

I beamed at her and said, “Great idea, but I’ll have to bring my clothes from my home.” She then pointed to a well-folded heap of clothes. Towel, vest, underwear, jeans and a T-shirt. She had brought all of it from my house, using my keys! My parents had gone to London, so there was nobody home (which is why I could spend such a beautiful night with her).

“You’re a marvel!”, I sighed and wrapped her in an embrace from behind. I kissed her neck. She said, “Now, brush while I ready the bathtub.”

I brushed my teeth, and proceeded to the bathroom. The bathtub was ready. We both entered it. I was in my previous day’s underwear and she in her bra and previous day’s undergarment. We lay in the hot water and played with the water, splashing it on one another and we kissed a lot. We then stepped into the shower and bathed to our heart’s content, applying soap to one another and washing after that.

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Finally, I dried myself and got dressed in the clothes she had brought from my home. She was generous enough to do the laundry in the washing machine. I took my washed clothes to my home’s balcony for drying in the sun, returned to her home and we spent the entire day together, watching a movie, studying for four hours, eating delicious ordered lunch etc. Finally that night, as her parents were going to arrive the next morning morning, I left.

I would never forget those two days.

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