Young Student Blackmails Hot Teacher


Hi my readers, this is my second story. This incident is a real indian sex story unlike my first story. This incident happened when I was in living in a boys’ hostel. For the purposes of the story, I will call myself as ‘Surya’ and my teacher as ‘Sarita’.

My teacher Mrs. Sarita has a size of 36B-32-36 and is a bombshell with all the right curves. She is wheatish in color with glowing skin.

Life in a boys’ hostel sucked and no interaction with girls over the past three years had made everyone there horny and frustrated. It also made us shy of speaking to girls as we used to stink of male lust. This made everyone focus their attention on our female teachers. Oh my God, what a relief to dicks there were! Our female teachers!

Seeing them in sleeveless sarees showing some navel with some cleavage used to be such a relief to our aching dicks for some desperate action. One such boy was Surya, he was an athletic 5 ft 11 fair-skinned boy with golden-brown hair.

Surya used to stare at these teachers and didn’t use to miss even the slightest opportunity of eyeing a hot teacher wearing a sleeveless kurti and a saree below her navel. Man, it was uncontrollable. It felt sometimes to tear all their clothes and get done then and there and wash all of them with my cum.

Surya had heard about these teachers flirting with guys and them enjoying all the attention of lusty hungry students. He waited for his opportunity to strike a chord so as to receive the gift of pleasure.

Surya used to roam at night after the lights out time in the school towards teachers block and search for panties and bras of these teachers which were kept out for drying. He used to take these panties and masturbate on them thinking about who it belongs to them. Day by day, his lust grew and he wanted to fuck one of his teachers really bad.

One such day was his lucky day, he saw a ladder near one of the teacher’s houses which was placed horizontally on the wall near the bathroom window of his SST teacher Mrs. Sarita. His heart starting beating and he thought this as an opportunity to see one of the teachers of his dreams naked and cum at her sight!

Surya looked around and made sure that no one was there. Then he climbed up the stairs and had a peak. It was a lit bathroom with used bras and nighty hanging on Mrs. Sarita’s door. He got excited and waited for the show to begin.

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The door opened and to his excitement, Mrs. Sarita was wearing a black sleeveless churidar with a red dupatta and black tights came in. She had worn a red bindi and her hair was untied. She was looking at herself at the mirror while she did her hair and gave a nice tasty glimpse of her armpits to Surya. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

After tying up her hair, the teacher took off her kurti which was tight and slowly by slowly, exposing her upper body. Surya’s heart was pounding hard, sweat coming on his forehead and his dick straight up in excitement as he was going to see his hot teacher in just a bra for the first time!

Slowly, Mrs. Sarita exposed her navel, then her boobs tied by a black lacy bra, maybe of Victoria’s Secret, and thew the kurti in her laundry box. She took off her tights and exposed those long slender caramel legs which Surya wanted to lick inch to inch savoring everything.

Now Sarita was just in her bra and what probably was a thong. The lady of Surya’s dreams was now standing in just a bra and a thong and his dick was aching now. But the show was not over.

She undid the hooks of her bra and sprang open those huge boobs caged like some untamed animal. She had medium-sized areolas colored black. Oh what Surya won’t give to suck on them!

Mrs. Sarita took off her thong and exposed her bikini line and that sweet delicious pink pussy. To Surya’s excitement, his teacher was shaved. Surya thought she must be having an active sex life. She was all naked and Surya had captured this moment and ran from there before somebody came.

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Over the next few days, he used to go to Mrs. Sarita’s house for a show and got accustomed to her daily routine. One day he thought to film this with his camera for later sessions.

That night he took his camera and filmed his teacher’s sexy show of stripping from a red chiffon saree with a sleeveless blouse and the petticoat tied way below her navel. It was a Saturday night and Mrs. Sarita had come back from an evening party. She wore a red lacy bra and a matching thong. All of this was recorded in his camera.

Surya exploited this footage and used it for his daily pleasure until he got bored and decided it to make use of it further to satisfy his carnal appetite. He planned to blackmail his teacher into sex.

Surya took the recording in a pen drive and wrote a note to Mrs. Sarita that if she didn’t want this video exposed, she must act obediently towards the possessor of this video. Surya also added an anonymous email for her to contact him. He dropped the pen drive with that note at her doorstep and rang her bell and ran.

His heart was pounding and throughout the next day as in thousand ways how it could go wrong. But to his luck, Mrs. Sarita conceded and gave in to his demands. She mailed him at night saying that she was ready to do the needful provided that her video is kept safe.

Surya assured her and asked her to wait for him at 11:30 in the night wearing some slutty lingerie to greet him. She asked him who he was and he told it is a surprise. Surya went at 11:30 pm sharp and rang the bell!

Mrs. Sarita opened and was wearing a black lacy bodysuit bought from La Senza. Surya couldn’t control his excitement and she, on the other hand, couldn’t control her shock. She was shocked to get blackmailed by her student into submission.

She asked him numerous questions in anger and shock but Surya just hushed her and took out his dick, held her hair and made her kneel down to suck it. Surya always wanted to do this. Mrs. Sarita didn’t resist and started sucking her student’s dick like a pro. She was taking his dick deep inside his mouth with licking over the tip.

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Mrs. Sarita was sucking so vigorously that Surya got so excited that held her by her face and pushed his 7.5-inch dick inside her mouth and started mouth fucking her till he discharged and she swallowed.

The act made the hot teacher turn on as she had never been treated this way and liked to be humiliated by her student. She pulled Surya by his collar into her bedroom and pushed him to her bed. She closed the door, undid her bodysuit while giving a good glimpse of her ass (intentionally) to turn Surya’s dick back up.

She climbed up the bed tore Surya’s clothes and slapped him hard and said, “Apni Ma’am ko chodega, chod saaley fir”. And she started bouncing up and down his dick with the scene of her boobs making Surya hornier every second.

Surya matched her pace and started giving her thrusts from down below. This went on for 15 minutes till both of them climaxed and fell on top of each other on the bed.

Mrs. Sarita came near Surya’s face and whispered, “You woke up the slut in me, Be prepared for your next lesson, boy!”

After saying that, she came onto him and started making out before both of them could pass out lying sweaty and drenched in cum.

Wait for the part 2 guys where I will tell you all how the young student and sexy teacher used each other and made their lives full of pleasure.

Ladies of any age group wanting similar vigor in life can contact me at [email protected]

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