With My Friend Nisha


Dear readers, myself Rahul from Kerala. This is an incident that happened between me and my family friend Nisha (name changed). Nisha and I were family friends and knew each other from childhood. She has an elder sister too, who is much older than us and settled abroad.

As we were of the same age, we grew up together and we used to meet during family get together. We were connected through social media and had a good friendship. There was not even a single instance of us being naughty/flirting.
We joined M.Tech in different colleges, but for the same specialization.

When this incident happened we were 24 years old. Post a family get-together that happened, we started to chat more often in messenger and we started sharing personal stuff. Slowly we started to open up our talks and started sharing adult jokes and forwards.

One day while chatting she said she loved chocolate a lot. I also expressed my liking of chocolate. At the same time, I received a video in my guys’ group where a couple was making nude foreplay with chocolates. As we started opening up, I told her that I have a video of making love using chocolates.

But I was not sure if I should share that video with her. She requested me to share the video and shared it with her. She replied that it was an awesome video and she loved it. I was glad that we had the same taste of slow romance. That night one discussion led to another and we started our first session of phone sex.

We trusted each other a lot and even shared sexy photos of us hiding our faces wearing the minimum dress. She is 165 cm tall, not so slim body, wheatish color with a figure 34B-30-34. The extreme extent was she sharing a photo with no bra inside and wearing a petticoat or slip kind of dress.

And me sharing a pic of mine in boxer with fully erect dick. Asking her to show straps of her bra or slip became routine between us. We knew well that marriage was not possible for us due to various family factors. Hence we maintained a thin line of not turning this to a relationship.

Soon we started finding opportunities to meet and have some plays in real life. But as our families are very conservative it was difficult for us to meet alone. One Sunday we made a plan to meet for exchanging a textbook and to give a try for a hug or kiss inside her room. But blessings came from heaven.

Her dad and mom had to go to their native place around 100 km away from their home due to some emergency. We have already informed our parents about me going to her place to give a textbook. Her mother has a beautiful terrace vegetable garden and used to give us organic vegetables when we met.

They had to immediately go to their native place. So her dad asked me to pluck some tomatoes and lady’s finger when I come there and take home. By the time I reached her home, her parents had already left. Nisha already plucked the vegetables and kept them in a packet so that we have more time for us.

I parked my bike and went inside her home and we closed the door. As soon as we met, we were happy, excited and also had fear of getting caught. She gave me juice to drink. We explored the home to make sure all doors were closed. As we cannot close the windows, we made a plan to move to the staircase.

We slightly opened the terrace door, which no one can see and we remained in the staircase room. She was wearing a yellow color t-shirt and a black skirt. I was in my jeans and t-shirt. We were so happy and we hugged tightly. My hands started roaming on her back feeling the outline of her bra.

They moved downwards and pressed her ass. It was full and soft. I made her lean towards the wall and started kissing her from forehead to chin and started smooching deeply. We pressed our body during the smooch and my hands started playing with her boobs over the dress.

She started caressing my dick over my jeans. We smooched all wet thinking like there is no tomorrow. Then we broke the smooch. I kissed her chin, bit and chewed her ears and licked her neck. I slowly pulled her t-shirt off her shoulders and saw her black bra straps.

We started sweating, so we closed the door and moved to her room downstairs. As soon as we entered her room, I hugged her from behind. I cupped her boobs, kissed the back of her neck and pressed my dick on her ass over the dress. I then removed her t-shirt and skirt, and my dress too.

She was now in black bra and rose panty and me in my grey jockey. I laid her on the bed and I went on top of her and body in between her legs. I stretched her arms backward and her bosom arched. She waxed everywhere and was so clean. I smelled her arms, armpit and her navel and between the legs, the aroma was so sexy.

I kissed her cleavage and removed her bra and started kissing her boobs. Then I slowly used the tip of the tongue to sensually lick all over her boobs and nipples. Her boobs were very fair and nipples were brown and big. I licked around her tits slowly started sucking her tits.

She started moaning with pleasure and started caressing my hair and pressed me to her boobs. I pressed her almost flat stomach with very little fat and circled her navel button. After sucking both her boobs, I started licking her body downwards towards her belly button and kissed and sucked her belly button.

I started kissing downwards. I kissed her pussy over her rose panty and then took a full breath of her pussy aroma. I kissed till her toe and made her lie on her front and kissed everywhere on her back and ass over the panty. I lid on top of her and pressed my rock hard dick on her ass crack over the panty.

Then I made her lie on her back again, had a small smooch and got between her legs. I slowly came down and removed her panty. I spread her legs and kept my head in between her legs. Hot waves of lust were coming from her pussy. She had shaved her pussy and was so clean.

I first kissed her pussy and touched it with my thumb. She was already very wet. I played with her clitoris and rubbed above the pussy. She was moaning with pleasure. As she was a virgin, I refrained from finger fucking her. I used my tongue tip to lick the petals of her pussy flower and to drink the honey from her pussy.

She had multiple orgasms during this sucking. I also pressed, kissed, spanked and gave bites on her ass cheeks. I moved upwards and started sucking her breasts again and rubbed her clitoris. She now started rubbing my dick over the jockey and suddenly made me lie on my back.

She removed my jockey and kissed me from head to hips and kissed my penis. I already had a good amount of precum on my penis tip. She watched the penis and explored its glory. It was her first time seeing a penis so close. She then kissed it throughout its length.

She pulled the foreskin backward and took the penis on her mouth. I was in heaven. She started sucking the dick well with lots of saliva and tongue. After some time I told her to stop sucking as I was about to cum. I didn’t want to explode in her mouth. I didn’t know if she would like it or not.

My balls were full as I didn’t masturbate for a few days. She told me she wished to touch and feel cum. So I asked her to accompany me to her toilet. She stood on her knees in her toilet and gave a super blowjob. When I was about to cum I lifted her and made her stand beside me.

I directed my dick towards the closet and as her to hold my penis with the tip inside her palm. I slowly moved my hips and started ejaculating thick hot sperm on her palm. She was very excited about seeing it for the first time in real life and feeling it. She milked my dick till the last drop of cum and cleaned up.

We dressed each other up. She gave me juice and snacks to eat. Meanwhile, my dick became erect again. I asked her to remove her panty and I pulled out my dick from my pants. I made her sit on my thighs with her naked ass pressing my dick while we were listening to songs in her room on her PC.

After relaxing for some time, she kissed my dick. I put it inside my jeans and she also wore the panty. We had a final smooch and a hug before I left her home with the packet of organic vegetables and a fully satisfied mind.

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